Good afternoon snacks for Nutrisystem?

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Hi all, I'm Lanie..

I started off strong last week and the pounds were dropping, I was so thrilled because the scale hasn't moved for me in a long time, unless it was to go up! Anyway... my husband took me out of town to the coast and there was no way I was going to take these little meals with me, but I was conscious of my choices and didn't do that bad actually. Problem is, now I'm back home and having a hard time being as careful as I had been. This is not a good sign when I am so new at this... Uggggh.

I start the day off strong but by mid afternoon, I really want to eat whatever I can grab and a dairy/protein/vegetable just isn't floating my boat.

Anyone have any great afternoon snacks I can try that might help?.

Gotta get this under control......

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Your question was: Good afternoon snacks for Nutrisystem?.

Adjusting to the new eating habits can be very challenging, but you need to stay strong and work past those challenges. Part of your urges come from habits of snacking (right?) and part is probably your body "asking" for water! You can try spreading out your foods throughout the day, say every 1 1/2 -2 hours apart (you don't have to eat all of your breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner at once). Also, drink as much water as you can bear and at least 64 ounces every day. If you still feel a need to eat, add some of the Nutrisystem drink mixes (or Benefiber mix) to your water to "curb" the appetite..

Also, if you need food suggestions, check out the Food Forum and the Recipes under Tips & Tricks..

Hang in there and stay strong - all of us here have been where you are. This really works...

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I love your tips... thanks! I will try it all!..

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I'm so excited to get my nutrisystem. I can see how you could slip because everyone is eating real food and we are eating prepackaged. Just keep going. A goal picture is good to of what you used to look like...

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Check out the what did you eat today and pictures of Nutrisystem foods made at home for ideas. I always make different combinations of food so I'm not bored. Keeps me on plan..

It's important to focus on the reasons why you are doing Nutrisystem too. It will help keep you from straying. I like being a size 4 now, that keeps me from eating donuts!.


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Hi Lanie,.

The first few weeks are tough. Using the journal will help as it makes you accountable for everything you eat. Keep in mind it is a slippery slope when you start to have food that isn't on diet. Now that you're back from your romantic get away, consider if you are ready to commit 100% and then do it. Get into the mindset that food that is not Nutrisystem approved is not an option for you. Takes it right off the table for you, literally.

Don't look back, just forward. You can do this. I'm about 10 weeks in and have lost 27 lbs. If I can do it...YOU CAN DO IT!..

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My advice would be stick to Nutrisystem 100% for at least a month. Don't give your self the option to stray. If you do this I think you will find your tastes have changed and your body will be asking for healthier snacks that easily fit into the Nutrisystem plan. Amy001 is right it is a very slippery slope when you start finding reasons and options to stray. This is doable and it does work... I'm at 8 weeks in and have lost 25 lbs...

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JenJoelle - I think you helped me realize how true the slippery slope issue is a while ago. Thanks!!!..

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I have loved reading everyones replys...I posted a thread about this very same topic except I was 45 days in before I derailed and I am having a hard time getting back on track [- my head isnt on as straight as when I first started Nutrisystem - what does it take to have that 'right mindset' more consistently?.

I find when I am bored or tired, I look in the pantry for something to 'pick me up' or get me through the day...maybe I should just sleep?..

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Or take a walk, exercise, take a bath, read a book.... I have actually made a list of what I can do instead of eat. Read these boards is tops - but even when that doesn't work, I try to keep myself busy. Last weekend I trimmed the shrubs outside to keep from eating! This helped me and the house look nice.

Zig Ziglar (famous motivational speaker) says (I'm paraphrasing as I don't remember the exact quote) "Motivation is like bathing. It doesn't last so I suggest a little each day".

Good luck to you!..

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Set the pattern now and be 100%. Or just become another one who fails. Your choice..


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