What staple foods do you buy for your Lean and Green?

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Hey there. I am fairly new to the program and had a question about grocery shopping for you veterans. Do you have certain staple items that you buy everytime you go to the store? Do you plan your L&G out every week and shop accordingly? I am kinda struggling with this since I am new. I find myself eating the same thing over and over because I don't know how to shop yet! Any help would be great!.


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I keep the freezer stocked with frozen cauliflower, msf products, and turkey burger patties. I normally buy fresh baby spinach, a variety of peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and broccoli for the green. Each week I slow cook a huge batch of either chicken breasts or pork tenderloin and portion it out. When we have extra cash left over sometimes we'll splurge on some organic grass fed beef filets. We've recently thrown some bison filets into the mix. Delicious..

Anyway... I find that the stuff I just mentioned keeps my fiance and I pretty happy during the week and it allows for a nice variety so we can make a LG suitable for whatever we may crave..

It was hard for us when we first started but once we got more comfortable with the plan we started to buy a wider variety of items and got more creative with our meals...

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I am not big on left overs or eating say chicken all week, so I plan each meal out and shop for ONLY the ingredients I need. If you keep your shopping to the perimeter of the store, where all the fresh stuff is that makes it easier. I do use plain frozen veggies a lot as sometimes the fresh go bad. I also have a Publix supermarket to shop in and they have pre chopped veggies, tomatos, onion, celery, peppers etc. This makes for quick meal prep. I use a lot of salads for my veg too, again as a quick prep.

Also, check out all the cauliflower recipes. We have fallen in love with the Cauliflower pizza, I use mashed cauil like mashed potatoes. I will make meatloaf using a packet of Medifast oatmeal for a binder. I use cauli chopped up and lightly steamed for rice. It is a delicious and multi-talented veggie..

Hope that gives you some ideas..

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Hi, Katie. Welcome to Medifast. Over the past year+ I got grocery shopping down to an art. For frozen meats (chicken, sirloin burgers, fish) and most of my vegetables I go to Sam's Club every week. It's cheaper than the grocery store. Every week, I buy all the fresh veggies I need.

Those are items I eat several times a week. (Debbie Myers' Green Bags are my best friends! LOL!) If I plan on having eggplant, fresh green beans, or squash I buy those then, too. I buy frozen vegetables no more than once a month..

I buy pantry staples when they are on sale so I always have them on hand. For me, those staples are freeze dried garlic, cracked black pepper, lower sodium soy and worcestershire sauces, olive oil, onion flakes. I buy salad dressing once a month or so, and only when it is on sale so I can buy several bottles at once. If Publix doesn't have it on sale, I will go to SuperTarget (it is always at least 40 cents cheaper at Target than Publix, so it is worth the extra trip)..

I will occasionally buy canned vegetables for those nights I just don't want to bother with cooking. I look for whatever is on plan and on sale, but I try to stick to the no sodium added or low sodium vegetables. I always have some in my pantry..

Never go down the aisles except to go to the canned vegetables, coffee or spice aisles. There is nothing on plan anywhere else. Work your way around the perimeter of the store for your fresh vegetables, meats, fish, non-dairy creamers, and such...

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Thanks guys, this was really helpful! I'm headed to the store in just a bit and can't wait to use all of your tips!..

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My two fallbacks are Boca burgers and EggBeaters. Eggs with RF cheese and spinach and some onion powder is soooooo good and you can eat quite a lot of eggs..

On a sidenote, I have found myself occasionally craving meat and am in love with the ostrich burger at Fuddruckers and also look for lean beef reduced for quick sale at the grocery store (what do I care about the use-by date if I'm cooking it that night anyway?)..

I enjoyed reading how others manage their shopping and must try Cauliflower Pizza soon!..

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If you can find a CSA (community supported agriculture) to join or a farmer's market, you may find a really inspirational source for vegetables (and sometimes meats). We get a big box of veggies every week, and it introduces us to some new veggies, the newsletter gives us good recipes to try, and we have the challenge of cooking and eating those veggies in time to have room in the fridge for the next week's box. This is a good time of year to be looking for a CSA to join for the summer..

We get our meats from local farmers and we have a freezer. I know the animals have been treated humanely throughout their lives, processed humanely, and I think the pasture-raised meats have a better lipid profile - more like the omega-3s in fish than the omega-6s in grains. It's better for the animals, the countryside, the local economy, the farmers, the butchers, and my family. With a freezer we can buy in bulk, save money, and always have a convenient source of food right at home to chose from. [We have solar panels to power the freezer.]..

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I'd like to respectfully demur and suggest the salad dressing/pickle/olive aisle! (all those are in one aisle at my store). Some of the salad dressings I get are cold in the produce area, but the Paul Newman Ginger Sesame is a staple so I always check if that's on sale. And I keep a big jar of olives in the frig (my big incentive for having tilapia is being able to have olives) and then a jar of mini dill pickles - all staples for me..

I get MOST of my produce from a CSA (community supported agriculture). I get a box every other week and fortunately, my CSA allows a LOT of customization so I no longer get fruits and I double up on plan-appropriate vegetables when I need to. This way I still get to support local, organic farmers. I also grow some veggies (this year focusing on a big variety of lettuces & greens, lots of different beans, and tomatoes). I always hit the produce aisle for peppers though - never seem to get enough of those in the CSA box and it's too cool here for me to grow them..

I'm a huge fan of Penzey's spices too. You can check them out online at but they really have the most awful online site imaginable lol. Request their catalog and you'll find lots of new spices (some with salt, many without) to help turn those chicken breasts and fish fillets into something more interesting...

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Oops, forgot about that aisle! You are absolutely right pickles, olives and salad dressing are indeed staples!..

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Wow! Thanks for the info about CSA's. I never knew about these and I found one not far from me. It sounds like a really awesome idea and I am looking forward to joining. It might be too late for this year for me, but I hope not..

Imagine... doing something good for the community, the earth and yourself all in one!.

Gotta love that!.

Tom G...

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