Has anyone gotten hives from Medifast?

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Has anyone experienced hives while on Medifast? They started last night and are not going away even with Benadryl. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I'm hoping he does not tell me it is the Medifast. I've been on it almost 4 weeks...

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I've seen some posts about hives as a reaction to a search on nutrition support and I think you'll find some previous threads there..

Here is one: .

I hope your appointment goes well and that it's not Medifast related!~..

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I agree with girlnate,,some people have a soy allergy, is why some products have a warning where they are processed in plants that also process nuts, soy,and wheat...hope it isn't the soy, but I think some of the Medifast foods don't contain soy,,you may want to check that out! Good Luck!..

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There are Medifast meals without soy, and actually they're some of my favorites hehe (like the eggs!). If you do have an allergy to it, you can still continue MF!..

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It's official. I have an allergy. What products do not contain soy?..

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I did a search of the "Ask Nutrition Support" forum. Here's links to a couple of threads that I think will help answer your question:..

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Ooops...Sheryl beat me to it. Always try to do a search before posting to's probably been answered before!.

So sorry you are allergic, it is possible to stay on-plan with some tweaking!.

Best of luck!~..

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Hi tracy-.

Wow, I am having soy issues as well. my DR. is sure it is the soy that is giving me headaches, nausea (some vomitting) bowel issues and all over eczema flare ups..

He says I should have NO SOY for at least 10 -14 days, an exclusion diet of sorts and we are doing other allergy testing. I eat mostly veggie (meatless options) on Medifast and have felt rotten since week 2. I thought I was stressed from moving, or had a bug. one day I would be ok, the next in the toilet or bed all day..

Needless to say I am beyond upset. I have lost 15lbs so far and do not want to stop..

My DH is upset with me and says that my health has been 'compromised'by soy Medifast products....i also just ordered tons of soy stuff last week.a real bummer..

I think I am going to have to really tweek my use of MF, if it turns out I am soy intolerant..

I am so sorry about your allergy..

I understand!!!! my fellow SSS!!!.

Best to you-.


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Hi again-.

I do not know about you, but having just Medifast eggs (which are not my fave to begin with) COB or COT soups and the teas, punches and hot bev's will be a real CHALLENGE for me..

After a month of oatmeal and shakes and chilli and the....bars..

How do I stay OP with almost no choice???.

My DR told me about rice n shine....anyone know about rice protein shakes???.

I need to look at my options.


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Sorry you are having problems with the soy. I am upset too. I've lost 15lbs as well and do not want to go off Medifast. I will be tweeking the plan. My doctor said no soy for at least a month. I plan on staying within the carb and calorie restrictions and hoping the weight keeps coming off.

Keep me posted..


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Oh tracy-.

What can we do? I really did not expect this at all, and was sure it was NOT the Medifast for a good while. I have used soy in the past, etc. it seems that the Medifast can trigger the allergy, because our systems have been overloaded, etc..

I really like the Medifast choices and have found it so easy to plan with and throw in my bag..

I also was dying to be 30lbs slimmer (another 15) by new year!!!!.

I am doing tons of research and would like to find some NON soy food replacement sources..

I hope you are sorry about those hives.


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We'll be okay. We just have to get creative. Let me know anything you find out about soy alternatives.

Hang in there! I know we can do it despite this. I'm trying really hard not to get discouraged by this unforseen complication.

I really believe if we stay within the calorie and carbohydrate parameters, we will continue to lose.


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I agree. there has to be a way to tweek this, get our nutrition in and stay OP..

Thanks for your PM..

I'll keep you updated..

Be well-.


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I'm so sorry to hear this for you guys!.

Don't mess around with soy if you are allergic hives can occur internally and interfere with breathing too!!.

Take care of yourselves and good luck!..

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I have the same issue. Soy allergy and if I do too much of the Medifast soy products I get hives, vomitting, etc.

What I did was only consumed the non-soy Medifast products for 1 month then slowly added in 1 soy Medifast meal per day. I am doing fine with this. My Dr. is ok with it but if I have any side effects I have to start all over again..

There are so many good meals from Medifast without soy so you can still enjoy the program. PM or IM me if you need support..

PS: I use Pure Protein Low Carb bars in place of the Medifast ones occasionally as they are same/lower cals but no soy. I can get you info if you want it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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