Getting past cravings and cheating on Medifast

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What types of things do you do to get past those moments of strong urge to eat or drink something off plan?.

For those who eat because they are stressed or bored, what do you do instead of reaching for the cereal or wine (OK, this is what I do, I admitt it which is why I'm here!)..

I am gearing up to be successful and start on Monday and I'm nervous about it and trying to think positive!.


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Congrats on starting MF! I grab my cold water bottle when I find I'm in the kitchen for no reason. There's something about the Medifast food that helps curb those cravings, even during PMS! When there's a day I know is going to be stressful, I save my Medifast bar as an afternoon meal. It is so satisfying to know I can have that and it's all part of the plan. Good luck on Monday!..

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Hi sugarsue and welcome. Cccookies is right, the good news is that once you settle into the Medifast "groove" you won't have those cravings! I was the worst...I ate when I was happy, ate when I was sad, ate when I was stressed, ate when I was bored. Everything I craved was sugary and full of fat (like candy, cakes, cookies). I am 10 weeks into the Medifast journey and the thought of eating that stuff now would not even enter my mind. I just got in from a beach wedding and I couldn't believe how good all the food looked. And of course I am a sucker for wedding cake. But I had Medifast chocolate pudding waiting for me at home and so it was easy to resist! You can do this!..

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Susan, congratulations on joining MF!!.

My first piece of advice would be DON'T give in...stay 100% OP. Once you let yourself stray, it is really hard to not do it again. Ask me how I know this..

Second, one thing I have found very, very helpful is sugar free gum. You will need to be careful about the carbs (yes, SF gum still has carbs in it) but I find that if I pop 2 pieces of Orbitz into my mouth when the kids get home from school (my worst, worst time of the day) I'm not inclined to put anything else in there. 2 carbs and 10 cals vs. goodness knows what would make it's way in there. I find Orbitz keeps it's flavor for a long time..

Try to get rid of any trigger foods you may have. That can be hard if you have other people in your house (darn kids!) But I have outlawed nuts in my house, because even though we all argue that they are a healthy snack for my non-MF family members, I can't seem to avoid them. I'm still trying to find individual packages of cashews for DD....

And cccookies is right...drink lots and lots of water. I find if I am "hungry" (I am almost never truly hungry on MF...I just get hungry mouth), if I drink (er, guzzle) 2 glasses of water, I get that bloated feeling in my belly and that makes me not want to eat..

Good luck on your journey!! This program works, just stick with it, and remember, the first 3 days can be rough...set your mind to it and plow through and by day 4 or 5 you won't believe how great you feel!..

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It really helps me to remind myself that the food - cookies, cake, cereal, whatever, will still be there in 6 months or a year, when I'm done, and have learned how to eat responsibly. We live in a culture of abundance, but have trained ourselves to believe that food (or love) is a limited, scarce commodity..

You aren't missing out on anything...just learning to manage your cravings, instead of being managed by them. You can do it!!!.


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Welcome to the family Susan!.

When I am going crazy with a craving I either drink more water, have a diet soda which is a treat for me, or I go for a walk outside. Getting away from the situation seems to help. Good luck with your journey and come to the boards often, all the Medifast people are great!!!..

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Drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water, and then, if you can possible do it, drink some water...

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I just remind myself that if I eat something not OP then I will fall out of Ketosis and have to go through that dreaded 3 days again. When I tell myself this I have no desire to cheat...

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Hey there.....

I think you've gotten a lot of great advice in the thread. The first few days are rough...and your tummy rumbles and your body craves the kind of food you've been feeding it all along. If you can get into ketosis...then the physical cravings and hunger pangs subside, but the emotional ones are still there..

When I've had a bad and stressful initial gut reaction is still to walk down to the vending machine...and to order a pizza and wolf it down.

When I was on 5/1...I practiced a lot of things until I found things that fed that emotional need that I was used to feeding with food. For me, it was talking to people about whatever was bothering me...and getting it out...and working out. Taking my anger and aggresion out on my elliptical....helped me in more ways than one.

Also...being 100% OP, no matter what...helped me. I knew myself well enough to know that if I gave myself an out or an excuse for anything...that I would live in those areas and sabotage myself. I've done it on every single other diet I've been on...and it just doesn't work for me. There is no 99% OP for me...and with being 100% OP, it actually made it easier. I was able to relax...because the rules were already set. I didn't have to convince myself not to have a warm, yummy cider donut...because the rules say it's a NO.

I'm in maintenance now...and it is so much harder for me now than it was when I was on 5/1. I find myself finding room to get into bad habits...because of the lack of structure and rules. I have to remind myself...daily...of the things I learned in 5/1.

So...good luck to you. Be a trooper and get through the nasty 3 days and then after that, make it a mental battle...if your mind is trying to convince you that you have to have that candy bar...just law down the law...and soon enough, you'll mind will learn that it can't trick you like it used to..



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You know that this is probably the best advice for me..... well said..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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