Has anyone taken "Cuts" from VitaminShoppe..does it work???

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My first question is: Has anyone taken "Cuts" from VitaminShoppe..does it work???.

My next question is: Might be in the wrong forum.....I've never used anything in the past......

Hi folks, newbie to the's a breif entail of my story so far..

13 - noticed right nipple looked "puffy".....followed by left nipple at 13 1/12.

Spend next 2 years hiding it....then, at 15 I saw my gp, who kindly refered to it as "puppy fat".

Spoke to parents, who after speaking to gp, said it would go away..

Spent next 8 years hiding it, and the last 3 of that working like a badger to try and get rid of that "puppy fat".

So, roll on 23....and I get fed up of hiding it, and pluck up the courage to go to my gp..

Who refered me to hospital.......couldnt beleive it when I had to see a shrink.....i was quite blunt with the guy, and simply said " if you had these, what would you do ".

I was quickly refrered to the plastics dept, and after a year, I got my op......they removed 70grams of breast tissue from one side, and 60 from the other. it was a complete nipple detatch, with local lipo..

I followed all the advice given to me, and even used bio-oil to keep the scars under control....i was really looking forward to being "normal" and so booked a 3 week holiday to florida....something I would have never done prior to my op..

So, here I am, 6 months POST op.......and would you belive it.....theyre bigger than they were seems like the 70g of breast tissue has either come back, fat has been drawn in from everywhere else..

Now, I know I'm not an athelete.....i am "big boned"....and at 93kg, hardly a bmi stands around 28 - so I'm technically classed as overweight....

Now, before I show you the photo's - let me tell you I'm happy being the weight I am, and, although I am trying to loose weight through a healthy diet, and regular exercise.....this is putting me off, my nipples are still enlarged, and proturde somewhat..

I feel like I am worse off than before !!!! I know if I go back to see the consultant, she will tell me that it's fat.....but it wasnt there before, and it wasnt there after the op...and I weight less now than I did pre-op..

Please advise me.......

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Your question was: Has anyone taken "Cuts" from VitaminShoppe..does it work???.

In which case you'd be entitled to free gear!!.

Lucky bugger!!!..

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They dont look that bad to me mate! one is worse than the other. def get your levels checked and see what the problem may be...

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I had lipo for gyno too, bout 3 years back. wasn't too happy with the results. plus the incision scars. However I've just had smart lipo with suction too here in london from a really good doctor. the results are amazing. well pleased.

No scarring. no anthesia. Any one interested in free consultantion with my dr. let me me know. i'll drop you his email...

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Hey mate,.

Sorry to hear that, I was in the exact same situation, I know how it feels to hide away for years and how it feels to have that lingering over your head. PM me if you wanna talk about it.

I had my op 2 years ago (im 22 now) and have just noticed some gyno coming back now, I'm in the states now and had my blood work tested... I was told my natural levels of test were to high and my liver converts it to estrogen.

Your op pics look a lot better than mine (i tried to play rugby too soon and screwed up the scar....) Im researching into lectro now, which is meant to remove gyno - hopefully someone will explain better! But ill be watching, good luck mate..

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Hi i've been trying to pm, but this forum doesnt let me untill I have 15 messages.

Am I allowed to post the dr email up here?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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