Going off Medifast plan for the weekend??

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Ok, so I've been doing great. Down 24lbs in 2 months. This week has been fine but I have some events this weekend and frankly it's stressing me out trying to figure out how I am going to eat and stay on plan and frankly I am in need of some other flavors. I don't want to eat a whole cheesecake or anything.

I have read a few things that going off plan for 3 days ONLY (but not nuts) can be benneficial - by shocking your system like it did in week one & producing a nice loss like in the 1st weeks. Of course you have to go through a couple days of the ickys again....

What are your thoughts? Do I need to be smacked??..

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I'm smacking you!!.

Don't do it. Try a 4&2 modified plan, but DO NOT GO OFF PLAN!.

I went off plan twice once while camping and once on easter. I wish I didn't. It slows things down and takes 3 days to get back into ketosis. I don't think it was a good shock to my system. Granted, I've averaged 2.6 pounds a week, but still... I wouldn't do it again...

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I have read a few things that going off plan for 3 days ONLY (but not nuts) can be benneficial - by shocking your system like it did in week one & producing a nice loss like in the 1st weeks. Of course you have to go through a couple days of the ickys again....

I have not ever seen that tidbit of advice on MF. I have seen other diets "claim" that. I went off plan once early on for a weekend. The "icky" feeling you describe was without a lie at least 3 times worse for me than the initial week. I got right back on plan on Monday but now closing in on 4 months no way would I make that choice again. It was a learning experience I guess I needed to really believe the veterans here...

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Here is an incentive not to go off plan...your body stops the fat take 3 days to get back into that mode....that cost more than $30. I hope that convince you!!..

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From everything I read here, it's hell to try to get back into it. I know I couldn't be trusted, which is why I have been OP including a week in Vegas! While it is your decision, if I can do it for a week in Sincity, you can do it for a weekend. I am very proud that I made the commitment and stuck to it. I do know I was stressed before going on the trip, and during, but I also felt very respectable and proud that I was strong enough to follow my convictions and to take care of myself. Let us know what you decide to do...

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Good advice all - when you go off plan, your stomach goes beserk - cramps, bloating and you can clear a room in a second and run to the bathroom like crazy. Certainly wont make for a fun filled weekend. You are doing great. Stick with it and use maintanance as a time to tweak the plan.


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DON"T DO IT!!! It will make it so much harder to stay on plan after "your cheat"! Stick with the plan you're doing so great!!!..

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Here's another one....don't do it :-) It is hell to try to get the right mentality to get back OP right away. You may think right now that it will be easy....but in my experience, it's very difficult to go off plan for two or three days, and get back on. I am finally now back on day 16 OP, the first two weeks I literally felt like crap. It really is easy to eat OP at functions....just choose protein and a salad...easy. Not so easy to get back OP..

By the way, good on you for your great weight loss so far!!..

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Can you eat L & G's this weekend? Is there any reason you can't eat ON PLAN foods?.

Maybe a 3 and 3 plan or even 3 larger L & G's. If anything I would not eat a dish that you don't know what the carb/calorie counts are. I would not go over 100 carbs on any of the days....the rest is up to you what and when you eat. Actually, it's all up to you. Hope you enjoy your weekend and are pleased with the decisions you make...

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Sorry - another one for "don't do it" ... I went off plan Dec 3rd when we went to Disney ... I could not get back on until 11 days ago and 30 pounds gained ...and it is not fun to try every day and not make it .... it is so much harder to get on plan after the first time ...........

You can do this - even if it is a 4-2.


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Here's what happens (as explained to me by the nutrition counsellor on LighterLife which is basically the UK version of Medifast):.

From a normal state to get to ketosis, the 3 days are basically your body going "i need energy" and burning the closest source to hand that isn't food - glycogen in the liver..

Your glycogen stores can weigh up to 7 pounds, so your weight loss for the first week is usually higher because you've burned through this store..

After you've burned up your glycogen you enter ketosis, the main fat burning state that makes Medifast and similar diets so successful, ketosis blunts your appetite, burns your fat to provide energy, and so on. you can check if you are in ketosis by weeing on ketostix!.

So the logic behind jumping off the wagon and seeing a gain seems flawed. as soon as you consume enough food to power your body you will leave ketosis and even start building up those glycogen stores again.

Say you go off for a weekend, weigh yourself, then go back on Medifast and weigh again. you will have a loss similar to the first week, in general terms, *but* it's only because you gained that amount over the weekend :-) so it is all about how you look at it and when you weigh, but you will burn more fat staying in ketosis the whole time, no matter how appealing that dessert looks..

Disclaimer **I am not a physician** but this explanation lines up with the science behind Medifast (I am a scientist) so I hope it helps!..

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Ketosis may help lose faster, the research supports that but not overwhelming. If you eat low enough calories, ketosis or not, you lose weight. In fact if you are under a doctor's care you may want to discuss if you should even TRY to be in ketosis. Ketosis gets thrown around by diet pushers as some magical thing when in reality it isn't, and even scientists don't known really how much it works or why in dieting to lose weight faster than no ketosis on same calories..

THAT said, 100 or less carbs is healthy for most people. And if you choose to eat there, make healthy choices.. take Medifast snacks, choose lean and green meals. Keep the carbs low enough not to make you feel like heck.

I often think that the "OP only" patrol here cause more folks here to give up than they help. OP is the BEST way to go, but for some of us, it isn't the only way or the practical way. Better to go off some and keep getting back on track than let guilt or "public" polls make you feel bad enough to give up altogether. But beating people up (and not saying anyone HERE did, but have seen on other threads and gotten nasty email myself!) isn't helpful..

So while I agree with everyone here it is BEST if you can stay OP, knowing you will probably gain a pound or two and knowing it will take your body a few days to readjust and feel good, if you feel that a 3 day break is what you need... AND you can eat healthy... you are a big girl and it is your call..

Just remember one thing though. This isn't just about losing weight. It is about the relationship with food. So I am sorry, no you don't "NEED" other flavors. Big difference between "need" and "I choose to not eat Medifast foods" for 3 days. Just please try to compromise with only really healthy lean and green foods. You can still be with others, enjoy their company, not feel out of place eating Medifast foods, AND make good choices...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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