Has anyone used Ultra Nourishair from VitaminShoppe? What were your results?

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My first question is: Has anyone used Ultra Nourishair from VitaminShoppe? What were your results?.

My next question is: So I have just completed 9 weeks off cycle my PCT was successful (although waiting for blood results to confirm this) I finished my last cycle at 219lbs which was a gain of 23lbs in my rebound course..

As of today I am 214lbs so only a 5lb drop which I am very please about my BF is around the 11% range so this has increased by around 2%......

I had my bloods taken on friday the results will be with me on Wednesday of next week I am expecting everything to be ok if so then this course will start next sat if not then I will remain off until any abnormalities are sorted......

This is what is being tested..






Full Blood Count.

Liver function.





As you can see this a pretty comprehensive blood screen plus my new Doc is sorting me out a Bone density scan as she sees this as one of the potential risks to AAS use.....

So my course ....

Weeks 1 & 2.

1ml Oxytest/1mg Methytren 2hrs before workout so 4 times a week.

Weeks 1 - 6.

1g of Nile Sus250 (weeks 3/4/5/6 this will increase to 1.5g).

200mg Deca (sore joints).

Weeks 7 & 8.

1ml Oxytest/1mg Methytren 2hrs before workout so 4 times a week.

Weeks 1 & 2.

GH 24iu's per week all on Sunday night.

Weeks 3 - 6.

GH 8iu's along with 8iu's slin PWO I'm injection.

Weeks 7 - ? .

Not to sure if this is going to be IGF-1LR3 or GH in large one off injections per week....

Letro or Adex will be used when needed......

So there you have it nothing complicated or high dosed just nice and simple as it should be..

Because of the way I take my Sus PCT will begin on the 15th of October 2 days before my Hernia operation..

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I gotta say, I have a generally different approach to cycles than paul, but I think he's a top notch guy for being so honest and open about just what he uses. it's very insightful for us all I think. thanks paul...

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Cheers mate...i try to be as honest as I can so others can benefit....i have noticed that I can use less now than I used to do......

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Ok then I got my results back yesterday but wanted to speak to my Dr before posting....

So here are the results....

Prolactin - Normal.

FSH/LH - Low (some negative feedback happening).

Serum Testosterone - 3.5 which is low however because my SHBG is low it means that the Test I have is free to do it's job so I have a high androgen index which is good.

SHBG - 10.7 (range 18 - 55) this is low but my Dr says this is good..

Electrolytes - Normal.

Full Blood Count - 17.5 which is ok I have a high RBC again she said this is nothing to worry about..

Liver function - AST levels 61 this is not very high but is at the higher end although it is down from 75 from my last test..

Lipids - Normal.

Cholesterol - 5.5 although this is higher slightly than the 5.2 it was in January there is nothing to worry about although my ratio between LDL/HDL is favouring the LDL bad Chol I have just increased my Fish Oils to hopefully counter this..

Glucose - Normal.

Thyroid - Low 10.9 she did say that my TSH is normal but the T4 is low because of this she sees no need for concern and may have something to do with me taking T3 instead of T4.....

So there you have it...what does this mean to my cycle well because of my LFT levels I will half the MT to .5mg instead of the 1mg 4 times a week, I will also replace the Oxytest with ROHM ViroProp (because of the OXY).

I will also drop the T3 as my Dr believes that this is the reason my TSH is normal but my T4 is low......

My Dr is organising an ECG/EKG and a bone scan for me....i will report the results back when I get them......

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Hi PSCarb,.

As a matter of interest what is the thinking behind the 24ius of GH in one go? How about the IGF in one large dose?.

I haven't tried IGF but I would be concerned about using such a large dose. IGF can stimulate the muscles in the gut to grow, particularly in large doses. However, HGH does not cause gut tissue to grow even though it breaks down to IGF. This is because HGH stimulates the production of SOCS-2 mRNA while IGF does not. SOCS-2 specifically inhibits the growth of intestinal muscle, even with igf around..

SOCS stands for Suppresor of Cytokine Signalling (not a very imaginative name!). I got this info from an article published in the Journal of Gastroentrology 2004:127:570-581..

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Thanks for the info mate but can you point out where it says I am going to use IGF-1LR3 in one large dose??..

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As I had mentioned about using the GH in one large injection earlier this sentance was either use IGF-1LR3 or the GH in the one large injection not the IGF-1LR3 in one large injection I guess I can see the confusion but it would never make sense to do one large injection of IGF-1LR3 mainly because of receptor saturation.....

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I have a high red blood count, doctor said it was nothing to worry about also, is it connected to gear use?..

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Yes mate that is what me and the Dr agreed on plus she said have a high blood count is much better than having a low one plus my Blood Pressure is spot on.....

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Sorry PScarb, didn't read your post closely enough, my mistake. I know that you know your stuff so please don't take offence..

I'm still curious about the really large one off GH doses though. What are your thoughts behind this? Have you had problems with numbness in your fingers at this sort of dose? I'm curious because I can barely hold a bar after a week of 4ius/day (bluetops). 3ius is my long term maximum without getting numbness in the hands (but then everyone is different and I know guys that do fine on 10ius a day). I'd be interested to know what effects you see at such high doses (both good and bad effects)...

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This has nothing to do with gear mate. I just noticed you said you work out four times per week. what kind of split do you use? I'm on a two day split now but would like to change it up a bit...

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Rugger no offence taken mate I post my cycles up for everyone to both question and learn....

The once a week jabs are not as bad side wise as some get on the daily basis if you don't fancy this way try 2 jabs a week this has worked for me and many others very well in the past so divide your weekly dose by two then take one dose on say a monday then one on a friday you will sleep like you never thought you could.

BOM - my workouts themselves are very instinctive the exercises/sets and reps are based on how I feel when I get into the gym but my split is:.

Mon - Arms.

Tues - Back/Rear delts/Calfs.

Thurs - Chest/Shoulders.

Fri -Legs.

I have prioritised my arms as I feel they are a weak point plus I have a shoulder injury so I cannot go balls to the wall with shoulders and doing chest before hand warms them up.....

I used to do this split which might suit you better..

Mon - Chest/Biceps.

Tue - Back/Rear delts/Calfs.

Thur - Legs.

Fri - Shoulders/Triceps.

Hope this helps mate..

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Well I am starting my 3rd week of my course so far I have gained 3lbs but my condition is slightly better I put this down to water being drawn into the muscle rather than between the skin hence giving me a more pumped look..

I decided to not do the once a week method with the GH but to do 16iu's every 4th day before bed this was a good decision as I felt the results where better. As of today I have switched to the much debated GH/Slin PWO intramuscular I love this method and expect to see some great results from it..

My diet has been clean in the week but I eat whatever I want at the weekend which works well for me..

My training has not changed mind you it never does as I don't see the point in changing something that works for you but I have added 3 weekly sessions of cardio of 30min after my workouts this will help my cardio vascular system whilst putting on the weight...

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In your opinion pscarb, if you had to chosse only one way in which you could run/dose GH waht was would it be? every day/ once a week/ after training sessions etc?..

Comment #13

If I was to choose one way to run just GH without Slin I would say a larger amount E3D all taken before bed..

Comment #14

Why is it you like this dosing every 3 rd day before bed and what dose would you use?..

Comment #15

And how would you differ it your choice if you were to use it along with slin?..

Comment #16

I like it because it works the dose is 16iu's.

With Slin I use 8iu's of GH and Slin in the same pin injected IM PWO results are very good...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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