Has anyone had this show up on a credit card statement? WMV*MATCH.COM 800-926-2824?

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My first question is: Has anyone had this show up on a credit card statement? WMV*MATCH.COM 800-926-2824?.

My next question is: Ok, so I met a guy online..and he is a real sweetheart...

I really am starting to like him, but I want to make sure that he is going to feel the same for me...

I am 23 and he is 32..Ive never been w an oder guy..We talked on the phone once and IM'd each other a few times..He is in another state..He wants me to come and visit him when I get my break from school..And I really want to as well..He seems to be a trustworthy guy he is a doctor and I looked him up already, so he is real.Not a psycho or anything...Now I want to show him that I am interested, but I dont know if I should contact him as much as I would like to..because I do not want him to get turned off...

I am looking to get in a serious relationship (thru and I have a good feeling that he can be the guy for me..Now my question is..should I go visit him?..Will the age difference be a problem? I am pretty mature for my age..but I dont know if he will think I am immature..meeting older men makes me nervous because I dont want them to think Im not mature enough..If and when I visit long should I wait to have sex with him?...Any feedback would be appreciated..thanks..

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Your question was: Has anyone had this show up on a credit card statement? WMV*MATCH.COM 800-926-2824?.

I think if you're going to meet, he should be the one to visit you, not the other way around.  It's just not chivalrous at all of him to make you come to him.  He should stay in a hotel and take you out on dates, as he would if you lived in the same town..

I think the age difference is much less of a barrier than the fact that you'd be long-distance.  It's very difficult to make a LDR workwhy not date using someone closer to home? .


Comment #1

Thank you for the reply....

Well I did mention to him that I would like him to visit me instead..he didnt say no..but he lives in florida I'm in new jersey and he thought it would be nice for me to go there, since I have never been there...and the long distance situation did come up..I haven't met anyone closer that has caught my attention as much as he did..but I am definately keeping my options open....

Comment #2

I'm sure he'd love for a lovely young woman to deliver yourself to him like a pizza..

If you decide to go, keep in mind the high probability that he's hoping you'll have sex with him while you're there, and then go away.  So if you do go, I would stay at a hotel (you should for safety reasons anyway) and not sleep with him (unless you're just looking for a fling)..


Comment #3

Let him come visit you first.He can make the effort, and agreed for safety - have him stay somewhere else, and meet not at your home...

Comment #4

Wow..deliver myself like a pizza?....

So are you saying that if I do have sex w/ him while being there..he wont take me serious?...

How old are you..if you dont mind me asking....

Comment #5

Old enough to know better ;-)!.

But no, what I'm saying is that there is a good *chance* of that being the case, so why take the risk?  There will be time enough to have sex on another trip if he's sincere about his interest in you..

I mean, think about it...I'm sure you're great, but he's a doctor and if he's a decent guy, I'm sure he has no shortage of local opportunities.  So think about it logicallywhy would he be interested in a LDR?  The advantage with you rather than someone local is that he doesn't have to deal with you wanting a relationship (thru afterwards because you'll be back in NJ..


Comment #6

I see what you mean..makes sense...

He is open to someone in another state bc where he lives there is nothing but older people and families..he says it's not a good place to meet women..I know that can just be a big lie..We'll see what happens..But youre right he should agree to come to me..and then we can be intimate at a different time....

But nowadays having sex on the first date using isnt rare..but if he is so far away..he can always just disappear after we have sex....

Thanks for your advice..

Comment #7

PS..if I go see him..he will be the one paying for my trip.....

Comment #8

"Nowadays", huh?  LOL.  Apparently you've never heard of the dating (online dating with habits of the 70s before STDs were really an issue ;-)....

I slept with my ex-husband the night we met.  But that doesn't mean it's a smart thing to do, unless you are completely prepared for it to be a fling..

And I assumed he was payingit didn't even cross my mind that YOU might be!.


Comment #9

Yes...NOWADAYS..and for your info I am aware of it...and am always careful when it comes to that...If Im not aware of the dating (online dating with rules..then neither are slept w your man the first night....

I put it out there that HE was paying just to make things clear..I never said you were assuming I was paying for it....

Comment #10

Yes, when I young and foolish, I did indeed do that.  Now I would only do it if I wanted to have a fling (or was willing to take that risk).  That's all I was trying to point outthat things haven't really changed.  Why are you getting so defensive?.

Sheri ..

Comment #11

Im not getting defensive..I felt like you were by your reply.....

Comment #12

Well, that's the danger of online communication, you can't hear tone.   I'm not sure why you think I would have used smileys, etc if I were being defensive however..


Comment #13 can be passive aggressive for all I know....

Comment #14

Ok, yeah, it's always a good idea to assume the worst of someone who's trying to help..

Have a great night and I hope things work out for you...

Comment #15

I wasnt assuming..its just the way you came off with your responses....

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