Getting too hungry on Medifast Diet

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I've been trying to do this for three weeks, and have totally failed. I just get too hungry. I'll be able to stay on plan for a few days at a time, and end not losing any weight at all. Even when I go off plan and eat a little more, it's still much MUCH less than I'm used to eating, and yet I'm still the same weight as when I started. I don't know what to do anymore.

Every time I try to stay on plan for very long, the headaches and grouchiness and exhaustion just wear me down- I don't know how anyone lives on so few calories. I have two kids and I end up turning into this ogre, all short-tempered and emotional, and completely unable to cope with life.

Does anyone have any tips? Please, anything. I'm so sick of this. Very close to giving up completely. If I could just lose a single stupid pound I'd feel motivated, but watching everyone lose and lose and me trying so hard and getting nowhere is just completely demoralizing...

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There is HOPE. I sent you an e-mail. Hang on. You can get through this. Go easy on yourself. Dan..

Comment #1

Don't be so hard on yourself, the first several days are tough to get through..

Motivation is a major key though. You need to ask yourself "How badly do I want this?" If you want it bad enough you then need to figure out why you keep sabotaging yourself..

I was a major "B" the first 3-4 days and ravenous. My DH was out of town and I have four boys who require too much attention at times. I told my DH it was a good thing he was not here because I was so witchy that I could have ripped his head off and I was so hungry I would have eaten it. My headache was constant and I was tired too BUT after about 4 days the hunger eased and I was able to function. By day 6 or 7 I honestly felt like I could run a marathon. (I have never had energy like that before).

Just take comfort in the fact that a lot of us MFers feel that way when getting into ketosis. Also, I would say step away from the scale on a daily basis. I know how the mind can play games and if you are not seeing an actual number change you may be defeating yourself and cheating by justifying it because you think you are not losing anyway..

I hope this makes sense. I just want you to know you are not alone in the first few days of MF. Many of us have felt the same way. I promise if you stick it out for a full week you will see results and feel "human" again.

As wise friend told me "take it one meal at a time, one day at a time, then one week at a time." You can do this!..

Comment #2

Hi and thanks for sharing your struggles. I would love for you to visit our thread , "inspiration and motivation" we are a great group who offer support and encouragement, which is so important to helping you stay on track. Please don't be so hard on yourself, we are all here for each other. Together we are better!.

Hugs and Belief,.


Comment #3

It's so cool that you took the time and effort to post that. If I hadn't lost a few pounds in my first week I would have probably said "My momma DID raise a quitter" and headed for the fridge. My motto in this first month is 'fall down seven times, get up eight.' Coming to the community for help has given me a lot of strength and hope. Also though talk to some of the certified coaches and you can also ask the registered nutrition people on the site for what might be up with your no-loss-at-all issue. If you've been anything like close to on plan for three or four days you should get a big energy kick, as far as I know - get somebody to look at your food with you and see where it's letting you down. Make sure you ask for the kind of help you need here too - some people do well with getting yelled at, some not so much.

But they do help me be gently accountable. Sorry, long post. Proud of you for trying! Keep coming here! xoxo Liz..

Comment #4

Oh yeah, and one more thing - I first tried Medifast a year ago, then put it aside, then tried it a couple months ago, then put it aside, and now I'm really really doing it. Like when I quit smoking - a wise wise lady said to me, you haven't failed to quit, you're practicing quitting. Also, she told me, nobody tells you this part: you're going to be obsessed for a while with quitting. Come talk about it as often as you like. I credit her with the spiritual support I needed to get through that. And here she is with us again, making me understand why I need to be on these boards and need all you folks. Keep coming here! (Thank you, Doris!) xoxo..

Comment #5

For what it's worth... when I started out, I'd have had to have been eating somewhere in the neighborhood of 3500-4000 calories a day to maintain my starting weight (depends on which calculator you use). So to say that I was used to eating much more calories than Medifast provides would be a massive understatement..

But here's the thing. We survive on so few calories on Medifast because we stuck with it long enough to get ourselves into ketosis. Once that happens, the hunger subsides, the headaches go away, and your energy skyrockets. I felt better after a week on Medifast than I've ever felt in my life, and it just got better from there. I certainly couldn't still be on Medifast 13 months later if I was still hungry, had a headache and was irritable all the time..

The suggestion to talk to Nutrisystem is a good one - depending on what you're eating extra, you could be completely preventing yourself from getting into ketosis, which just makes this whole thing much harder than it needs to be. I got some good veteran advice when I first started: if I was too hungry, I should eat an extra Medifast meal or an ounce or two of extra protein, because doing that was far better than going off plan completely.

This program works. It works astonishingly well. But you have to commit to it for long enough for it to start working it's magic for you. I know it's hard. I know it sucks at the beginning. But I also know that Medifast has been nothing short of a miracle in my life and I want every single person who comes here to succeed...

Comment #6

Well don't suffer through those headaches girlfriend. Take some Excedrin and it will really help...

