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My first question is: Hair skin and nails pills at VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Just a mini rant thread really.....

Why is it that so many people are SO against it?.

I mean, I understand if you were playing a competitive sport that meant you were fully cheating by AAS use... but if jimmy mcBigGuns wants to do some dbol, then what the f**k is everybody's problem about that? Its his life, his risks, his choice..

I don't go ranting about smokers and drinkers, (although I do dabble myself) - and if i'm really honest I have no real problems with people using rec drugs, or hard drugs - sure if it means they are robbing other people then it's obviously unacceptable, but if some1 wants to pop some pills, do some steroids, then unless you are a close family member who is worried about their health, why do people seem to lose respect for you entirely?.


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I think that the biggest problem that the general public have with steroid use is that it makes users come up with the longest thread titles in history and subsequently puts a terrible strain on people's eyesight. Natty's seem to get away with four word thread titles but run a course of prop - and you're heading towards triple fugure titles.

I have no scientific evidence to support my theory - it's just a hunch..

Comment #1

Some polititions would argue that the state has a duty to protect those people who are vulnerable to drug abuse of any kind due to physicological or sociological reasons..

And of course, people are against it because they dont understand it and the media influences their views..

I also think some people are agaisnt it because they view bodybuilding as being very egotistical and for people to risk their health for such purposes as being idiotic.

Not my views of course...

Comment #2

Lol just posted the same as Neil lol.

Great minds think alike,.


Comment #3

For all the people who take gear sensibly id say there were at least 10 idiots taking gear also!..

Comment #4

I was in a night club with my wife minding my own business when a guy came over to me and said I was only big because I took steroids and I was harming myself, he had a vodka in one hand a fag in the other and white power residue under his nose and he looked like plug from the bash street kids..

An hour later I was leaving the club and he had been wrestled to the ground by security and the police sirens could be heard in the background , white power in the evidence bag and vomit down the front of his cheap shirt on stepping over his drunken body I reminded myself of the harm I was doing with a few d bol !...

Comment #5

Bad use and bad information.bad use,i know a coach her in spain that started with a guy(now I help that guy) 80 kg no muscle,first cicle,2 sust x day,2 decas x day,and 50 mg xday dianabol, for 3 first weeks,and after that I wont post the dosis because you wouldnt beleive me!.

First cicle for some one an last one,no muscle,no money in his pocket and no more lots of things,this guy will speak shit about gear and the worst thing about bodybuilding!..

Comment #6

And to top it off, I bet he didnt use any pct...

Comment #7

We are all guilty of pigeon holing, you see a skin head in doc marting you may think he is a member of the BNP. you see a guy in a suite you think he has an office job, you see a person in a bently you think they are rich, you see a guy covered in tatoos you think he is trouble, you see someone shooting up you think junkie (he might be a diabetic)..

My point is we all have mis-conceptions about each other and life. A builder guy I know who has worked on my houses for the last 2 years has tatoos all over his face and you know he is the most trust worthy and nicest bloke I know, however, he struggles to get work..

The human race is confortable if it can pigeon hole people. We all do it. steroids = needles. Bodybuilder = steroids. Peoples mis-conception about bodybuilders is we cant build muscles without steroids...

Comment #8

And dont know about all of this.... but for what it's worth... your all a bunch of c*nts!!! lol..

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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