Has anyone ever had any luck by using or e-harmony .com?

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My first question is: Has anyone ever had any luck by using or e-harmony .com?.

My next question is: Hi all, I need a bit of help..

I have been dating (online dating with a guy long distance for about 2.5 months now. We spent 3 weeks together and now he's been gone back home 5000 miles away. His birthday is in 1.5 weeks and I have no idea what to get him. It's been a bit rocky lately in terms of having doubts of where it's going and the uncertainty of when we will see each other next. So, I need some ideas. I dont want to get him anything too big as I have to mail it to him.

He doesnt really have any hobbies and getting him music might be hard. I was thinking about getting him a nice shirt or something but due to the rough ride we have had recently and not knowing if we will be together anymore has made me reconsider whether I want to spend that kind of money.

Any suggestions/help on a thoughtful gift are appreciated!..

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Your question was: Has anyone ever had any luck by using or e-harmony .com?.

Search for a cute and appropriate card and make "fake" vouchers for a movie/dinner/whatever together with cardboard and markers. ..

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Since you are not sure if you are going to be together after his birthday, I'd say a card would be nice.  If you felt like adding something to the card you can give him a gift card at a store where you know he shops.  Or, if he has a favorite sports team and likes to collect their memorabilia you can get him a t-shirt or tank top with his team's logo...

Comment #2

Well, you not being sure if you will be together makes this hard!!  Is this because of your decision, mutual decision, or his decision?.

But for a genaric answer, since he has to travel to see you, I'd think of something to do while traveling.  A hand held video game, sudoku book, word search, a deck of cards.  Or even a little mix of it all.  Not too personal, but still practical..

Aren't the first bday or any holiday hard!!.

Good Luck,.



Comment #3

Thank you all! Yes it is very hard 1) because it's the first bday and 2) I am not certain if we will be together for very long. The decision may be mine as I am having a hard time trusting him because of his past. I almost feel like not sending him any gift, just a card and just telling him he will get his present when I see him. I got him the shirt but sending it might be you ladies think that might be a good solution to this?..

Comment #4

The card and getting his gift when you see him next is a great idea.  Especially if you're not sure about everything.


Good Luck.



Comment #5

2.5 months ... long-distance ... a nice card with a handwritten note inside is completely appropriate.  In fact, a gift would probably be inappropriate.  When you do see him, take him out for a nice dinner (I've never met a guy that doesn't like a nice meal!).

Think of it this way ... if you don't know what to get him, then ... you don't know him.   And I mean no disrespect in that ...but, this is the challenge of long-distance ... you cannot REALLY KNOW a person because you don't interact in each other's lives. ..

Comment #6

Yeah I dont know him very well...and I know he'd appreciate the shirt, I am just not willing to put that kind of money (sending it overseas it also very expensive) into it knowing we might not make it past his birthday. I have some doubts about him (like him not being comfortable that his friends on know he has a girlfriend, shady eh?) and whether he really is commited to trying to make it work. So the card it is and will write that he'll get his gift once I come visit...

Comment #7

How expensive is a nice shirt or sweater or a tie or  book or cool wallet... If you really dont want to spend any money maybe you really dont want to be with this guy  - if you do a gift certificate , especially over the internet, then it's really simple, no mailing involved.. good luck.


Comment #8

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