Anyone on Medifast have a gallbladder attack?

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Has anyone had a gall bladder attack while on medifast, and if so, did you have to stop the food until after the attack. I would also like info on gall bladder surgery if anyone would like to send me a private message. I would very much appreciate it...

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Medifast added in fat servings for gall bladder health, so I don't think it would be a problem unless you aren't following the plan as they say...

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If I understood the question, it was concerning if someone has already been diagnosed with gall stones and has an attack while on the program. I would suggest contacting Nutrisystem about this or talking to your physician. The fat added by Medifast is probably to head off the issue beforehand and doesn't have anything to do with someone who already has the problem..since eating fat contributes to the attack when you already have gallstones. Hope you feel better, I know first hand that it's not fun having the attacks...

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I have gall stones and have been on Medifast since mid July. No problems with the gall stones at all. In fact I MF. I really don't want surgery, the doctor will make me eventually...

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I put up with intermittent attacks - mine weren't due to stones, but "biliary dyskinesia" - for over a year, then finally bit the bullet and had my gallbaldder out. Everyone's different, and it matters which technique is used for your operation, open (large incision) or laparoscopic (four tiny incisions); after my laparoscopic cholecystectomy I was back to normal in just a couple days, and can't believe I didn't get it done sooner!..

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Thanks everyone for the advice. I received some excellent advice via email from people that have had gall bladder surgery. I think I will have to stop my medifast shakes until my meeting with the surgeon next week. They want me on a clear liquid diet...

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Pardon, I thought the question was regarding staving off gall bladder issues, my bad!..

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I had my gall bladder out 19 years ago after being on a fat-free diet. I had the traditional big incision and drainage tubes for a week after. Not a pretty sight. I had too many stones for laparoscopic and have a nice big scar that never faded, so if you have a choice, get the laporoscopic...

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I was on nutrisystem when I developed gallstones. my gallstone problems were from having not enough fat in my diet. once I was diagnosed and until I had the surgery I just ate the nutrisystem food without the fat servings. my reasoning was that if the lack of fat in the Nutrisystem food was enough to cause my gallbladder to fill with gravel, then that was a good amount to limit attacks. the ER doc (form when I was hospitalized for gallstone pancreatitis agreed).

The clear liquid diet is AWFUL. they put me on that in the hospital and I refused to eat it. if it were me i'd stay on the medifast and cut out all fat servings.

The surgery and recovery is a piece of cake. don't let the poster who had the open chole done scare you, they are very very rare these days and it's much more than likely you'll get a laproscopic chole. you typically don't even need to spend the night in the hospital..

While the surgery and recovering was a breeze I have to admit it sort of took the wind out of my sails with respect to weight loss. I stopped short from my goal and eventually gained most of the weight back.. which is why i'm on medifast now...

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Because I waited so long to the do the surgery they ended up having to do an open surgery on me. The recovery was horrible. Anyone who is putting off gallbladder surgery, be careful that putting it off doesn't make it worse and you end up not being able to have it done laproscopically...

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I had my gall bladder out a year ago in October. After not sleeping for a week and thinking I had heart burn, I finally went to doctor who then sent me to the hospital via ambulance (thought it could have been my appendix).

Anyway, had an ultrasound and found I had 10+ stones. Needless to say, 4 hours later I was being prepped for surgery and had it out laprospopically. 6 hours later I was up walking around and discharged myself 17 hours after surgery. Total at home recovery time was about 2 weeks. I felt soooooo much better after it was gone.

If you have to have it done, do it. Best thing I did...

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I just have one suggestion to add to what others have said: Post surgery wear something tight, like bike shorts. It will feel so much better to have your stomach held in than to feel like your guts are going to fall out whenever you get up. (Worked my c-sec and myomectomy too.).

I thought too much fat and grease it what gave us gallstones; so how does not enough fat contribute? Hmmm. I had an attack in Vegas (after eating a burger and huge onion rings on the way there) and ended up in ER with no clue, screaming my head off. They tried to talk me into having surgery there ($$$$) instead of going home. Um, no thanks I'm not going to try to recover in a hotel 500 miles from home!.

Good luck!..

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Well here's my experience..

I was 9 days post partum following my daughter's birth when I woke up in excruciating pain in the abdomal area. The big concern initially was that I was having pregnancy recovery complications, so off to the ER I went early on a Sunday Morning. After getting me an IV with morphine, they did xrays and an ultra sound. A little while later the doctor came in and said "well Mrs Stephen, you have to make a choice - sooner or later" Then he told me I had gall stones, apparently not unheard of following pregnancy. Now I'd never had this happen before so it was quite a surprise. I opted for sooner since I was already there in the hospital, they said they could get me set up for surgery the next morning and I should be able to go home 24 hours after that..