Comment #7

All I can suggest is breaking this down, hour by hour. For awhile, I was even doing 15 minute increments..

I can survive nearly anything (I'd be willing to try...) for an hour. When I'd get through that one, I'd move on to the next - knowing I'd made it successfully through the last.

It was not easy - those first several days. But it was necessary, for my success, and my health...

Comment #8

The only way you will succeed at this is to stick with it long enough to get into ketosis, which can take 3-4 days (or longer for a few people). You have to be 100% on plan in order to get into ketosis, but once you do, the headaches will go away and you will be full of energy..

The first few days are hellish for almost everyone - if it was like that the whole time probably none of us would have succeeded! When you give up after a couple of days and cheat, you re-set the clock - so you are just beating yourself up over and over again making yourself go through those first few days!.

Make the commitment to stick with it for ONE WEEK. Just one week. Start tomorrow, so Day 2 and 3 will be on the weekend when schedules are less hectic and you may be able to get help and take naps if necessary. By day 4 or 5 you should be feeling like you can conquer the world, but you have to get there first!..

Comment #9

Ditto everyone..going on and off plan every couple of days is a vicious cycle and you'll never get into the state where Medifast will work for you. I'm also a mom of two..I feel your pain..I know what those first days are like. I just urge you to give it your all for at least 4-5 days so you can get into the fat burning state..things get sooo much easier then..and it's so worth it!..

Comment #10

Hi, well I give you such credit for posting your fears and frustration. BUT, you can do this, you know you can. You have the tools: Medifast food, free water, tons of support here, a family that will love you even if you fly off the handle and hopefully the desire for better health and a longer life..

Listen, the first few days really suck! I was a carbo eater so I felt like my head was going to explode. My stomach growled, my mouth was dry and my breath could kill a horse. But I hung in there because I was tired of feeling like the biggest one of my friends, my son said innocently that I had a very big stomach and my clothes were uncomfortable. I wanted a smaller body more than I wanted bread..

You can do this, it is disconcerning that we could eat so much before and then cut back and the pounds aren't just flying off of our hips, but that is our bodies holding on to the fat. It will come off, drink the water, try to keep busy, keep telling yourself you are not being punished, you are on your way to a wonderful and healthy life. I wish you the best!.


Comment #11

I have to tell you one of the things that worked for me is to cut my lean and green in half and eat 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner. I need to eat real food and I need to chew. The only medifast food I use are shakes and one bar a day but splitting my lean and green saved my life and my program. Give it a try..

By the way, you and I are almost the same with similiar goals. If you want we can be medifast buddies and share struggles together. You can write me if you like...

Comment #12

For me, quitting eating is alot like quitting smoking. I was nasty the first few days because I use food to soothe me. Kids driving me nuts? EAT. Job driving me nuts? EAT. Take that away and I'm super cranky.

Also, one thing I was NEVER taught as a child is that being hungry is not a life threatening condition. If I'm a little hungry....I can ignore it and it will go away and come back later. It's not going to kill me. As a matter of fact, until I recently went on MF, I couldn't tell you the last time I was actually hungry because I would eat BEFORE I really got hungry..

I hope all these notes help you get through. Lots of us here are rooting for you...

Comment #13


It's good that you were able to share, I've experienced what you are going through, but as Chelle stated you're going through the same thing over and over. There's a couple of things that's working for me, 1) I have a fabulous Health Coach 2) When I decided to leave the bagel sandwiches alone and start 4 real, on my first three days I took MIDOL to keep me from getting the medifast uglies (plus MIDOL helps with the fatigue) 3) My main staple is sugarless gum, one day I chewed one piece for so long it turned to this type of yucky mush 4) WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER..

I hope this little bit helps and I'm sorry if it was TMI.

Be Blessed..

Comment #14

It's really great that you are willing to talk about this instead of just throwing in the towel. I didn't go through as hard a time as you are, but I have noticed a few things that have / have not worked for me. 1) water - I know, everyone says it, but it helps you to feel full and helps to flush out the bad stuff inside you. 2) I can't eat a bar without immediately feeling hungry, like REALLY hungry. I tried a few different ones, and have realized that they aren't going to work for me. I have ordered a couple of boxes of the new ones to see if there is a change, but I'm not too hopeful.

It's not really anymore food, and only what, 10 calories, but it makes me feel like I've eaten a huge bowl of soup instead of a little cup. 4) I have always been a snacker, and one thing that has worked for me is to eat green beans, I know, it sounds wierd. They count as my lean, but they are satisfying for me if I eat them one at a time like they were popcorn or chips or something. I know it is less about the green beans and more about the hand / mouth thing, but it works for me.

I also am a sugarless gum chewer.

Good luck - keep coming here for support, it makes such a big difference!.


Comment #15

All I can say is........... STOP the scale. Once a week and that should be it! I've been trying to recommit for a month and it took me until this week to get my head back in the game and get off the scale. I tried unsuccessfully 4 times last month to get back on and each time I was stepping on the scale daily. When I didn't see it move, I gave up. Well, who knows if it moved at all this week and I won't know until Monday.

