Getting rid of fat clothes during Medifast

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On another thread we has been discussing some of the issues involved in leading to regaining weight..

As folks are on the 5/1... IT is the time to start planning for LONG TERM success..

The reality is if we go back to our old ways... we'll also go back to our "old bodies".

I am hoping that people will post here some strategies they have done or have planned for LONG TERM success..

I'll start:.

1. GET RID OF THE OVER SIZED CLOTHES as they get too big. Saving them does 2 things. You are giving yourself the message that you'll need them again AND IF they are there, it is very easy to ignore an expanding waistline. (This one action absolutely saved me last summer when I started to "slide").

2. Positive self talk! Use "WHEN I keep the weight of" instead of "IF I keep the weight off".

3. Accept that most of our bodies will not be "perfect" at any weight. Whether it is some sagging skin or thighs that are genetically set to certain proportions, there will always be something... Expecting PERFECTION can lead to disappointment and demotivation..

Other ideas or comments on these?..

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I love that you posted this. One of the things I'm doing is instituting a firm "out with the old, in with the new" policy. I haven't replaced all my fat clothes yet, BUT! Every time I get a new item that fits me, I toss out an item that's too big. I figure in another few weeks, everything that is too big will be out of my closet forever. I thought this was a great way to nip any gains in the bud, and your post proves that to me...

Comment #1

I absolutely agree with getting rid of the old clothes....keeping them in my closet has been my downfall in the past. With MF, I have been constantly removing things that don't fit and relegating them to a plastic tub in the basement. On New Year's Day, I brought them all to Goodwill. Now I'm filling up the tub again with recent additions..

Over the holidays, I did regain 6.5 lb and realizing all my clothes were feeling snug helped get me back on plan. I've taken almost all of it off and plan to keep going..

I find that today's fashions make it far to easy to fool yourself into thinking you haven't gained - the lower waisted clothing makes it much easier to cram your body into too-small sizes than the form fitting, "on the waist" clothing of the past. I'm also able to fit into much lower sizes now than I was when I weighed less in the past. It just pays to be ultra-vigilant about clothing and get rid of anything that is loose......

Comment #2

I got rid of my clothes after each 25lb loss. It was like freedom!!I mostly gave them to people here on the boards and to the womens shelter...

Comment #3

I wish I'd paid more attention to number 1 last summer as well! I didn't, and when I gave up, I had all my old stuff sitting there waiting!.

This time, out it goes! I am NOT going to wear this stuff for another year!.

My suggestion: Accept that You MUST Change. What you "used to do" you can no longer do, not if you want to keep the weight off...

Comment #4

You are so right!! I'm going to get rid of my "fat" clothes!!..

Comment #5

I love that I got rid of my "fat" cloths and when I became the vienna sausage in my size 16 jeans - I realized that it was time to start losing the weight! I like the 25lb rule....get rid of cloths at every 25lbs. Well, since I was a living breathing vienna sausage....I may have to wait a bit!..

Comment #6

It was really hard for me to get rid of my fat clothes at first because it felt so wasteful, but now that I am down four sizes and almost to my 5th I LOVE tossing big clothes out into the tub in the garage!.

I've been buying myself a couple decent things to wear for every size and I have found that it is the first time in my life I am ENCOURAGED by trying on tight clothes at the store - because I know that when I take them home they will fit before I know it and then I'll be tossing them out!.

I am keeping my official "before picture" outfit, so I can try it on again at the end. But other than that everything goes as soon as I'm out of it...

Comment #7

Keep one pair of fat pants as a motivator ("I was that size!?! Really!?!) and for the proverbial after pic.

Don't wear elastic waistbands or pants that tie...

Comment #8

Well my "before" picture is actually the outfit I plan to wear when the weight comes off. A button down blouse I can not button, a size 10 shorts that barely get to my knees. My plan is once I wear these size 10 shorts in a normal (not tight) fashion I will vow to NEVER "grow out of" them again. I have other "before" pictures fully clothed for public view. The fat clothes will most definately be given to charity! Great thread!.

Happy Melting!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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