Has anyone had success with Is it worth a shot?

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My first question is: Has anyone had success with Is it worth a shot?.

My next question is: I'm 48, been single for 7 years & am feeling really depressed about this.Even on OLD, the ones I'm interested in ghost me. The others are ones who don't want to get off the couch!I'm relatively good looking- 5'6" 115lbs, casual dress..I know this may sound arrogant, but I wonder sometimes if it's my intelligence that scares them off. I follow politics, love history & read lots; I love to discuss things & events, & people say I'm "too" smart!! Do you think that scares off guys?? Any ideas on how to help me from being so lonely & find somebody?Carol..

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Your question was: Has anyone had success with Is it worth a shot?.

Hi Carol,.

Welcome to the board!!.

You sound like a put together woman and you should be proud of that!!  I think you just need to find men that have similar interests.  Take all of your favorite things and find a way to meet people with it.  Like I really like outdoor winter sports, so I went by myself for a little while, and then found an organization (that was free) and joined.  I've been meeting lots of new people. .

I do think that some men are intimidated by us smart ladies.  I think they don't realize that they are better at other topics.  Like you are informed on political issues - a man might not have this, but might be informed on financial issues. .

My BF is very mechanically inclined and works as a tire salesman.  I had to admit I didn't know a thing about tires.  He teases me to this day - I told him when I picked out  my new Jeep that I told the salesman to put the biggest tires the factory offered.  I don't mind that I don't know.  I'm in the finance industry and I have to admit that my BF has more knowlegde in this area than anyone else I've dated, but I like that I can still help him out once in a while..

Good Luck in the dating (online dating with world.  Your next date using is just around the cornor.  Have you thought of changing up your profile?  Sometimes showing something new about yourself will attract someone new..




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Suggestion:  why not hang out more often with people who share your interests?  Maybe there are book clubs or book discussion groups in your local area.  They do congregate at places like Barnes & Noble or libaries..

If you are really into politics you can find out what is happening in your local area with the Democratic and Republican parties - there may be a bigger turnout since this is an election year.  If you do decide to expand your horizons and meet new people you may make friends or acquaintances who can include you in their social circle and eventually you could meet someone with whom you click.  A common mistake people make is when they focus on meeting a SO instead of just meeting people and having fun because they scare away potential friends too..

I think that in some cases men dont prefer to date using women who are intelligent.  It could be that they dont feel strong in that area or like the idea of knowing that they are superior in some way to the woman.  You dont want to date using a man like this so just eliminate this percentage of the population who would be deemed  eligible for you to date..


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Hi Carol,.

Just wanted to say Good Morning and see if you are feeling any better..




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Wow Kristie, How sweet of you!!! I got an email last night from a guy I haven't heard from in awhile so I'm feeling a lot more positive.The story with him is kind of strange....I was at a wine tasting party a few weeks ago at an art gallery. Our town has only about 7,000 people in it. Actually I got sort of introduced to this guy(one of the artists), who I recognized from Match, but he was standing with a woman I know very slightly & I wasn't sure if he was with her or not.Anyway, I emailed him the next day saying I thought I'd met him & liked his art. He emailed back saying he thought he'd recognized me also. We emailed back & forth for 2 weeks & then he didn't reply for about a week....until last night!My problem with OLD is I tend to think things might go until like I said, we start talking about things that involve some thought, interest in learning etc. & they disappear. I know I shouldn't cross my fingers but...Thanks again for checking on me!Carol..

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Hi Carol,.

No worries - this is what we are all hear for - a little support through those days that don't feel too good..

I'm glad about the email!!  One thing I had to learn when I met new guys was to ask them about themselves at lot at least at first!! and to smile way more than I thought was necessary. .

Good Luck and keep us posted,.




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At times, I feel the same way. You are not alone. Try dating/meeting younger men...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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