Has anyone tried the supplement "Muscle Milk" that they sell in VitaminShoppe? Is it effective? Is i?

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My first question is: Has anyone tried the supplement "Muscle Milk" that they sell in VitaminShoppe? Is it effective? Is i?.

My next question is: Has anyone had any experience with this lab, particularly their Test E product? The lab report was widely believed to be fake, just wondering if anyone has had a positive / negative experience with them.....

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Your question was: Has anyone tried the supplement "Muscle Milk" that they sell in VitaminShoppe? Is it effective? Is i?.

Yes their stuff does appear quite expensive! anyone hear about the lab reports and the fact the gear could not be dosed properly???..

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They "state" that there gear is over dosed if anything which to me seems daft because why would they call it test250 for example when it has 300mg of test present. They would surely call it a high concentrated test300 and charge more?.

Think this lab is fairly unknown and I personally wouldnt use them..

P.S Not sure if you should be talking about their site either...

Comment #2

Looks dodgy when someone mentions a source on thier first post then someone who only joined a couple days ago and fires 16 random posts in, go on to big them up as legit.

Id say avoid..

Comment #3

There prices are double the going rate almost. I woudl look about for a better supplyier than elite .even if it does work your still getting ripped off..

Comment #4

The gears ok but over priced, Well over priced. My pal was used it for a cycle and it done what it was supposed to do...

Comment #5

Ok i'm just trying to get some info as planning an upcoming cycle. thanks..

Comment #6

Avoid Elite Fitness Pharma, not reliable from what I've heard and very questionable..

Elite La Pharma are not the same company and their stuff is rocket fuel, best orals on the market just now and at the right price too...

Comment #7

Have heard about this but havent seen any as of yet as no 1 I no is stocking it. ill keep an eye out anyway..

Comment #8

I used their test-e 250 and can vouch for the batch I had. Got ROHM D-bol as well but they stopped selling it now in favour of own tabs. No probs for me but who knows...

Comment #9

Well I spent 6 weeks on 750mg and got nothing from it... i've switched to Rotexmedica now and i'm in week 4, libido up but still waiting for weight and strength gains.....

Comment #10

[quote=slaughter1979;234366]Well I spent 6 weeks on 750mg and got nothing from it...

I did 500/w for 10 weeks and got 15lbs out of it with d-bol and all included. Theres enough lads who had a good response so I rest my case. Without flaming you too bad I think 99% of the guys on this site would say 6weeks on test-e is a waste of time and test....and sorry but since the vials are 2500mg each, may I ask what kept you from taking the last 500mgs?..

Comment #11

There are plenty out there that have had nothing from these products, geezuz you obviously have and slaughter has not why question his opinion?..

Comment #12

A. 6 weeks on TE???.

B. Measure doesent add up so it seems like he is negging on purpose. Anyway. Sorry for him, happy fro me, right...

Comment #13

I have done productive cycle 6 weeks on Test E can you explain why it is a waste of time seeing as the ester is only a 10-14 days and will definitely kick in at the 2.5 - 3 week mark you have to admit after 6 weeks you will see for the measure how do you know he has not got some left in the vial??..

Comment #14

6weeks on test enanthate will prodeuce gains! in my experience I will have put on at least a stone by this point. Im in week 7 of test deca at the moment and I'm up well over a stone. this source doesnt look great to me - not very professional...

Comment #15

Well I did 750mg a week for 6 weeks, but got nothing at all from it. I've already explored this in detail on another board, and the conclusion I (and everyone else) came to was that it was the gear that was not doing it's job because my diet and training are all good. I wasn't getting any libido / strength / weight increases on the stuff after 6 weeks so I thought why bother wasting another week?..

Comment #16

Are you currently using an UGL or pharma grade gear mate?..

Comment #17

Slaughter, don't get me wrong, not saying youre not telling how it was, 6 weeks will give some kind of response but as it seems you were left with 2cc it made for kind of a questionmark.

For me it's really about the increasingly streamlined kind of reviews we get on the boards these days. Some labs are not even to be discussed not even if it would help us avoid them. Arguments like "nobody use them threfore they must be sxxit" does not impress me. Not saying I don't like the forums here or UKM but the bigbrother way it's run sometimes..

Anyway. Pharma every day if you ask me...

Comment #18

Just got t-bol from Elite Fitness Pharma ill have to wait and see if any good..

Comment #19

I cant find 'Elite La Pharma'. Can you pm me and tell me how I can contact them? thanks..

Comment #20

I'm afraid you'll need to speak to someone who can source these kind of products, they don't have a website and don't sell online I'm afraid..

I won't pm you where you can source them bcos it could put me in a position where I could be charged with "being concerned with the supply of a class c medication (anabolic steroids)". I'm sorry but don't know you and after 4 posts I cannot take this chance...

Comment #21


I have order D-Bol, cypionate, trenbolone acetate, propionate and winstrol tabs..

I tested dbol, cypionate and deca(norma) in 2 or 3 week, I have never tested Elite fitness pharma..

Look that=.

Elite Fitness Pharmaceuticals.

Do you have tested Elite fitness pharma whit a laboratories?.

By all..

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