Going to the bathroom often with Medifast?

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Hi! I have kind of a weird question. Does the fact that DH and I are practically bumping into each other running to the BR to pee? I honestly don't think it's the water consumption because I always drink close to 2 liters of water every day and have for years. Obviously when I hit my first weigh in on Thursday, I will be thrilled to see a loss that will most likely be water weight, but we were just curious. DH is diabetic and said that typically this would be an indication of high BS but we know it's not because he's checking it diligently. Anyone else have this experience?..

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I have no experience with diabetes so I don't know how that affects your husband, but I do have the same problem. I think it is normal, considering how many posts I have seen on the subject..

Good luck to both of you!.


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Diabetes runs in my familygoing to the bathroom a lot is VERY normal. Also, I try to. get all my water in by 7-8pm or so becasue I hate the constant potty runs breaking up my sleep. Even when I do stop early in the evening, I pee for quite some time..

Hope this helps..

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I have been off and on the plan in recent history and I am a big water drinker almost all the time. So from my personal experience, I can say I have to pee a LOT more while following Medifast than when I wasn't. I just think "I am flushing the fat and junk down the toilet!" My advice, be sure you have a decent stock of toilet paper at all times!!!!..

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I go a lot. I contribute it to a diet MOSTLY made up of water. The more I go, the more I lose so good for you!..

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I think I read somewhere that when our bodies are in the ketosis state, the ketones leave our bodies either through our pee, breath or sweat. I too am peeing like a rushin' race horse. Driving my DH crazy. I think it's a good sign, we have to flush the toxins. I like the idea that we're flushing the "fat and junk" down the toilet! Good Luck...

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Thanks for all the responses! I especialy like the idea that perhaps this is a sign of ketosis since I've been wondering how I'd know when I got there. I am tired so much of the time and have relatively frequent headaches so those wouldn't necessarily give me the heads up that I've hit that state. I am on day 4 of MF...

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It's most likely a sign of the ketosis, plus as was mentioned earlier, you are making all your food with 6-8 ounces of water in addition to all the water you are drinking plain. It does ease up as you settle into a schedule, and your bladder expands a bit so you are not running to the bathroom every 1/2 hour...

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I've read (and experienced) that anytime you cut way back on calories and food intake, your body releases a lot of water... it's pretty normal when first starting a diet. What was different for me on Medifast was it lasted for months! Then it finally leveled off.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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