Has any lady between ages of 25-55 years of age been on Match.Com lately?

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My first question is: Has any lady between ages of 25-55 years of age been on Match.Com lately?.

My next question is: Where can you find guys willing to date using a virgin saving sex for marriage? Even Christian guys expect sex sooner or later in a relationship..

Please let the animals live!!..

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Your question was: Has any lady between ages of 25-55 years of age been on Match.Com lately?.

Try a Christian dating (online dating with site or at your church... If you're going to have uncommon requirements then your best bet is to look in places where people are most likely to share them...

Comment #1

 I just hope that when you meet a guy you don't openly admit that you're a "virgin waiting for marriage," within the first 10 dates or so...

Comment #2

<< I just hope that when you meet a guy you don't openly admit that you're a "virgin waiting for marriage," within the first 10 dates or so. >>.

Why not?  This poster is on many boards talking about her preference to remain a virgin until marriage so it is obviously very important to her and imperative that she meet someone that share her values.  Why waste a bunch of time of TWO people if these values are not shared?  10 dates is a heck of a long time to wait and and a heck of a lot of time wasted if there is no chance of it going forward..

To the OP, church, mutual friends and Christian dataing sites are probably your best bet.  Finding men to date using is difficult no matter what.  With your restrictions, you will have an even more limited dating (online dating with pool but places like this where you are more likley to find people who share your values will get you better results..




Comment #3

 Vexer, You're right..

 My question for you, since you know this girl so well, is that, since what's she's been doing HAS NOT been working, has one of the things she's done in the past was to come right out and say she's a virgin? If this has been HER pattern, and since she's claiming that "finding guys to date using is difficult", would lead me to believe that it's POSSIBLE that's she's giving TOO much information out TOO soon..

 That was my thought. It what's she's been doing hasn't worked, I'd think she'd want to DO something different.

 I'm curious what she has to say...

Comment #4

I do agree that coming right out on a first date using screaming you're a virgin and intend to stay that way until marriage is TMI.  Believe me.  I was on the other side of that years ago and it freaked me out too.  BUT that said, it was something important to the guy and something that was not for me so in that respect, it was good to get it out there.  We didn't click on many other levels, but this kind of sealed the deal..

But it's something that needs to come out very early in the dating (online dating with process - I'd say within the first 3 dates, it's something that should come up in conversation, especially since it is so important to her.  Ten dates is a long time - you're probably talking at least a month or two of time invested.  Could you imagine dating (online dating with someone for a couple of months, getting attached and starting to possibly think about a future to find out that they don't share one of your core fundamental values?  To me at least, that is a huge waste of both of our time.  It doesn't make either person wrong, but it's a lot of time to spend to know it won't work.  And I'd frankly be quite annoyed if someone didn't bring up something THAT important (to them and to the relationship) for that long..

I still think it boils down to the fact that she significantly narrows her dating (online dating with pool no matter what because of her restrictions.  Whether it's after 10 dates or 2 dates when she tells the guy, if he doesn't share her values, then it's likely he won't want to continue the relationship (thru and neither will she.  It makes it even more difficult if she wants to restrict herself to guys that also not only will wait for marriage for HER to be ready for sex but want to and HAVE waited for marriage to have sex themselves.  She stated that Christian guys often don't even want to wait - well, ummm, yeah.  It is rare to find men and women who wait for marriage anymore.  Again, nothing wrong with it at all, but it just doesn't happen these days.  But I don't think keeping the guy in the dark for 10 dates/months is a good idea.  It's not fair to either of them and it will hurt a lot more if he dumps her at that point (or she dumps him)..

There are probably websites - faith based and maybe otherwise - that are out there for people who want to wait.  Church groups are another place to find them or other faith based activities. .




Comment #5

"But I don't think keeping the guy in the dark for 10 dates/months is a good idea. "I agree with you vexer. The subject (or desire) of sex can come up pretty early, I would hate for someone to go months while keeping this a secret only to find out that it wouldn't have worked anyway. The vast majority of men I know (besides the wonderful gigi from our Guy Talk board!) would NOT be willing to wait until marriage to have sex. Sexual compatibility is very important to most people, wouldn't you want to know this for sure before getting too entrenched in a relationship (thru and having your feelings hurt?..

Comment #6

Well church groups come to mind. But I think it's about that when you meet men you share your philosophies and values.  Put it on the table quickly is what I mean. You'll soon find out if this is compatible with his values.


Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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