Has anyone found the love of your life on

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My first question is: Has anyone found the love of your life on

My next question is: Last month I had a feeling that my man was talkin to other women..I did the unbelievable and checked his phone..Sure as I thought he'd been texting not only his ex-wife, but another woman..These things I can't even write about in public, but i've been skiddish and have lost my trust in him..The fact is, I snuck; but I never would have known, cue taken it to the grave..He totally was caught off guard & tried denying it, but confessed and apologized..should this be left alone now or should I leave him?.


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Your question was: Has anyone found the love of your life on

It depends what he said in the texts.  .

I hate possessives as if they are not allowed to have friends that are females ever.  I mean, that is psycho.   I will be friends with whomever I please, whether it's an ex or not or whatever and it's the same for my boyfriend.   .




Comment #1

No you dont understand this was his ex-wife who cheated on him, hense the divorce..and it was pure erotict, nasty sexual exchanges of info...


Comment #2

These were erotic, nasty sexual invites..i have guy friends too, but damn!.


Comment #3

These were erotic, nasty sexual invites..enough to make you puke..yeah we've talked, but he's so skiddish around me & it makes me think he's still doing it..ya know?.


Comment #4 not losing my mind sis told me the same's really sad cuz i've been loyal for 7 months now...


Comment #5

DROP HIM FAST. Do you even have to ask if you should trust him? Don't ask me how I know this, but ex-lovers are the EASIEST people to cheat with. Not only is it disgusting and disrespectful for him to be doing this stuff with another woman, but I believe he's looking to cheat on you. A man who loves you and is satisfied with you doesn't do this. You can do way better!!..

Comment #6

Im there now..i cant believe this is an eye opener..last night he slept on the couch too...


Comment #7

I know what you mean - it sucks when you find out that the person who you have been loyal to has been undermining your relationship.  Stay a loyal person, in general, but dump this guy...

Comment #8

I did! I left this morning and told him never to contact me again..thanks for stickin in there for me...


Comment #9

I did it!  I left him this morning and told him not to ever contact me again...thanx for your support with all of this,,,.


Comment #10

Its totally up to you. I would not trust him for a long time. But I would depending how long we have been going out...give hiim another chance. And it would depend how long this woman and him were chatting.  How they know each other. And if it was just a flirty thing...not that I excuse it. But if it's just a flirty thing try working on it.


Comment #11

Good luck - hopefully he wont bother you after this...

Comment #12

I appreciate your was with his ex-wife and another woman..i gave him about a month to show me that he was different, but instead he just became more distant, and it made me feel completely uncomfortable..he installed so much doubt in me that i've had to erase him from myspace and block his number from my phone, so I don't become entrapped again..all i've experienced with him is disappointment and I basically told him that since we are both 30, if and when he does grow up to know what he wants out of life, I may or may not be there for's sad when you've got to give an untimatum, but we are both divorced and able to make decisions as adults for once..i'm very simple..when I honestly love, I take care of my man..the only request I have is to love me back..i'm not materialistic..i'm more or less someone who loves encouraging words and flowers that are hand picked from the roadside..and if he's looking for a woman who will cheat on him, spend all of his money, and ignore his needs; well that woman won't ever be me, because I don't love like that...


Comment #13

He probably can't now..i deleted him from my myspace and blocked his number thru my cell..when he's ready to grow up, maybe i'll be available or maybe I won't..he knows where I live and work, so if he was honestly sincere about being with me, he'd find a way..he's a man, they're good at that crap..i guess when you do let someone who you do love go, they'll eventually come back if it's meant to be, right?  well anyway, thanks for your feedback...


Comment #14

Some men never grow up enough to be mature enough to know whether or not you want to be in a commited relationship (thru and then having the maturity to know how to handle conflict and disappointments so they dont act out and need to get their ego boosts by cheating. .

I dont know much about the concept of letting someone go and then if it is meant to be they come back - sometimes that just doesnt work..

But, if he really does want you he will find a way to contact you. That you can be sure about.  When a man wants something he makes it happen - if he doesnt care so much about it he doesnt put forth the effort - been there and done that...

Comment #15

Sweetie ya gatta do whathca gatta do stay strong...the ex wife ...hmmmm body parts would be missin. Your ex is an ex for a reason and no someone you do any flirty things with...and unless they have kids together he should not be talking to her AT ALL!!!!..

Comment #16

Thats exactly what my mom told me today over dinner..i met with her alone to discuss everything and she told me that he knows where I live and work and if he wanted u, he'd find a god forsaken way to make that's hard to let the good memories'll take time but i've gotta lock it up and refind myself and be okay with that in the mean time...


Comment #17

They do have kids together, just as I do with my ex..but like you ex is an ex for a ex husband and I get along great as friends now and our children appreciate us never fighting,,it's almost breathtaking, ya know..but i've gotta lock it up and refind myself and be okay with that and getting over all of the good times that we had will be the toughest part of it you really think theres someone for everyone?  or is that crap as well?.


Comment #18

I know in my heart there is someone for everyone. Some times that some one is ourselves. As far as another person...YES!!!  it's ok to be friends with an EX but no flirty crap. When you are healed you will be stronger. More than you ever realized you could be. It just takes time...

Comment #19

It's funny that you said when I heal i'll be a stronger person..i'm already feeling a little piece of that..after I got rid of the pictures hanging around and blocked his number, i've been keeping myself so busy to not think about it all day takes all that I have, to do just's like another full time job lol..but your comment back really helped..thank-u.


Comment #20

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