Do Medifast flavor infusers count as a meal?

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I didn't find this anywhere in the learning section.....

Flavor Infusers.

Do the flavor infusers count as a meal or are they truly add on's? Additionally, I know that crystal light is not recommended but can you drink calorie free and sugar fee drinks without restriction?.

Thanks for your help.


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Tamika - the infusers do NOT count as a meal, but as an add-in. There is none of the nutirional content in the infusers that there is in the meals. And no, you cannot drink sugar free drinks without restriction. I would suggest that you go up to Success tools and print out the Quick Start Guide. You will get a ton on information from the guide as well as explanations as to WHY you should limit certain things. Hope this helps a little...

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The condiment list states that 1/2 a packet of a Crystal Light "On The Go" stick is 1 condiment. You are allowed 3 condiments per day..


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Hey guys,.

Thanks for the's what I found in the quick start guide:.

Drink lots of fluids: Drink at least 8 cups (64 oz total) of water each day, as well as any calorie-free beverages such as unsweetened hot or iced tea, herbal teas, coffee, diet sodas, and sugar-free drink mixes..

I have completely cut Crystal Light out of my diet because I will absolutely go out of control with it. My agents at work told me that Walmart has it's own version of Crystal Light that has no calories and no where can I find info on serving limits. I'm off right now to compare the ingredients in the two- BRB!..

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So it seems that there is no sodium in the crystal light, but it is 5 calories per serving- the Walmart brand has nothing in it except 10mg of sodium to every 8 ozs. So I guess you would have to watch your intake for water retention much like diet soda. Am I correct?..

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Tammy~ I'm no veteran or expert but I've been reading and following this issue as well, because I've been using the "on the go" Crystal Lite. I've read from Nutritional Support that these manufacturers can list 0 g. carbs even if it has .90 carbs, such that it can be adding up to basically 1 carb per serving. Personally, I'm cutting back and trying to limit to one "on the go" stick per day and maybe even wean myself off, just because I think that I'm exceeding 100g carb per day with not properly counting my condiments...

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Tammy you also take the information on a paticular flavoring or additive to the nutrition support side of the discussion board. They will often need as much information on brand and the other information off the package. But they are good at answering those type of questions...

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Absolutely! Everyone has an opinion. If you want true answers regarding the program, Nutrisystem is the best place to go...

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Thanks guys, I usually post on both boards because I get a more prompt response on this board..

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