Medifast recipe for Glennys soy chips?

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I posted this on Nutrisystem but I wanted to ask you guys too since you have all been so helpful!!! Have a great day everyone,.


Are we allowed to have glennys soy chips as a snack?.

Heres the web site and stats (lol):.


Nutritional Information.

Serving Size:.




Total Fat:.


Saturated Fat:.













Low fat non-GMO soy flour, rice, mid oleic sunflower oil, sea salt, black pepper..

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Personally, I buy the larger bags of soycrisps (Glenny's, Quaker, etc.) and prepare my own Medifast-sized snack bags of them. They are much more affordable that way and very similar nutrition-wise. Warning! Never, ever start eating them before you separate the crisps out into appropriate serving me!!! They are truly addictive if you don't have your limit set for you. (Or maybe that's just me.... )..

Comment #1

I just compaired them to Medifast soy crisps and they are the same if not healthier(they dont contain sugar like Medifast crisps do), Nutrisystem hasn't answered me but I'm pretty sure they are acceptable~ thought you guys would want to know...

Comment #2

I do exactly the same thing! I know longer buy the Medifast crisps because they are so yummy and one bag led to another led to another etc. Dare I say I ate the whole box of seven snacks in one evening?! They are very good but dangerous.....

Comment #3

Nutrisystem said that they are too high in carbs to eat. but I dont see how they are differnt than the Medifast crisps at all.. is it all about selling a product in the long run?..

Comment #4

I think it must be because they're actually lower in carbs than Medifast soy crisps and much lower than the Medifast crackers. In my opinion, eat them just be careful with the serving size...

Comment #5

I buy Glenny's too, and a half serving (10 crisps) is less cals and carbs than Medifast crisps. I have a problem eating them from the bag so I think I am going to have to give them up (again). But I feel better overeating on those on those really tough times, instead of finding something REALLY bad in the cupboard (say, chocolate chips...)..

Comment #6

According to your post on the Nutrisystem page the Glennys are 96MG higher in sodium. I think..

Comment #7

This is one thing I can't buy, I had them on the ordering page for Medifast and I took them out. Soy crisps, Chex Mix, popcorn....once I start I don't stop until I've reached in the bag and lo and behold the dang bag is EMPTY!!!!..

Comment #8

I am like you, sknychsr34. Once I start- I can't stop. I bought the Medifast soy chips and crackers last week. The 2 boxes lasted 3 days....need I say more. I decided that I will not buy any "snacks" until I have reached my goal weight...

Comment #9

That is happening to me this week. I can't have these soy crips in the house. The white cheddar is just toooo tasty. No more for me\..

Comment #10

I don't think 96mg of sodium is a big deal, especially if you're aware of it and watch your sodium the rest of the day...

Comment #11

Okay, here's how I don't overindulge on the soy crisps: (I received my first box 2 weeks ago and still have 2 bags left). I eat one crisp at a time and drink about a liter of water while eating the one bag. Eating the bag of crisps this way takes a while and fills me up. It's taken me about 1/2 hour to eat one little bag. I worry about the sodium, so that's why I started drinking H2O with it. Hope this helps!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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