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My first question is: Hair skin and nail pills from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Just out of interest which is more harmful to the liver - an oral steroid such as dbol @ 30 - 40mg a day or drinking say a bottle of vodka (or equivilent) every saturday night?.

We all know that oral steroids (and ph's for that matter) are harmful to the liver but just wanted to put things into context!..

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Your liver is probably the most durable organ in your body. it has a tremendous ability to self regenerate. it's my belief that other organs of the body which don't have the same recuperative abilities as the liver are more likely to give in or suffer serious problems from excessive drug use. everyone thinks, oral steroids/liver but you should be equally concerned about intestines, stomach, kidneys and heart. same thing with alcohol use. razg mentioned genetic susceptibility, I agree this is the main issue...

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Thanks for the response!!.

I am considering running a course of dbol in the future (been researching it for years!) and everything I read about it is always focused on how liver toxic it is and how much of a strain it puts on the liver. Really I wanted to put things in perspective as it's common practise for alot of people (me included a few years ago!) to go and consume vast amounts of alcohol at the weekends and no one really says too much about how bad that is on the liver! I thought that blasting it with a bottle of vodka would be harmful as it's alot to take in one go so maybe that would lead to some permanent damage? (just a thought!)..

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Random question - slightly off topic, how come most people who come on here looking for help with a first cycle run DBol instead of Test...?.

Is it simply as an Oral cycle is easier to take as a first timer...?..

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Its because it's an oral bud! Simple as that!.

Sticking a needle in yourself is taking a much bigger step and most have a fear of that to start, or think it's dirty (like being a junkie).

Plus d bol are cheaper than smarties..

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I personally will start with dbol and then probably move on to test I think it make sense to work up to test!..

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I (as many)'ve asked similar question before. Heres something I found recently that calmed me up are orals really as toxic as we had once thought..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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