Getting tired of eating Medifast foods

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I need help staying motivated to stay on program. I am about 10lbs from goal and am finding it very difficult to not steal little tastes here and there. I've done well up to this point. I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas but all of a sudden it has become so hard to stay on program. The food is starting to get very boring. The thought of one more shake sometimes gags me.

I don't want to gain the weight back but I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to go on. I just want a hamburger and french fries. A Burrito would be nice...

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Try thinking of that phrase "nothing tastes as good as thin feels". I know how you feel, so close to goal but probably feeling pretty good about yourself. Try to think of all the reasons why you started this in the first place. Put yourself in the mind frame that you ARE worth this. Hopefully your new items will get there soon so you can try something different. Maybe in the mean time try a new L&G.

Maybe take a look at your clothes that are too big for you now and remember that you don't want to have to wear those again..

You have come this far, don't give up now. You CAN do this and do it right!.

Good luck to you!..

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Thanks Amy. That is very good advice. Congratulations on being only 6.4 lbs from goal!..

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Just remember, eating like that is what you got you here. Now you're so close to goal, how much do you really want it? Do you really want to go back to where you were when you started Medifast or do you like how you look and feel now? If you say now, then you really don't want those other foods. We can't go back to eating like we did before MF. Ever. It's a hard fact but that's what got us here. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels, but food is only fuel. Stay strong!..

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Is the fear of almost being near goal (and havng to transition and maintain) perhaps contributing to your Medi-dissatisfaction? You have come so far and are so close time to knuckle down, finish up, and learn how to maintain! You can do it you've already done the really hard part!..

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When I start Medifast, I go straight packets without any deviation. No condiments and no doctoring. I avoid all snacks as well. My L&G is steamed. This helps keep my focus off food and on fuel. After about a month, I get bored and at that time I start adding some condiments.

I use the soy crisps as a "cheat" and not an every day thing.Having pickle at this point feels like I'm going off plan. I add and subtract each month to keep it interesting and it also keeps the calories and carbs in a confusing state..

To me, the cheese puffs are neither cheesy or puffy, more like a smooth, round crouton. I like them but these too are saved for a "cheat" day. I put them in my salad which makes it take forever to eat. I usually only eat pudding and bars when I get to the point of absolute boredom. Everything is on hand so it also teaches me self control. I don't want to get in the habit of crunchy or sweet things every day so this really helps me in many ways.

I guess I'm just trying to mess with my brain and retrain it..

But it works very well for me as boredom is my biggest motivation for eating...

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Layke - It happens as you get closer and closer to goal. Those last few lbs seem to take FOREVER to come off and as your goal seems closer than ever before, it also seems to stay just arms reach away. The food gets boring. You just want it over with. Think about how hard you've worked up to this point. You don't want to undo all of that work just because you're bored, do you? Tough it out and keep imagining yourself at goal, thin and healthy.

And that burrito - well you can work on that one in transition. Hang in there. Your new order will be here before you know it...

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I think LucyLouWho (love that name!) has some great ideas. Thanks Lucy! I am going to use those too..

But JudyO makes a great point too. I am a Medifast re-committer because as soon as I start getting close to goal, I start sabotaging myself. That is a psychological issue many of us deal with. You might want to take a look at that and see if this is something you are doing too..

I am working to get past that by trying to constantly remember how I feel when I'm fat and how I feel when I'm thin. Not only physically, but the way I feel about myself. It is SO much better when I'm thin!.

Good luck - you are so close, I know you can do it!..

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Thanks everyone for all the good suggestions and support. I never considered that I might be sabotaging my success. I need to think about that. And I am going to try the puffs on my salad. I've been craving something cruncy with my salad. That's perfect!..

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OH MY do I need to remember this... 25 lbs more and it seems to be coming off so slowly. But De is right, gotta just keep hanging in there and pushing and pushing through. I do just want this done... but then I think.... it's safe here and I know that it's ok, the food choices, and then I dont want to leave MF, I know I will always use some Medifast products because I did to maintain my loss...

Anyway.... just keep pushing... like giving birth, those last few pushes to get to your new life are imperiative.....


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