Has anyone found love with

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My first question is: Has anyone found love with

My next question is: I have been dating (online dating with a guy for a little over 2 months. He was very slow but steady at the beginning - asking me out 2 times a week, but never hooking up with me. When we finally started having sex, he had an erectile disfunction problem. I mentioned it the 3rd time, and he was very embarrassed. After that, he totally slacked on calling me, wanting to hang out. Now whenever I call him, he sounds happy to hear from me.

I am always the one asking him out. We see each other once a week now cause he's always too busy. I don't know if this can be salvaged or not. I'm definitely not the type to keep hanging on if someone's not that into me, but the ED issue was a couple weeks ago. How long will his ego be bruised? I asked him out for tomorrow and he said, Let's talk tomorrow.

If he's really interested, he'd make more priority. Just not sure if I should break things off, or if he just needs some time to be comfortable with me again...

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Your question was: Has anyone found love with

Well, guys' egos get bruised easily.  He needs to feel he's attractive and masculine to you. But at this point let him make the first moves. Dont keep chasing.  If something is meant to develop, it will. If not, move on..


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If it were me, I'd say to him something like "I'd really like it if you'd be the one to initiate asking out/dates more bec it seems like I've been doing it now most of the time". .

Last week, I told my bf that I really love this nickname he;'s been calling me and that he should call me it more often.  Now he says it all the time and it's super super cute, I love it!  But he would never have known how much I like it, that I want to be called that etc if I never told him.  I am a firm believer in that you cant get what you want unless you seek it/make it known.  But it requires being very direct, which I know alot of people arent good at, so I dunno -shrug-..

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Thanks for your email. It was very helpful.

I usually am very direct, but I am 31 & havne't had a long term boyfriend in several years. My friends have all told me lately that I am too direct, and that I don't let anything slide & run at the first signs of trouble. So I've been trying their technique which is to smile & be happy & pretend everything's cool and I'm so laidback. But it feels so fake!.

I will definitely try what you said tonight and in a positive way tell him I'd like him to initiate more.


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How old is he?  Has he spoken to a doctor about the ED?  It could be something physical or mental.  If he is feeling bad about it and has had no success penetrating you he may need to move on. You can be there for him but it is really up to him now to decide how he wants to handle it.  If it is mental (nerves) it will resurface throughout your relationship, just so you know...

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Thanks. We broke up on Friday. He said he didn't feel any sparks! I think it's the age old blame the girl for your problem. I'm better off without him...

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I was honest with him, and he said he didn't feel any sparks with me. We broke up yesterday. I am glad I took your advice though. Better to find out after 2 months...

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"I was honest with him, and he said he didn't feel any sparks with me. We broke up yesterday. I am glad I took your advice though. Better to find out after 2 months.".

Aw, girl, I'm sorry to hear that : /  But I am so proud of you and also what you said is totally correct of course!  Better to not have kept wasting each others time.  Now you're free for the right person to find you!  Huggies!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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