Has anyone had any real success with All the girls on there don't match their pictures at

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My first question is: Has anyone had any real success with All the girls on there don't match their pictures at.

My next question is: Hi- I have been dating (online dating with this great guy for about 1 1/2 months. He tells me that he is crazy about me and I have told him I feel the same way. We have already talked about the fact that we are NOT dating (online dating with other people. However, every time he introduces me to someone he refers to me as his "friend". I am recently divorced and have been out of the dating (online dating with scene for about 10 years. So, I have no clue what the dating (online dating with decorum on this subject is. Please help!..

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Your question was: Has anyone had any real success with All the girls on there don't match their pictures at.

I know what you mean about being out of the dating (online dating with thing. I know it is different now a days. You really don't know any more. The best way is just put it right out there. Tell him you think a lot of him.  Ask me straight out. What are we? I know it can be a hard thing to do.

Also get yourself really hurt if it isn't what you have been thinking it is... Just ask him. good luck and wish you happiness..



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Things sound like they are going really well for you ...=)..

The dating (online dating with world has been so nuts in the last decade.  I dont know which weirdo thought of this but someone decided to call all dating (online dating with partners "friends" and leave GF/BF for when you are engaged - instead of fiance.  All I know is that they left me out of the memo distribution on that one...hehe..

There are other ways to handle the introduction instead of referring to you as friend: for instance he could have called you his date, or "this is the woman who I am dating". .

I think it is something to bring up with him since you have already discussed dating (online dating with others.  I never used to get hung up on labels or status ( but many years also men werent hung up on it either)...things used to just come together and the next thing you were BF/GF...

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I think so long as you are exclusive, I wouldn't get hung up on labels..

I know that at age 49, I'm not going to be introducing a BF as "my boyfriend", KWIM?  It just sounds silly to me.  So even if *I* consider a guy my BF, I'll most likely introduce him as "my friend".  But I'd refer to him in conversation with my friends as "my BF"..


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Oooh yeah, I agree with Snafu that dating (online dating with is weird these days as far as titles are concerned. I had a discussion about titles with the guy I am currently dating (online dating with around two months, and at that time we decided that we were dating, and not dating (online dating with others, but he did not consider me his girlfriend. This was news to me since he has been doing all of the typical boyfriend things... but without the title. He apparently doesn't use the title girlfriend until he knows he's really in love and is thinking about marriage.So, since it's only been 4 months, at this point, I've decided that I'm okay without the official girlfriend title and don't have any plans to ask again. Even though to most of the world he really appears to be my boyfriend.

So, this could be the case with your guy, especially if he has been married and divorced.Anyway, if you really are curious, you can probably ask since you've already talked about not dating (online dating with others, but if it were me I would just ride it out for awhile and see what happens since you're still in the early stages...

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Hi Msdkz,.

Welcome to the board!!.

If you've already had "the talk" then I wouldn't worry, but you can ask him.  Honest communication is the best..

Good Luck and Congrats on the new man..




Comment #5

Thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate it. I feel so clueless about all of this dating (online dating with stuff sometimes (most of the time). Everything you all said makes sense. He is also divorced and I can see now how silly it would sound if he introduced me as his "girlfriend". Like one of you said, "as long as we are exclusive" that is enough.

Thanks again. I am happy to have a place were I can post questions such as this one and know that I will get good sound advice...

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There's not a set time, it's up to the people involved but it seems like he's easing into it.  The fact that you're just dating (online dating with each other is a statement in and of itself.  That's means more than the word girilfriend.  Be patient, and hopefully other things will follow.


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