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Hello...I have been on Medifast for 3 1/2 weeks now. Everything was going great, I have lost 18 pounds and some inches, but yesterday I dont know what happened. I just got into a major funk. I didnt want to eat...I had to force myself to eat my L&G and thought I was going to throw up. I'm not sick (health wise) and it's not TOM time, that was last week. I just feel so blahhhh..this is really not like me at all. Today..I feel the same way..has anyone else gone through this? I dont know if I can explain how it feels...just ....blahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Thanks for any feedback...I appreciate it, I'm not giving up!..

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I felt that way the first week and then it went away and has never happened since (and I've been on this almost a year now). Give yourself a couple days & if it does not get better, you may need to see your doc maybe you are coming down with something. Also even though Medifast says we don't need vitamins/supplements because we get everything we need from the food, I actually have taken vitamins from the beginning, since my doc pointed out when I started this that I've never had the best immune system in the world. Anyway I take 2 KAL multi vitamins a day. I get them at the Vitamin Shoppe. I also take an Andrew Lessman Hair Skin & Nails vitamin each day (I started those after a few months on the plan). Let us know what happens with you...

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SOOOO normal!! It's a hump you'll get over. It's you body adjusting. Make sure you don't skip any meals and water. You really need it right now. Good luck and hope to see your post stating your feeling good...

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I have really tried to look at stuff like that and come up with reasons/plans on those days but sometimes it just seemed "IT IS WHAT IT IS" and I would just have to ride it out!.


You are welcome to read my BLOG:.

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2nd week in TRANSITION PHASE..

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We all go thur times when our body just want to adjust...I do not remember feeling like that but my life was a stress feast last many things happened that took my mind in other directions....only thing I could hang on to was the control I have with was my rock..The one thing I could and still can count on..Coming here to this site..sharing with others..posting venting...and trying not to look at the big picture to much....break it down..It might be a little depression...I mean this is one of the hardest thing to do...change your whole mind set on the way you feel about food...used to be my bandaide of I face things without that comfort...way harder...when my first thoughts was going home and hiding out with God knows what and eating..Now it is coming here...reading the post...not so people who I have never met(have met 10 medifaster's)and I walk away the stress...use alot of self talk...I am with goalbysummer....find a way to push thur this...and glad you posted...might be other's who feel this and do not know how to voice it....getting it out is a huge step...Let us know if we can help...even if it is just to listen...helps not feeling your alone..I hope you feel better...Later Prez(Patty)....

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Yep, once every couple of months. I just play some loud music and dance around like crazy. I also clean or organize my closet. It normally passes within a day or two...

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