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OK, I was dating (online dating with this guy..we ended things bc we weren't on the same page.  One issue we had was that he would tell me he would call at a certain time and them he wouldn't.  I expressed to him that so early on in dating (online dating with I found it to be a bad sign for either one of us to not follow through on our word.  He seemed shocked that I was a little bothered by that and made it seem like I was wrong for reading into it..

 Now I understand that things come up, but to me if you tell me you are going to call and for some reason you can't call, don't you think it's just courtesy to call the next day atleast?  This guys got me thinking I'm crazy..I just figured he wasn't that into me and that's fine, but honestly am I expecting too much in the early stages of dating?..

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Your question was: Has anyone used

I agree you want to feel that someone is dependable and their word and I don't like that he didn't think this was an issue but how else was he? How did he treat you, what kind of person is he - stable, erratic, etc.


I agree it's a red flag, especially cause he didn't view it as a problem (he could just have been defensive, uncomfortable at doing something displeasing ) but that alone might not mean he's not relationship (thru material. I gather you just went out a few times.


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I appreciate your're right that I needed to look at all the pieces of the puzzle, not just one behavior in order to see if he was relationship (thru material.  The things with this guy was we have been on and off for a while and he displayed the same behavior with the phone in the past, plus I just felt like there was a disconnect with us. So when he started to do the same thing with the phone calls it just sent my fear into overdrive... I just kept thinking "not again"   He knew how I felt about small things like this, so it just felt like my feelings were still not important to him..thus "he's just not that into me"  At what point is enough enough?  I'm always willing to compromise in dating, but only if it's recipricated..  What do you think about my rationale?  Am I a little off base?..

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