Medifast gluten-free diet plan

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Just a thought.....

My mother & aunt have recently been tested and came back positive for extreme gluten sensitivity. I have noticed, when I was not on MF, that if I had an item with gluten in it that I'd have gut pain and then be running to the bathroom after about an hour of ingesting said item. If I ignored the symptons and kept eating breat etc, I would become extremely flatulant. I would also feel horrible; crave sugar horribly, be run down and just generally icky....

I remembered how wonderful I felt when doing Medifast and not eating gluten products, so this time around I ordered the Gluten Free Variety Pack. No pain or flatulance and I just feel darn "tootin" good. (LOL) Also, no bread/sugar/peanut butter cravings and a nice side affect is the weight just seems to be falling off..

If you're having a hard time with the program and you seem to not be losing weight as quickly as you'd like... think about going gluten free for at least 2 weeks. You might be pleasantly surprised!.


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Hey D. It's been so ling since I ordered MF, I had no idea that they had a gluten free line. Good info to have. Thanks..

Comment #1

When I looked at the package information, it shows a picture of a bar as one of the gluten free items..

But, I don't see what bars, if any, are included in the package..

Are the bars gluten free? If so, do you get them in the package?..

Comment #2

No, bars aren't Gluten Free... let me see if I can remember off the top of my head what I got in my box: Cappucinno, Chai, Dark Chocolate shakes, Orange Creme, Strawberry Creme, Chocolate shake, Cranberry Mango cold drink, Chocolate/Vanilla/Banana Pudding, Chicken & Rice soup, Maryland Crab soup, Tomato Soup, Eggs. Hot Cocoa is also gluten free, but not in the variety box that I got..

I feel so good doing the Gluten Free plan, that I've ordered a second month!!..

Comment #3

But now I am doing the Gluten Free and it says the shakes I got with it have Wheat! That's not Gluten Free then..

Comment #4

Hmmm....maybe everyone is "lost" a bit with this gluten free products too like me it really that hard to understand lol....(if you had my brain it is haha)!..

Comment #5

Sorry I don't have the link, but medifast does have a "claim sheet" here that lists out gluten free products. looks like most of the crunch bars are on it! contains less than 5ppm so considered gluten free..along with most shakes it appears. pancakes and soft serve qualify too they just haven't been added to the sheet yet...

Comment #6

Hi there,.

I had no idea I had a problem with Gluten until trying MF. I ordered the gluten free pack for my first month and then thought I would try the other products month 2. A week into my second month I was so sick, I sent the rest back and replaced it with the GF options and was back on track in no time. It seriously impacted my weight loss as well, I felt tired, and sluggish and retained a ton of water..

I can't remember where, on the medifast site, I found it but I've attached the list. I've also found that having a few gluten products a month doesn't bother me..

Good luck and hope this helps!.


Comment #7

I eat Gluten Free and it doesn't include the bars. It is shakes, eggs, and a couple of soups...

Comment #8

All of the Crunch Bars are suppose to be gluten free. I have been eating gluten free for 23 years now and I am having a very hard time digesting the Medifast gluten free products. Any suggestions on what I can do to help with the digestion, gas problems? I am now taking the digestive health and it still is a very big problem...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.