Have anyone ever tried the diet supplement nv that u can get over the counter at VitaminShoppe if so?

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My first question is: Have anyone ever tried the diet supplement nv that you can get over the counter at VitaminShoppe if so?.

My next question is: **Originally written by SD on UKM**.

So you have had a think and decided you want to do steroids? you probably fall into one of two categories, you are A: Someone that has trained hard for years and reached a natural peak of your development (unlikely) or B: You are looking for a quick fix? (be honest!)..

No problem we know that most of you will be B, in truth, I was B five years ago. Now we need to ask a few more questions of ourselves and do some reading, in fact lots of reading, please dont move to the end, have patience, it's worth it, go through the questions in order..

Q: Have you researched mass gaining diet?, put it into practise and followed it religously until it is second nature for you to prepare and eat around your activites of daily living/working? If so go to next question, if not you MUST get this right first, as no steroid will compensate for a bad diet in any permanent way. Please go here for a good diet example and then go here for a step by step procedure to formulating your own mass gaining diet, follow it until it is second nature and see if perhaps you couldn't grow naturally instead..

Q: Have you researched a good training programme? If you arent training effectively, or if you are overtraining, this could be why you arent getting enough natural progress. If you are happy with your programme and have got it well practised, good form and technique, then move on to the next question, other wise please study this thread and follow it's programme religously until the exercises are second nature. You may just find you put on a growth spurt in response to the new stimulus and because you arent overtraining..

Q: Do you get enough Sleep? You grow and repair while you sleep, simple really, but do you sleep enough to grow? and it's about quality not quantity, read about it here. If you arent sleeping well, your results will suffer and eventually you will overtrain, steroids or not! Then your progress will stall and may go in reverse. Address this before moving on..

Q: Have you tried the over the counter mass building supplements first? These work well for most as part of the four big builders, in order: Food, training, rest, supplements. For info on supplements that wont waste your money go here, most other supplements are a rip off but you do need a realistic quantity of vitamins and minerals for advice on that go here.

Q: Ok so you have a good mass gaining diet, you have a well rehe****d programme of solid compound exercises, you rest enough and take the right supplements and growing or not still want to go ahead with steroids? Yes go to next question, No follow the advice above..

Q: Have you researched the side effects of Steroids? You really should go into this with your eyes wide open, most side effects are not severe, most can be easily reversed, but almost all can be prevented or at least prepared for if you are forewarned and forearmed. I did an extensive thread on this here. Its mentioned in the article but age is a factor, testosterone will encourage a premature growth spurt/puberty, and if estrogen builds up during or post cycle, it can fuse your bones, prematurely and permanently. It just isn't worth the risk, wait till you have finished growing at least if you can, if not then follow the advice in the linked thread about AI use..

Q: Have you researched the steroid you want to use and how to use it? You MUST do this, don't take someone down the gyms word for it, read, read and then read some more! Pscarb posted some basic starter info here. Look at this thread here and Google search steroid profiles, you will come up with loads of sites offering info, google steroid cycles and you will get the same or do a search here then post your proposed cycle up along with, Diet, training routine/history, basic stats (height,weight,age)..

Q:Have you researched and formulated a good PCT appropriate for the compounds you intend to use? Hackski wrote a great PCT article on this here but do your research, look up the compounds in wikipedia and understand why they are used. For example, the compounds used here are Aromatise Inhibitors (AI's) which prevent testosterone being converted to estrogen and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS) which blocks estrogen that has converted from testosterone (aromatised) from binding to it's receptor, such as is found in the nipples (hence Gyno) and finally Human Chorionic Gonadtrophin (HCG) which converts to Lutenising Hormone and tells the testes to get back to work in cases of severe shutdown. Formulate your PCT and post it up with your Cycle..

Q: Ok so good to go? heres a check list:.

I have a good mass building diet that I have rehe****d and can stick to religously for the duration of the cycle and beyond (6-16weeks).

I have a good mass building programme, based around compound exercises that I have rehe****d and can perform with strict form and safely.

I get enough sleep, quality and quantity to facilitate growth.

I take only the required supplements to support the extra growth and protect my body from damaging side effects.

I have researched my intended steroids and have put together a cycle which was scrutinised by other members and deemed 'safe'.

I have researched PCT and the compounds I will need to use with my cycle, I have posted these up for scrutiny alongside my cycle and they have been deemed 'adequate' for reversing negative feedback from cycle.

If you can answer yes to every one of the six step check list, then you are good to go. Now you need to buy or obtain your needles, syringes and source your compounds for which my friends you are on your own but TinyTom has written some advice on this here too, and remember, no source requests on the board folks..

If you liked this post rep me! It took a good few hours and has potentially saved you a LOT of searching around the site, also rep my credited contributers below:.

Geo for example diet.

Jimmy for diet formulation article.

Big for training article 'How To Grow'.

Ollie B for supplements article.

Me for Vitamins and Steroid Side effects articles.

Pscarb for steroid article.

Hackski for PCT article.

TinyTom for buying steriods online article.

Thanks guys, hope this thread helps someone...

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Your question was: Have anyone ever tried the diet supplement nv that you can get over the counter at VitaminShoppe if so?.

At the age of 48 the main think you will be lacking is testosterone m8..

A nice simple course of 5oomg of test a week should see you reap some nice gains..

Comment #1

Fat Boy is bang on with his advice at your age and never used before 500mg will give good results..

Comment #2

Hi Guys! I have just moved to Abu Dhabi and need to get hold of some gear as I was to scared to bring my gear into Abu Dhabi with me. I have been to a few places to start looking but only with no joy. I am looking for Deca 350mg & Testostarone Enanthate 300mg.

Thanks Guys..

Comment #3

Well if your not allowed to kiss or get intimate in public with their laws whats it like with the jabs?.

Might be an amputating experience lol..

Ul not get links on this forum m8 but welcome anyways..

Comment #4

This post was very helpful to me in my choices and being able to truthfully look at my training before taking the step to AS, thanks guys...

Comment #5

Simple and straight forward advice mate, pity most will ignore either reading or advice given, thanks Pscarb. As usual with you there's no bull***t...

Comment #6

Paul great articale I am 48 yrs old 89kg back training for 3years need a little help what would you suggest..

Comment #7

At the age of 48 the main think you will be lacking is testosterone m8..

A nice simple course of 5oomg of test a week should see you reap some nice gains..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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