Great headline ideas?

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My question is: Great headline ideas?.

My 2nd question is: Hi!.

  So early his spring I dated a guy for a few months.  I was very much into him... and so I thought... he was me.  I thought he was amazing- not necessarily by looks my "perfect" guy- but our personalities just clicked so well- and "life" type of things meshed very well.  I was crazy-into him (although I played it pretty cool... he never knew I was all schoolgirl about him... and sometimes I wonder if I should have let him know that I toootally was!).

  We live about an hour and a half away from one another- and basically when we ended things- that was the reason he gave me... he wanted to end it before one of us got hurt  Also, I think he was uncomfortable that I was good friends with an ex (that lives near me... I answered my phone in front of him and talked to the friend... and he was visibly Pissed about it... but never said a word)- and just IDK... maybe he wasn't that into me and this is all just speculation.

  A week after we (when I say we... i mean he) ended the relationship- he found out he was Very sick... He only told a few close friends... and then me.   I didn't know what to do for him- but let him know that when he needed me I'll always be there.   We kept in contact every so often over the summer... but we've not talked for about a month or so... due to the fact that I'm just never at home/online too much anymore... and I think his life has kinda been the same way (he's a football coach). .

  I can't stop thinking about him.  He and I were Very good together- had similiar interests, career goals, family goals, etc. etc.  I did have trouble opening up to him at first due to the fact that I'd gotten hurt recently before him- but I was definitely progressing through that.  Neither of us are completely "cemented" into our lives (like we don't own our houses... and jobs are SORT of... easy to transfer... if you do your homework.. lol) IDK...

His best friend had a similiar relationship- we spent a fair amount of time with them- and his friends/family all Loved me- I was more than willing to make it all work out.... And believe me I'm NOT sitting around crying over him.... even on a weekly or monthly basis... but I think of him often... and just one of those...

Situations.  Every guy that I go out with I think about how well he and I hit it off right away and how we just "made sense" where every other guy... it just doesn't..

My b-day was last week, and I was Quite hurt that he didn't wish me a happy birthday via text/facebook/email/phone... whatever... but at the same time... he has stuff going on with work, fball, health...and I'm an ex... I can't expect too much....

His bday is today... should I leave a facebook msg?  I want to, but Idk... I miss him.. even though we weren't together That long... and would Love to try to re-kindle things.. but at the same time...

Idk... klingy?  I miss him a lot.. and it sucks.  I don't even know where to start either with it all. .

Advice please   Sorry for the long post.... I'm notorious for them.






Comments (7)

I think you need to move on, and that means no contact.  It's pretty much impossible to be friends with someone when you want more and he doesn't..

It sounds like a shift in your thoughts about him is in order...yes, you may have had all those things in common, etc but the bottom line is, he chose to end it.  It wasn't working for him, for whatever reason, which means that you're not right for each other.  So every time you start thinking about all the good things, stop yourself and say something like "doesn't matter, he chose to end it which means he's not right for me".  It takes some practice but it's very helpful to the moving on process..


Comment #1

Well first of all when you are out with your BF you dont talk to your friends male or not...thats just plain RUDE!! I would be pissed to!!!!.

I am not sure what his illness is/was...but if I were sick I wouldnt be thinking about callin some one on their B-day. I see a lot of you you you...maybe you should let it...but if you want to send a happy b-day...just send happy b-day and nothing more in it...

Comment #2

I really feel for you as I'm in the same situation right now  .

It is so difficult, but i've decided to let it go.  I am so sad right now..

Comment #3

Thanks ladies for the replies... I sent a quick Happy Bday msg... just left it at that.  Want him to know that I still care... but not super over-bearing..

I'm not "hung up" on this guy....  just a string of losers that annoy the crap out of me that I've been going out with... and I miss how well he and I "clicked"..

I do like the idea of when I get those feelings to just remind myself that he chose to end it.... But kinda depressing- reminds me that I wasn't good enough for him.  Sucks..







Comment #4

It just means you will be better for some one else..

Comment #5

"But kinda depressing- reminds me that I wasn't good enough for him."I know all of this sucks, however...Try, if you can, to not think of it as you weren't good enough for him...think of it more as you just weren't right for each other...

Comment #6

YEs right now you need complete distance from him - it's the only way to start healing. Start thinking about your gains and losses from the relationship, nurturing yourself, spending time with people you care about , etc. Let it go. The more you try to hold onto something the crazier it makes you and the more the object involved wants to get away.


It hurts now but better now than later when you feel even more entwined.


Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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