Has any one try and gotten married from meeting the person on

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My first question is: Has any one try and gotten married from meeting the person on

My next question is: I just met a great guy recently, went on about 5 dates so far and things have been great. We talk almost every day and things seem to be going really well. We are both single parents and both have busy lives. I am a nurse and work nights and days, so I need to plan my dates at least 5 days ahead of time and can only go out every other weekend when my son goes to his dad's.  I have explained this situation to my new guy and asked him today (Monday) if we could get together Friday since that was my one free night. His reply was "I really don't know what is going on for Friday and I really cannot commit to plans so early in the week".   In other words, I feel he is saying in guyspeak "I am waiting for something better to come up and will put you on the back burner." Am I right or am I just being too sensitive and too much of a girl, reading into this too much? .



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Your question was: Has any one try and gotten married from meeting the person on

It could be that, or it could be that his personality is more of the wing-it, last minute typehe's not a planner, in other words.  That may not work for you given that especially as a single mom, you probably need to be with someone who can make plans..


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Based on what you posted it seems like he is not willing to make your relationship (thru a priority and wants to see what else is going on for him during that time before he commits to a date. So I dont think you are reading into it...

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You are right....I asked if he wanted to grab a drink after work during the week, and he turned that down too,saying he was too busy and hoped I understood. I replied No problem,dont work too hard...then I get a call from him this evening, asking how I was and then bitching about his ex (their divorce will be final this Friday) so it seemed like he needed someone to talk to, so I listened as he bitched...then he told me his friend had called and asked what he was doing Friday night (the night I asked him out for) and he told him he had no plans so they are going out instead...part of me was thinking "he is going thru a tough time right now and needs to be around the boys I guess' but the other part was saying "What the heck?" he would rather go out with his guy friends than ME?" I did not say anything, just replied that I was going out with a girlfriend that night as well, and wished him a good time. It is obivious that he is not looking for anything serious and I am sure he is dating (online dating with others as I need to do the same and stop obsessing about everything...

Comment #3

Let this one go.  He needs to heal from his divorce when/if it becomes final BEFORE being ready for a relationship (thru with anyone.  You have only been on 5 dates you don't have a relationship (thru with him, it is a few dates nothing more, he is probably dating (online dating with other people, which would be a good thing at this early stage if he were divorced already, just as you should be.  Stop wasting this energy on him, it's not worth it.  Continue on with your life just like before you met him. .

Just remember... The majority of the time,  seperated, newly divorced, newly broken up people are not the best choices to date.  There is someone out there that will treat you as you want and deserve to be treated, this guy isn't it...

Comment #4

Nice touch...he complained about his ex before he broke the news to you about Friday night - this guy's good at what he does.   This guy doesnt sound like he wants anything serious with you or have an assumed weekend night with you.  Definitely keep your options open...

Comment #5

Get this...he actually asked me to come over the other night for a booty call! Yeah I am definitly moving on...what an a**!..

Comment #6

Yeah, when they dont want to go on official dates but then call at the last minute for a screw...then you know you have  a loser...

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