Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe's DEX-L10 HOODIA GORDONII??? What where your results?? I am consideri?

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My first question is: Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe's DEX-L10 HOODIA GORDONII??? What where your results?? I am consideri?.

My next question is: Anyone see the 100m final last nite?.

Holy fcuking sheepsh1t batman thats a freaky quick time.....

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Your question was: Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe's DEX-L10 HOODIA GORDONII??? What where your results?? I am consideri?.

He says he can go 9.4!.

I think anabolics arent worth mentioning cos I think theyre obligatory at that level,but his genetics are the thing!.

6"6 or something and capable of shifting too, a smaller man just cant get that stride length...

Anybody know anything about gene usage by athletes yet?..

Comment #1

I saw it, amazing. As mentioned athletes always manage to set new standards, inspiring I say...

Comment #2

It is an unbelieveable time. However i'm pretty sure the Jamaican track team have a much less stringent anti doping policy than pretty much every other team competing in world championship athletics today, hence the sudden flood of sprint medals their men and women have achieved..

That said, drugs don't make you run faster...

Comment #3

I've just watched his 200m heat...clearly jaded and tired from the 100m and the accompanying media circus, half asleep, and still looked like he was just walking fast compared to the others busting a gut just to survive. I think he's actually an alien that has taken human form!..

Comment #4

The man is very quick! just wondering how fast man will get over the hundred how fast is humanly poss??? 8secs...even quicker???..

Comment #5

I doubt he uses anything, look at him, he's built for it. His genetic disposition enables him to be so fast..

At that level would you risk losing it all the way Ben Johnson did? I'm not saying they're all clean but I don't think it's as widespread as it was in years gone by but I think Usain Bolt is a freak or nature, and so are the others who crossed the line behind him too, they aren't exactly sauntering along either!..

Comment #6

You mean gene based enhancement? I know Athlete's will continue to seek out new drug's and drug delivery method's and even gene based enhancement to ensure victory. It's as much entertainment now as it is a sport. Sodden with huge amount's of money to ensure the victorie's and smashed record's that the fan base demand's. Nationalism, politic's and international prestige also play a huge part. And let's not forget the competition between the individual's themselve's. These modern day athletes are nothing like their predecessors are they.

Officials are well aware that such "gene doping" is going on, but as the practice is virtually undetectable, they are powerless to stop it. Scientist's around the world are working to perfect gene therapie's to treat genetic disease's. Now athletes are able to use them to engineer their bodie's for better performance. Need more endurance? Add a gene to bolster delivery of oxygen to labouring tissues. Want bigger muscle's? Inject them with a gene that will make them grow.

Researcher's remove the gene's that make a disease causing virus harmful and insert the epo gene in their place. The virus act's as a taxi. Adenoviruse's, like the one's that cause the common cold, are a favourite delivery system for gene therapy because they are relatively large and can carry big gene's in their payload. However, they are easily recognised and destroyed by the immune system. But even now researcher's have patented the use of adeno associated viruse's for delivering epo.

Thing's are still in their infantcy though and not risk-free. Last autumn, an 18-year-old patient died after receiving gene therapy for a rare liver ailment, delivered via an adenovirus. It is still uncertain what went wrong, but scientist's are anxiously re-examining the safety of gene therapy in the light of the incident. Unless safety turn's out to be an insuperable problem, we could see clinical trial's of epo gene therapy within the next few years. And if the trials prove successful, athletes would inevitably be tempted to hike up their gene's and thus their endurance, with a single injection...

Comment #7 there no end to human ingenuity and evolvement, what next, incredible...

Comment #8

I don't think he or the other's do ..

Its the 1st thing that comes to mind with the success so it would be plan stupid as you will eventual get tested and caught out..

Comment #9

How do you prove someone has altered their gene's?..

Comment #10

Extreme pretty much all the world record breakers, holders of the 100m sprint and I dare say many other events have failed drugs tests...

Justin gatlin/tim montgomery(hubby of marion jones who was married to the shot putter who failed his tests at athens)) are the most recent I think..really surprised at your opinion cos you obviously know your onions on the subject lol.

Just waiting for asafa powell, and bolt to get caught along with the rest of the jamaican team when they work out what theyre using....

Personally I think it's a great shame thyere outlawed and just the nature of the beast to use performance enhancers..

Bolt is an absolute genetic freak and a generation beyond the rest of the runner,but a genetic freak assisted by a lab..

How many more balco labs are out there?.

Youre average sprinter has a better body than a natural BBer? how can that be if not?..

Comment #11

The first thing that comes to mind. And I know this will sound Cheesey. Is Star Trek! You got Cancer? Here take this pill! Cured! You've slashed your arm open on the holodeck? Let me seal it with my laser beam. Wanna run 100 meters in 9 seconds? Here have this injection! Wanna go away for a dirty weekend with Megan Fox? Oh no sorry that's Total Recal!!!! You can see the future that science is aiming for though can't you?..

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