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Hello everyone,.

I began Medifast in mid July. I am extremely happy with the results so far. As I lurk through the boards, I can see that I my loss is where it should be. In fact, if I start comparing, it is better than others. Today, I realized that the last time I logged in to this site was on Oct 28. I was estatic then, as I had just hit ONEDERLAND at 199.

Since then, I can't seem to get back into the program. I try, but I seem to have lost my drive. Well, it is 4 weeks later and I am at.

192, not through the program, but through better eating choices. I should be happy, at least I am still loosing, very slowly, but loosing. Once in while I 'll have a Medifast meal, but mainly, I just don't feel like it! Is this normal?? Am I just tiring? I am even having trouble drinking my water. I need to get back on track so a little push would be greatly appreciated...

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Congrats on losing weight even off mf............

If you really want to get back on then my advice would be to just start over. Pretend it is day one. If you look at my sig, you can see that is what I did. I even started my ticker over completely..

I picked a start date and just started over. It took a few days before I was able to get back into drinking my water............but I am now doing it.

For me it was time, I was ready. Are you????..

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Great advice, Pam! Yep, just start over. Gotta get that excitement back - get some goal jeans, whatever it takes to regain that motivation you had originally..

And, welcome back!..

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When I got my gall bladder removed this past summer, I too had trouble sticking and getting back to program. Just like what has already been said, set a goal to start tomorrow and don't give yourself the option to do anything but succeed. I am having to fight the "nibbles" today. I just keep a pot of coffee going and sip on it when I think I need to munch. I just keep reminding myself of my goal and sometimes I even have the fridge open. I just shut it and go on. You can do it!!..

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Pam (Paup1) has been there and knows (I've read her posts). Make up your mind to start (over) and do it! You CAN do it! Focus and be determined and think how happy you'll feel at goal!..

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Sometimes life happens and it throws you for such a curve it is hard to get it back together. You won't be able to until you really are ready. Posting this thread is a step in the right direction. Go read the success stories, go look at the pictures. Make a list of WHY you want to loose weight, or if you had one from before get it out and review it and see if it still applies. Do what Pam said.

Each day will get easier, but you have to take it One Day at a Time. Don't worry about tomorrow or next week. We can only control right here and right now...

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After surgery is was hard for me to get back in the swing of things I had 4 of them from Oct 06 to May 07. Each time I found my way back on plan! It was a bit (ok - a lot difficult) but like Pam said pretend this is your first day - log all your food and water and try to think like a Newbie! It helped me!! Good Luck and God Bless..

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You can do it. Yes I'm sure it is difficult because sometimes you just can't get the magic of the first time which is why you need to be ready and take one day at a time. Don't think about tomorrow or next week, think about today, get through today and you know from experience, it will get easier.

Plus stop by here every day if you can and we will all lend support...

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Every on is right! Just start all over again. Think back to what spurred you when you first started. Take yourself back to that time when you made your mind to do it. Think of the thoughts you had the fears and the excitement. Then decide to start all over again like the very first day. Assume you know nothing and log every single molecule that goes into your mouth.

I only have 5 lbs more to lose since I hit my original goal in July and I have not been able to get myself into the frame of mind until 3 weeks ago now I am back on track to lose those last 5 lbs..


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I couldn't have said anything different or better...I started Medifast in Feb06 and then it got too expensive after 18lb lost .. then I restarted in Nov but the holiday came and then I started in Dec 06 and another holiday.....and then I found 35lbs - the 18 I originally lost on Medifast and that 18 brought 17 additional friends. This past October 07- I saw a picture of me and just realized I am worth whatever it takes to get healthy and not breath heavy from walking from the car to the house....or instead of bending over to tie my shoe, I have to cross my leg over my lap...and then the bow is on the side of my shoe....You know what I am talking about! It was time. I ordered my food without question...and started Day 1 on November 1 - but each and everyday I commit to a 100% OP day.

Make that committment to yourself and start all over - you are worth it!!!!!..

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Or instead of bending over to tie my shoe, I have to cross my leg over my lap...and then the bow is on the side of my shoe....You know what I am talking about!.

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I was soo happy the day I could tie my shoes with the bow in the center of my laces! and also the day when I could actually cross my legs and have them hanging next to each other as opposed to having to cross them at my knee which isn't appropriate in a dress at all...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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