Has anybody taken No2 from VitaminShoppe before?

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My first question is: Has anybody taken No2 from VitaminShoppe before?.

My next question is: Running a decca and sust course at the moment just wondering can I inject 2ml decca and 1ml sust in one barrel in one go in the glute or is this to much for one site to accept in one hit???????..

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Your question was: Has anybody taken No2 from VitaminShoppe before?.

You can do both sides at the same time mate, however, be careful regards to injecting in the same site to soon so possibly best to have a few sites so as to rotate...

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3ml is fine for a large muscle like glutes in my opinion... just give it plenty rubbing to help it disperse!..

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3ml in one site? could cause you probelms mate, a lot depends on the make, however could be very painfull for upto a week whilst the stuff disperses, may also cause a lump where the oils are trying to disperse. Upto 2ml in each glute should not cause to much of a problem... however you require 1.5ml in each glute, Go with LeeB's responce and see how you go and if it is painfull then try splitting the amount into 2 sites...

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Cheers guys when I did the 3ml last year in my glutes I had no probs no lumbs and was not sore so I guess I was lucky, just spoke to someone and they said drop the sust and do test e, what are your views on this, my thinking was I gained well and kept well off of the same cycle last year so why change it if it worked so well for me???.

Gonna do 500mg sust for 12 weeks and 400mg decca for 10 weeks split dosses mon and thur, does this all sound ok,.

So shopping list will be,.

2x1ml amps of sust per week x 12weeks = 24 x 1ml sust amps.

2x2ml vials of decca per week x 10 weeks = 20 x 2ml decca vials.

Also tamoifen nolva 100 x 20mg tabs for pct.

Thanks guys cant wait to get it all ordered and underway.

Is this the right amount to order as I'm getting it later today????..

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Over order for breakages - if you break an amp or get glass in you may need to dump it or if a shot goes bad gets contaminated..

Deca usually comes in a vial of 10ml at 200mg / ml - unless you are getting different...

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Whats your gains been like over the last year, I'm really interested in what you have to say as myself I only plan to do 2 cycles a year. so the fact you have kept to your 1 a year impresses me..

How much of an impact has a cycle of once a year made to your bodyweight and training etc? How much weight did you put on and how much did you keep...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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