How to do Medifast during unusual work hours?

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I joined awhile back, but never ordered my MF, But I plan on ordering Monday,I have just been reading information and people stories before I made a purchase, But I work from 10pm-6am, How do you suggest I get in all my meals, every few hours? I go to sleep around 9:30am and wake up around 3:00pm. I guess I could have my Breakfast at 6am and then my snack at 9, then a meal at 3, then my lean and green around 6 or 7pm and then eat my last snack around 9pm? I am just trying to get an idea of how to work this, I have been thinking of switching to days but that won't happen for awhile..

Thanks, You all are very encouraging!..

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YOu just need to make the time work withing your AWAKE hours. Eat every 2-3 hours just like you do now and it shouldn't matter since it is the schedule that your body is used to..

Your first meal should be within 30 minutes of waking so you would want to eat around 330. If you normally eat "breakfast" at that time, then do so now but if you normally eat what we would eat for dinner... then do that too!.

The nicest thing about Medifast is that it is easy and convenient and can conform to YOUR needs!.

Good luck!..

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Probably the best thing to do is divide up your waking time and eat your meals during that time. There's no rule that says breakfast has to be in the morning, or that you have to eat all your meals in the daytime..

So, if you wake at 3, eat your first Medifast meal "breakfast" no later than 4 (I've heard health coaches say eat your first meal within 1/2 hour of waking.).

Many people eat on a 2 hour schedule, personally I do three hours, but whatever works for you. So let's say your first meal was at 3:30 PM. You have another meal at 6:30 PM, another at 9:30 (before work), then another at 12:30 AM (breaktime at work?). You could do your L & G, or half of it, or just another Medifast meal at 3:30 AM (lunch hour), and either your final Medifast meal or L&G when you get home from work at 6:30 AM. If you did a half L & G for your lunch at work, you could have another meal or the other half of your L&G when you get home, which would leave your fifth Medifast Meal for right before you go to sleep at 9:30..

Here's how it could look:.

1 3:30 PM Medifast Meal 1.

2 6:30 PM Medifast Meal 2.

3 9:30 PM Medifast Meal 3.

4 12:30 AM Medifast Meal 4.

5 3:30 AM Pick one: Medifast Meal 5, or L&G, or 1/2 L&G if you want a 7th meal..

6 6:30 AM Pick one: Medifast Meal 5, L&G, or 1/2 L & G.

7 (if desired) 9:30 AM 1/2 L&G.

The most important thing is to eat every 2 to 3 hours while you are awake. This will help you keep from being hungry. Also have your water with each meal. The way I do it is simply fill a 16 oz water bottle and have it with EACH meal. That way I make sure to get in my minimum. Anything I choose to drink outside of meals is extra..

Remember that you can have a few snacks, like 2 pickle spears or a 1/2 cup serving of sugar free gelatin. Those might help on those days when you need a bit more to keep going. Also remember that you can have ANY Medifast meal for any meal during your day. If you want to eat Medifast pudding for all five Medifast meals in a day, go ahead..

Use MyPlan to log your food, keep a food log sheet tucked in your pocket to note stuff on, and good luck!..

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Oh and if you want to eat your L&G first, for "breakfast" you can do that too...

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Aww! Thanks Ladies, I feel so much better now, because once I am woke I am woke, That was really bothering me, but now since that is under control, I will put my order in Monday!..

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I work nights too 7pm to 7am shift. The "snacks" we bring to work and share with each other are horrible and we are all Cardiac Nurses in a large hospital in No California. This week one for me. I am learning to navigate this board and do my banner. I was off last night so I go from nights to days all the time. I guess meal planning is amust for me and others that work the Medifast plan.

I have over 100lbs to lose...

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Sharon8 I am glad to hear you share my worry, working nights is so confusing at times, I sometimes forget what day it is, also it is even harder when I have a couple days off during the week and then I get one weekend a month off, and it is hard going from nights to days, But we can and will do it!!!!..

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Snacking is a common challenge, it seems. How are you doing now?.


Certified Health Coach..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.