Has anyone ever taken the weight loss pill called Burn 60 by VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Has anyone ever taken the weight loss pill called Burn 60 by VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Has anyone used anything by apex pharmaceuticals. I recently posted that I was about to start my first cycle(anabol+sustanon) I was recomended test enth rather than sust. I now have a contact that can supply test enth and tamoxifen from apex pharmaceuticals just wondering if it's anygood...

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Your question was: Has anyone ever taken the weight loss pill called Burn 60 by VitaminShoppe?.

Sorry m8 was miles away, if the company sells it's products to the UK and US then it should pass British Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia standards and will be of good quality...

Comment #1

Apex are good just watch out for the fakes.

Sust is absolutely fine for a first cycle, if you have the sust already then use it if not then get the test enan. you wont notice much difference...

Comment #2

If you get sust it is best injected at least twice weekly to get somewhat stable blood levels and make use of the fast acting prop in it. Enanthate can be injected once per week...

Comment #3

I have used Apex and think it is crap, was definitely the real thing but just not that good, has given quite a few people I know infections as well...

Comment #4

Agreed...........In the early days they were passable but not now since they changed hands..

Comment #5

Thanks for the feedback I think I will give them a miss..

Comment #6

I KNOW for sure their stuff is 100%, I know multiple people getting ready to compete purely on Apex products..

Dark Angel and OPEX have their own reasons for criticising the products which can't be openly explained here but their opinions are not worth considering..

Apex production has moved twice and after the move at the end of 2006 any production issues or anomalies were removed and all their products are top class...

Comment #7

I am using this brand at the moment and I can tell you they do what they say on the tin..

Comment #8

I use them and am happy. very happy. nuff sed!..

Comment #9

Ditto with mods!.

Ive used many brands over the years, I love their Primo depot and tri-tren preparation. Ive yet to hear of anyone not gaining on Apex T-350,.


Comment #10

Maybe they got some faked stuff,?!?!?.

Everyone I know is using it and the guys I know that are competeing wont use anything else..

But as is the problem when good gear comes out, some fukka tries to fake it and sells shit...

Comment #11

I have heard a lot of bad stuff in recent months about Apex in relation to infections etc but I also know a lot of fakes have been doing the rounds so it maybe the fake stuff that is the problem?!?! I have also heard that they have changed hands if that is a good thing or not only time will tell especially with the new owners rep...

Comment #12

Has the fake stuff even got the hologram on it???..

Comment #13

Probably they have by now??? if your source is good and you can trust him then you should be alright...but thats on the basis that the stuff is correct in the 1st place...

Comment #14

Apex is the biggest load of crap..

I had legit apex and it still did nothing. 2 grams per week of their test cyp and nothing...

Comment #15

Shamrock, thats not possible if it were the real deal..

I know of people in Ireland who were supplying Apex and it was half strength and at one point they were selling yellow dbol as stromba in an apex tub!.

I know the owners and where it is now produced and I can assure anyone the products are bang on. Personally I would only ever use GL or Apex multis..

As for all the people saying "i've heard this", "I read on another forum", "Big Billy McBig says" or "my mate says that", you haven't a fcuking clue. How can you advise someone on heresay? If you have no knowledge of something or you haven't tried something do us all a favour and shut the fcuk up..

I hate all the keyboard Olympians who spout forth advice on stuff they know nothing about. On another forum there is a self appointed gear guru who claims to be able to tell if your gear is real or fake from a picture, when I was studying bio-medical sciences and then pharmacology I was made to believe you needed a mass spectrometer to test a compound out, not an e-mailed picture from a digi camera!.

On the same forum is another genius who writes scathing reports on shows, he tells it as he sees it and spares nobodys feelings bcos he says you stand up there to be judged. All I can say is the guy in question is around 110lbs overweight! There's more chance of me being elected prime minister than this guy pulling an abs and thighs where anything will be visible!.

TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS, if you are going to take advice from someone ask them if they have first hand experience on the subject whether it be diet, training, anabolics or washing the fcuking dishes! Ask them why they are giving the advice they are giving, if it's BS they are unlikely to be able to give a decent in depth explanation, Dorian did it this way, Shaun Davies did it another way, Lee Priest told me in secret in a darkened room he does this don't cut it, that is someone bullsh1tt1ng their way out of a real explanation. If someone does say any of that mail me, Dorian and Shaun are good friends of mine and Lee is a good friend of Shauns so it's not hard to find out the truth..