I met my goal in 5 months and lost 48 pounds so I know this works and it can work for you too! The first week sucks and by the end of that week you have so much energy and zest for life that you sit back and wonder how it all happened. Another bit of advice, take it meal by meal. As soon as I feel hungry I would look to the clock and figure out when 3 hours was and hang on that thought. Then I would find something to do. If not at work I would clean my sink which might lead to cleaning under the sink which might lead to cleaning the whole kitchen!! Keep busy! You don't realize it but that's moving and that's burning calories too!!!.

Good luck to you and please don't quit. Medifast gave me my life back!!! You can have success with this!! Dianne..

Comment #16

This is a great thread with great ideas. I am new also. I guess today is Day 1 for me as last week I was traveling and did not get my order until Friday. I am home this week but am traveling again next week for work and am a little concerned about staying on the plan while working and being away from home. I have the bars so really have no excuses as far as logistics goes, it just seems I tend to over eat when I eat out twice per day on the road. Any suggestions? Thanks...

Comment #17

Not musch different to add. The first days are rough, but I was determined not to waste my money, so knew I had to do it for a month. At the begining I went to bed early to avoid facing issues. At the end of the month I had felt so good and it was so easy not having to figure out shopping for and cooking a special diet that I decided for a few months and here I am a year later, 100+ pounds lighter, and generally feeling great. Reading and posting on these boards helped me immensely. Joining the Green Team on the challenge board gave me a "home" for suppport.

Most teams welcome new members, green included, so just introduce yourself and you have a "family" to help you with the rough spots. This program really works if you give it a chance...

Comment #18

You are so right, Dianne. The scale can really do you in!! I have a beautiful upright doctor's balance scale (just like in the doctor's office) very accurateand it calls to me every morning-"step on...step on....come see if you've lost anything".

And so I do, and I am usually very discouraged to see that it hasn't moved much at all from yesterdayI really must make a pledge to myself to stay off the scale for a week.

I do agree that keeping busy is key with this diet and, thank goodness, I am a very busy person. That's the main reason I love MF. It's easy and because it's so easy, I never find an excuse to eat off-plan...and, I feel great! For exactly one month I have had 5 Medifast (in the form of shakes, bars and pudding) and 1 regular dinner every day. I say one "regular dinner" because although they have all consisted of protein (beef or chicken) and a large romaine lettuce salad, I really haven't weighed my protein and I do have olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a sprinkle of blue cheese on my salad.

But, again, you couldn't find any diet program any easier than this!!! I just wish that my weight loss equalled the effort that I am putting into this!!!!..

Comment #19

It really is a good idea to measure your L&G. Lots of people who don't are shorting themselves (I was one of those people in the beginning) and that can slow your losses. Just thought I'd toss that out there...

Comment #20

One thing I've been amazed at is how MUCH food there can some times be for L&Gparticularly if you choose a 'leanest' option..

Way more than I would usually eat (although different stuff obviously) and I sometimes feel like I'm cheating.

In fact I even checked my digital scale to make sure it was measuring accurately as I figured I couldn't really be supposed to eat all that.....

Comment #21

Yup, from what I have seen, most people will WAY underestimate the lean portion if they eyeball it instead of weighing..

ETA: and of course, it is weighed AFTER cooking, so it is even more than people expect...

Comment #22

Do give this plan a chance to work for you - stick with it for a few days. It really helps to keep yourself busy to avoid thinking of food all the time. Wishing you the best!..

Comment #23

You can do this......Stay on the road ahead. It can be done. thank you for sharing the moment in your life. Just nothing comes easy that has such rewards...

Comment #24

I just posted this to another newbie on here: Hope it helps.

You have already made some good choices, like getting a Health Coach and noticing when you binge. I would suggest that you try some tweaking of your eating schedule to accomodate when you seem to typically want to eat. If you are eating 2 meals from 9 pm to bedtime, then plan that in for your day. Space the other meals out a bit farther if you have to get up super early and begin with breakfast. Also you can eat 5 and 2 if that helps in those first few weeks. That means 5 Medifast meals and split your Lean & Green between 2 other meals.

Also Medifast has some "extras" you can have each day to get you thru the headachy first days, like bouillon, celery, SF jello,etc. It helps when you have a lot of weight to lose and are always the hungry type of person. You did not mention how much weight you have to lose, how old you are, or how tall. All of those come into play for us women. You know hormones, menopause, etc..

Between Nutrisystem and your Coach, I'll bet you come up with a plan that works for you. Hang in there and know that this plan works and you are worth it!.

God Bless, Chatty..

Comment #25

Hang in there. I was truly physically hungry my whole first MONTH. But I took looks in the mirror often and that "reminded" me of why I HAD to do this. It was worth it.

Drink plenty of water and stay busy. Remind yourself of why you want to lose the weight for good. Good luck..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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