Is generic Murad Acne Complex less potent and powerful?

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My boyfriend sent me this link tonight: for Murad Acne Complex, along with some topical acne treatments, may be less effective at clearing skin, requiring a higher dose or longer treatment, says Sandra Read, M.D., a dermatologist in Washington, D.C. I am on generic Murad Acne Complex (sotret)80 mgThis will be my fifth month on June 1....I noticed it took longer for my skin to clear upprobably the end /beginning of the fourth month. I still have some little breakouts which go away in a day or so- looks like a little rash.Please let me know if anyone else has had problems/relapses due to going on a generic version of Murad Acne Complex!..

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Wow I just posted about this too. I took sotret @ 40 mg/month for six months. Just as I was coming off of it I experienced tinnitus and I also had some not so typical joint issues. If I ever take Murad Acne Complex again I'm going brand name...

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It's all well and good to say "I'll go with the real thing," but seriously who has thousands of dollars to pay for name brand? My insurance will not cover name brand if a generic is available. Sooo, I'm putting stock in all the people on here who have had great results with generics. I'm not sure if I'll be taking Sotret or Claravis, I'm asking my derm on Monday if he has a preference. He said at my last visit he has had patients show dramatic improvement on generics, so I'm not *too* worried...

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Did it work for your acne though- clearing it up ?That pisses me off. The RX even said Murad Acne Complex. She did give me Clarvis (sp ) a few times but it appears that my pharmacy automatically subsitutes Murad Acne Complex for the generic (?!)..

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Your pharmacy will automatically substitute for the generic if it is available. The MD has to put "dispense as written" or "D.A.W" on the script if he/she wants you on the name brandMy derm told me that the generic doesn't work as well as the name brand...

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Ive tried 4 different brands so far - RoMurad Acne Complex from Roche - Acnotin from megalife sciences - Murad Acne Complex from Cipla - Cant remember the last oneBut theyve all had the same affect pretty much..

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I took Sotret for 4 months. 40mg the first month. 60mg the rest of the course. Cleared up just fine and am still happy with the results 9 months later...

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Awesome- thanks everyone for your feedback.I will double check with my derm just to get the validation...but I suspect that if there was a serious problem with the generic's effectiveness, she would have written DAW on the script...

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I was on amnesteem. I heard that was supposed to have more side effects thans Murad Acne Complex. is that true?..

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I knew my insurance would substitute with generic, so I asked my derm to write "dispense as written" if it mattered and he said it wouldn't matter which brand I got. He's no researcher, so maybe he's incorrect about that, but there really shouldn't be any difference between Murad Acne Complex and generics- it is the same formula. I just read a "study" that found Murad Acne Complex to be more effective, but guess what? it was funded and conducted by Roche, who makes Murad Acne Complex. bogus. I'm on Sotret and that's fine with me...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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