Another thing, many forums are used by steroid dealers to promote themselves and make sales, I know for a fact less people are selling Apex than ever. The supply routes were tightened to make it easier to pick up on fakes and to keep it to reputeable dealers who would not want to sell rubbish and undermine themselves or the brand..

Listen to advice from someone you trust, not some faceless wonder on a forum who may not have any more real world experience than you do but wants to feel important by coming accross as someone with bags of knowledge. There's a guy with a supplement shop in Edinburgh, he tells people he beat Paul George in his first show - which he has no pictures of and Paul didn't enter, he tells people he is a cage fighter and has done some bare knuckle boxing - again not a picture from any of his fights and low and behold he never got marked in the fights even though he says he lost. Have you seen the nick of the winners never mind the guys who lose these bouts?.

The reason I bring this up is that this guy sells gear (and recreationals) and advises people how to use them badly, he told one person to have 10iu of insulin at bedtime with a couple of slices of toast! I don't know if he disliked the guy but it's a good way to try and kill him! Its a shame that some people would rather lie about things they know nothing about even though their lies could seriously hurt or even kill another who was trusting enough to listen to their lies...

Comment #16

Ok I know nothing about what we had used..

Comment #17

I know at least 3 people who use gen apex who compete it does do what it says on the tin...

Comment #18

Ive used Apex dbol and is all good. Yes there was alot of stuff around a while ago saying it's bad but ive put it to the test and will vouch for it's quality and being legit..


Comment #19

I've been using a small dose of apex gear and don't there's any wrong with. I used t-350 and deca at 1ml each and my body looks different to what it did. I think some people are just paronoid and expect too much from gear...

Comment #20

Apex are the bollocks mate, I use them if I can get them, my new supplier only uses Apex and supplies a top uk pro... so his stuff is very gen, tobe honest ive grown loads since swopping supplier...

Comment #21

Hi Lads.

Never had a problem with Apex always good gains and happy days,.


Comment #22

I agree. So people stop posting on this issue cos apex is good stuff 2 be honest. Good stuff...

Comment #23

Pharma gear is always preferrable to generic....but apex has always delivered the goods for the guys i've seen use it...both oral and injectable....

Another seemingly good lab is yin yang.....

Anyone tried it yet?..

Comment #24

Not a stones throw from the 'I'd be that big too if I took steroids' brigade.

I've got a nice little 6 week course of Apex gear to start once I've got another couple of weeks training under my belt, and have sorted my diet. I know I'll get results, and the gear will be the perfect compliment to everything else...

Comment #25

17 years Ali, but I haven't touched a weight for about 4.

Been trying to get back training a few times since, but my mind has never been where it's at right now in a very long time...

Comment #26

Have heard of yin yang but dont know much about them. Another UK produced gear...

Comment #27

Been back training about 5 weeks now, and started a 6 week course about 7-10 days ago. I'm taking 1 mil of Enanthate, and 1 mil of Boldenone each week for the duration. Both are manufactured by Apex, and I have to state that there is no doubt in my mind that I'm getting decent results..

I'm eating 5-6 meals a deal, taking creatine and doing mainly basic movements and some cardio. It's fair to say that this was going to produce results anyway, especially as I hadn't really touched a weight for the last 4 years. However, in the last 7-10 days I've put on 14 lb of bodyweight and my jeans are still getting slacker as I type...

Comment #28

Lad's could you tell me the crack with my apex, it's dark blue top, batch no 1368, best bef-11/08, it's got no hologramme, and my sex drive in none existant.. And most importantly there is an arrow on the lid...........

Comment #29

How long you been on. The apex I was using was good. Think there was an A on the snap off lid but just threw the empty vial out with the box and snap top lid. Can't remember for the life of me...

Comment #30


The hologram should be present on the box, and the dark blue lid should have AP on it. With regards to sex drive it will depend on what you took and when usually takes about 2-3 weeks to kick in using T350 or enanthate..


Comment #31

Yeah Ap I knew it had letters on the top...

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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