Has anyone ever tried the VitaminShoppe product called "Muscle Milk"??

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My first question is: Has anyone ever tried the VitaminShoppe product called "Muscle Milk"??.

My next question is: Im 21 years old, 6ft4 and weigh around 15 stones. Im going to be going to be doing a 8 week course of sus and deca and probably d balls for the first 4 weeks this is going to be my first time taking any type of steroids, I was just wondering if you guys could give us any advice?.


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Your question was: Has anyone ever tried the VitaminShoppe product called "Muscle Milk"??.

Your question was: Steriod advice.

My advice is don't take all that lot. why do you feel you need to take 3 different steroids simultaneously ?

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Agree with bodyworks there is no need at all intaking more than one steroid in your first will not listen but I can tell you from personel experiances it is not a good thing stick with a simple sus 8 weeks cycle......what have you got planned for PCT??..

Comment #2

I was planning on doing clomide for 2 weeks after it. I was planning on taking the d balls just to give me a quick boost right away. And I will also be taking tablets during the course, one 1 day and 1 the other day for the whole time I'm on the course to stop any side effects cant remeber what they are called off the top of my head. So do you think I should just stick with the sus and deca and leave the d balls out?..

Comment #3

Mate you are going to take tablets whilst on a cycle containing 3 steroid types but you don't know what they are called fukcing hell mate are you stupid...seriously mate think about what your saying??.

Your pct plan will do sod all let me explain although I am damn sure you will not listen.......

On these steroids you need to wait 3 weeks after your last shot to start your PCT so it will be effective, just using clomid for 2 weeks will do nothing for the HPTA recovery you will need to include both HCG and nolvadex in that PCT plan to make it effective especially after using Deca which is highly suppressive..

Comment #4

Ok so what you are saying is that I should not be taking anything while on the course to stop the side effects, but 3 weeks after my last shot?..

Comment #5

I think what PScarb is saying is - do some research and dont start taking a sh!t load of drugs without any knowledge. Idiots like you give those that are knowledgeable and take the time to learn and train hard before looking toward androgens a bad name...

Comment #6

Hi all ^^.

How many times you have start bodybuilding?.

For start steroids, my advice is start naturally 4-5 years, and after use steroids....

And the first cycle of steroids, don't use 3 steroids...sooooooo no good!.

Use just 1 first cycle is SUSTANON 250mg every week in 6 week...and VERY GOOD is not because you take more products which you will magnify more!.

Ok men?..

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