Great Medifast quote on forgiveness

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I never delete those Medifast daily reminders from my email until I've read them. Sometimes I ignore them for days, but eventually I sit down to read every one, as they contain a variety of tidbits and wisdom for me in my journey of keeping control of my weight..

Well, this one blew me over: What does it mean to forgive? Author Anne Lamott defines it as giving up all hope of having had a different past.

They meant for us to forgive ourselves for those little eating slips we make, or for the big issues that got us overweight/obese in the first place. But I thought this could apply to so many things. Get over it! Move on! Here's my list of things I'm giving up all hope of having had different in my past. Feel free to share yours. (It's like that Jewish holy day where they put all that year's sins on a goat and let it go.).

I wish my grouchy, dog-hating neighbor had not moved in next door.I wish someone else had stopped me from becoming overweight as a kid. How perfect my life would have been if I had been cute and thin in high school, college, etc. (anything to push the work on someone else...)I wish I were younger when I got married, so I'd be younger when my kids grow up and move out, get married, have their kids.....I wish my mom was younger than 38 when she had me..... that age span has impacted what she and I can do together.I wish my sister and I were closer than 9 years apart in age..

Those "ain't gonna happen", so I'm moving on! Forgiving myself!..

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What a great idea!.

So many of us never let go of yesterday and the things we wish were different. We really have to forgive our selves as well as others to 'turn the corner' and go on with our lives.

Holding ourselves resposible for failed relationships etc. and never moving on is damaging to each of us, our sense of being and our self esteem. We can't change the past or others. We can only change ourselves.

Forgiving is the first step in healing!.

1. I wish I had had a loving mother instead of the one I got..

2. I wish I could have told my father so many things I loved and admired.

About him..

There are too many for me to list. I did forgive them all and myself. I learned early, fortunatly, to turn the corner'.

'The moving finger writes and moves on'..


Comment #1

Wow, this is heavy....

I forgive myself for staying in a failing marriage because it was "easier" to stay..

I forgive myself for not loving myself enough to expect more..

Shine on.......

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I love Anne Lamott and this is my favorite quote of hers regarding forgiveness ...

It's often argued that we should forgive because we will feel better. "Not forgiving is like eating rat poison and waiting for the rat to die," said Anne Lamott. Forgiving is good for us; not forgiving is toxic to the soul. Some call this the therapeutic argument for forgiveness...

Comment #3

When I am angry with someone, I am only hurting myself or holding myself hostage. No one gets hurt in that situation but me. I need to forgive and love in order to be truly free...

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Thank you for this thread.

1. I wish my father hadn't been an abusive alcoholic. He died in 1988..

2. I wish my mother hadn't had a chronic debilitating illness. I was the oldest of 7 with way too much responsibility and had very little childhood..

I thought I had dealt with these issues in my 40's, but I am having a lot of emotions coming to the surface with this weight loss. I know that my parents did the best they knew how to. I am trying to get on with it...

Comment #5

Yup... life is too short to look over your shoulder at the past. All we have really is the moment we live in now. And it sure is a lot easier to live in the moment when you release the past .A lot happier too...

Comment #6

I 4give myself for stopping Medifast half way thru the journey and gaining back and taking so long to get back on plan!!..

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Wow, what a thread. that's just how I am feeling today. I need to forgive not only those who have hurt me but I need to forgive myself for causing pain I didn't intend to and for making what I believe were bad decisions. But there aren't any bad decisions just decisions and we have to learn to live with them. I ask for forgiveness and I forgive..

Thank you...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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