Has anyone tried the 3&2?

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I asked Nutrisystem this question 3 days ago, but haven't heard from them yet, so I thought I'd ask you guys in the mean time! Here's the question:.


I've been on the Medifast plan since March 14, and have lost an amazing amount of weight! I am happy with it, and have 13 more til goal..

Here's my problem.

Ever since I started I have barly made it from meal to meal. I feel weak, drained of all energy, tired, hungry, etc. BUT I stuck with it... til now. I find myself eating cheese to feel better, and it works, but unfortunatly that's not on plan!.

I am very active (never sit still!), but don't exercise. I know it's recommended.

So, I was wondering if I should go on the 4&2, partly to help me stop cheating, and partly to make me feel bettter!.

If I can't go on the 4&2, I'm going to just forget losing these last 13 lbs and do the T&M, because I just can't take this anymore..

Thanks for your help!.


I then did a search on these boards, and saw that the 3&2 was suggested instead if you want to LOSE weight.So I've been doing that for the last 3 days. I feel better! But I want to know if anyone else did it and had success..

Thanks so much!.


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3&2 is actually part of the T&M guide, so technically, if you were doing 3&2, you would be doing transition and maintenance. Lots of people continue to lose as they move from 5&1 to T&M, so it's completely fathomable for you to move on over to transition before meeting goal. Just dont advance to the next stage of T&M til you hit goal.

If you weren't aware of the T&M guidelines, click on Success Tools up top there and then click on Eat Right, and on the menu on the left, scroll down to Transition and Maintenance Guide to see what I'm referring to. You can also click this to get right there.


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Erica- Where does it say to do a 3&2 in the T&M guide? If it is there, I missed it during my travels through T&M..

The T&M guide states to stay at 4 Medifast meals per week until you are in week 4...and only then does it drop down to 3 when you add in everything plus the kitchen sink.

T&M states that week one is 5 Medifast meals plus an extra veggie, week 2 is 4 meals, an extra veggie and a fruit serving, week 3 is 4 meals, extra veggies, extra fruits and a dairy serving....and then week 4 is 3 Medifast meals, extra veggies, fruits, dairy, extra protein and a grain.

I have never seen Nutrisystem talk about a 3&2....I can't imagine it would give people the nutrition that they need day in and day out with just 3 Medifast meals.

For the original poster, I would suggest posting the question of a 3&2 to NS...and waiting for their answer, since I learned a long time ago that they are the experts and won't steer you down the wrong direction with their good intention answers..

Good luck,.


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It's gradual. The first week of transition is adding in an additional cup of veggies. Second week, removing a Medifast meal (4 per day) and adding back a serving of fruit. Third week, adding back a serving of dairy and fourth week, whole grains and removing an additional Medifast meal (3 per day). You continue on the 3 Medifast meals with the additional foods for anywhere from eight to sixteen additional weeks depending on how much weight you've lost before moving into maintenance..

There have been a lot of posts on cheeses like laughing cow and kraft free, and they can be successfully used in the 5&1 if you know how to use them. For the laughing cow lite, two pieces = 1 serving of fat. And that's fine. I like the garlic and herb lite, and it makes a nice cheese for salads or for low carb wraps. Btw, the "la tortilla factory" low carb/low fat wraps are the lowest calorie 8" wraps i've found out there, just 50 net carbs per wrap. Publix carries them in my area.

Enchilada sauce is also pretty low cal, too. One or two tablespoons won't hurt at all..

Anyway, I don't think there's any need to go to a transition diet if you want a little dairy, just as long as you stick to the fat free/low cal cheeses and stay on top of your portion control. The nutrition calculator breakdown can help you stay OP with unique foods. I think it's 130+ grams of protein, < 20 grams of fat and 85-95 grams of carbs per day for the 5&1 to stay OP..

BTW, the danon lite and fit carb controlled yogurt is great!..

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Huh? 3&2? Never heard of it either. And I thought I read that T&M guide through VERY carefully..

Beachman - I read that the OP is still in the weight loss phase, so she really can't have yogurt or low-carb tortillas. Definitely not on plan for her. The carbs would be WAY to high..

I assume that Shannon has heard from NS, but just wanted to claify for any 5&1 folks who might read this and get the wrong idea...

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Nealsgirl,,(if you are still around),If you read the T/M,,the last phase is suggested as 3 Medifast meals,,,plus a regular L/G PLUS the extra veggies, extra lean serving, and the fruits dairies and grains,,,so technically, you would be getting 3 Medifast meals,. 2 L/G meals with the fruit ,and/or grains or dairy (yogurt for example. This translates to a 3 and 2,,,with the option of using your fruits or whatever as a snack option or with your meals. I think this is what Erica and Beachman were referring to.

That being said though, it is not the same as 4/2. By this last phase of transition, your body should be stabilizing, and you could not expect much more weight loss, though as with everything, there can be exceptions. I would suggest you try to reach nutritional support by phone and ask them to help you out. I had to switch to 4/2(per nutritional supports and my Dr recommendation) for the best part of my weight loss program, and lost better that way, but this may not be the best for you. Hope you find what works for you.Best wishes!..

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I have heard that some people do 3&2 for weight loss, but this would leave you deficient in SOME vitamins (at 75%ish). What HAS been discussed in the nutrition threads is a 4&2, which puts calories at 1000-1200, which Nutrisystem said should be effective for weight loss but SLOWER. It certainly wouldn't save and $, since you'd do the plan much longer. It isn't Medifast "recommended" or "official," but Nutrisystem did address it's feasibility as a personal decision..

I've heard 3&2 tossed around.. might put you at around 900 calories a day (if you kept your l&g/fat at 250-300 a serving [be more strict on l/g]). I'd imagine it would be feasible to have a similar but slightly slower weight loss than at plan, but your ketosis symptoms would probably be stronger for a while. You'd need to take nutritional supplements. This is not Medifast recommended or part of any "plan," and clearly it would be a personal and individual decision. This "type" of plan does not represent the "plan" that was proven effective @ Johns Hopkis in the research studies...

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Let me amend that slightly: It looks like Nutrisystem is talking about 4&2 as a more specific option than just personal choice, that might be recommended under certain circumstances..

That thread explores all the different eating options Medifast recognizes...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.