Has anyone ever used that dating site before? Does it work or is it a rip off?

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My first question is: Has anyone ever used that dating site before? Does it work or is it a rip off?.

My next question is: I'm deeply in love with my partner but we been fighting a lot over financial things and one arguement leads to another. I know the both of us are tired of fighting, so for a while now, we haven't been seeing each other or talking on the phone. I thought it was a good idea to let things just settle down but now, he doesn't answer my phone calls anymore or texts. I really miss him. I really don't know what to do to make things better. I feel like he has already given up, what should I do?..

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Your question was: Has anyone ever used that dating site before? Does it work or is it a rip off?.

We been going on for half a year, and currently for about a month, we have been arguing nonstop. Just yesterday, I talked to him and he told me he doesn't know if he loves me or not anymore. He said, you don't need to worry, and he'll give me his answer soon. I don't want to break up though, it's hard because when he told me that, after we made love. And it made me so confused. I'm starting to wonder if he's just using me for sex. How can I win back his love?.

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'Win back his love' suggests that his love is some sort of prize and that you are not.

>>he'll give me his answer soon< <.

What is this - a job interview?? No, no, no! It sounds like he is playing games. It doesn't really seem like he is considering your feelings much, so YOU have to consider your feelings. 6 months is not a very long time. Yes, it will hurt, but if he's feeding you nonsense like he doesn't know if he loves you any more (after having sex with you, no less) maybe it's time that you free yourself for someone who WILL be sure about you..

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I know, but the problem is he's my first. I feel like I gave him everything. I can't let go and thinking of letting go, it hurts a lot. I was never his first priority, his family, friend, and work always came first, but dumbly, I put him first, thinking that if I was selfless, that he would love me more for it. It's a naive way of thinking, but I just want to be happy. I don't know how to let him go, I tried, but had fail numbers of time.

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Comment #3

Arguing kills love and romance.  So you did the right thing by stopping that..

Is there anything you need to apologize for? Did it get personal and hurtful?.

If there is, I would apologize and then back off. Give him time.  Going after him will not stimulate his feelings.  Only by being sweet and not arguing and respecting him will his feelings be ignited..

Try to get the attitude that first attracted him to you.  Go back to that emotional place..

I had a bf who argued with me. It totally turned me off to the relationship, killed the romance and any affection.  Arguing is such a bummer..


Comment #4

What would be worse - (1) walking away now, painful as it will be, or (2) having him tell you that he's no longer interested in making it work, or worse - that he's met someone else?.

I don't want to be harsh; I'm just trying to get you to see very real possibilities..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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