Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe's Complete Body Cleansing Program? What did you think of it. Just won?

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My first question is: Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe's Complete Body Cleansing Program? What did you think of it. Just won?.

My next question is: Firstly, ive read the forum and other forums extensively. Ive come across alot of contridictions and concluded untill I fully know myself the "inns and outs" of steriods that I will NOT take them..

Ive read on here do your own research etc etc, ive read arcticles and profiles on steriods. But with contridictions, even the oral profile written on here then concludes in a second post that he doesnt agree with some of the information hes posted..

So ive figured the easiest way for me to learn is to ask questions to those with experience..

Im wanting to try something at the end of the year, so I'm going to research my needs now..

Im going to keep my question basic and hope for as much info as possible, rather than having the door slammed in my face (i hope)..

I already have an idea of what I should take and PCT etc but would rather ask a basic open ended question and conclude from that, as I feel this will give me more essential information..

Ive someone could post me up an exact template of a first time oral only course with PCT included, I will then research your template to see if it is plausable etc..

Im wanting to do an oral only course first that will add mass and strength, whats the recommendations?.

But ive read oral only courses are rubbish and a cycle without test is pointless...

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Injecting yourself is pretty scary to me too, Im starting with an oral cycle first, if I like the gains I get then I might also find the balls..

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Yep thats the lines I'm thinking on..

To extreme, yes I had an idea already I did say, but rather than suggest to you what I'm going to take, id rather ask what I should take for my requirements and see if what I already know matches to what others suggest. Then I can be fairly sure my research is correct..

Maybe I should rephrase my starting Topic and ask you what you think based on what I'm going to take and what achievements id like to get out of it..

Based on what I already posted what do you think on it for my first cycle? thanks in advance..

This is something personal to me, I sense maybe you've taken this comment a little personal or as a typical nieve comment people make when they are uneducated to steriods..

Its truely not, it's just like I said something personal to me thats all, I'm very aware it's more health beneficial to inject. But I think for my very first cycle orals wont do any harm....

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I agree with Cal. There are several people I know who have a done a dbol only first cycle, at a relatively small dose and got good starting gains from it. I always think it's a good idea to run one drug only for a first cycle as you dont know how you're gonna react and if you're doing more than one and encounter problems, it becomes harder to identify where the problem lies..

Sounds like you've done a bit of reserach already, so know that dbol can be harsh but on a conservative dose, with the right supplements, hopefully you should be ok..

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This is true , however you don't get scar tissue buildup from orals!!.

Both oral & injectables pass through the liver & kidneys which will elevate the responding levels of each, hoever injectables pass through ONCE as they are relaeased into the bloodstream from the injection site, whereas orals pass through twice, once through the normal digestion system and then again when they are in the blood stream (known as second pass metabolism..

No comment neccessary, if only everyone monitored their progress instead of just banging in bucket loads and not having a clue!!.

Spot on idea!!!.

Start small, and build on that. make the most of the gains you get from the low doses before increasing...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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