I had it done laprascopically and all went well. I had 5 very small incisions that were closed with surgerical tape not stitches which made for a relatively easy recovery. I got home, spent the next few days living in the recliner with my new baby and was up and about around day 4 or 5. Never had a problem since and only two of my scars are now still visible, but somewhat light and you have to look for them..

Personally I'm of the mind set of get it done and over with, especially if you can still have it done laprascopically. I see no reason to live with that sort of pain. As for MF, I have never had a problem with it ( brocolli, that's something else...).

Hope this is helpful..

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I had my gall bladder taken out when my youngest daughter was 6 weeks old, she's now almost 2 next month. I had mine taken out laproscopically. It was really simple, outpatient surgery, and I was up and moving around like nothing in 3-4 days. The worst part was the pains from them "filling you up with air" for the procedure..

I've been told that once it goes bad, you need to limit the amount of fat intake. If you have a healthy gall bladder, you need to eat little amounts of fat to keep your gall bladder healthy. When you go overboard on fat, or have too little, that's when it goes bad..

I've been told that when you are on MF, you don't need the lean and green meal if you do not have a gall bladder, but you can eat it if you choose. I choose to because that's the only "real" food I get every day. MY FAVORITE MEAL OF THE DAY!.

I can tell you that after I had my gall bladder out, I had TONS of stomach problems! I could eat a meal, or even drink a glass of juice and I would be in the bathroom within 10-15 minutes or less. I would take Immodium prior to eating, and then as soon as I was finished eating, take 2 more just so I could make it home from a restaurant or something. I think mostly in part because I still wasn't eating properly. Since I have been on MF, I haven't had ANY problems with my stomach. I have felt like a million bucks! It's been so amazing!!!!! So needless to say, I'm getting thinner and feeling TONS better both physically and mentally..

That's just my experience...

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Trisha, my daughter had hers out a few months after she had my granddaughter, and it has taken her almost two years to learn how to eat healthy to avoid the same bathroom problems you describe. She still isn't ready to diet, but has learned to avoid fatty foods, especially fast food. Taking probiotics has helped her too. Now she only has occasional attacks when she eats something like chinese takeout, etc...

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Hi all. Would just like to add I too had my gallbladder removed after having a baby. I can say I have NOT had any problems whatsoever. Maybe I am just lucky, but it is like it never happened. So if you have stones do not suffer with the attacks. Get it done and maybe you will be lucky and not have problems.

I probably should note however that I generally did not eat greasy fast food type foods. My wt. gain is from stuff like cupcakes, chips, pizza (pizza being high fat but did not bother). I wonder if it is the grease containing foods that really cause problems like the drive thru. I can not blame those places for my wt. because I really never went.

But I can do cheese cake with no problems. But I do not do those things now anyway. Everyone's system tolerance is different..


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So this is my question {{NS pipe in if you are peeping}}. After your gall bladder is out and you have no gastro problems, are you still supposed to limit you fat intake? What happens to all the fatty food products that caused your gall bladder to be diseased in the first place? What comes out next if something else goes wrong?.

I have wondered this ever since I had mine out about 5 years ago. I haven't had any gastro problems other than "ghost" pains that can be just as severe if not worse then when I had my gall. The surgeon said that it wasn't diseased and no stones. He had the look on his face like, "I don't know why we took it out". The gastro doctor I went to see for the ghost pains said that I should have came to see him before the surgery..

If anyone knows any of the answers or can help with my crazy ponderings, please help me work through this...

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I'm not a veteran but I keep seeing this thread pop up. I hope you don't mind me popping in!! Poppy - did you end up having the surgery? I started having gall bladder attacks six weeks into my pregnancy and had to wait until a month after my daughter was born to have it out. That was 11 years ago. It was a fairly simple surgery, in and out quickly, and recovery not too bad. My problem was that I have had diarrea for 11 years! Lol - yeah, isn't that wonderful? I was told after tests and more tests that I must be one of the lucky 5% that have this problem. Something about the bile not having any place to be stored and "dumping" with food intake, etc.

I do NOT have diarrea anymore since started Medifast five months ago!!!!!!!!! Incredible. After my last check up, my Dr. wants to wait until I am in maintenance and check on two or three things. He said I could have developed some food allergies (and with Fibromyalgia - I guess that isn't uncommon) that might have changed and/or contributed to my digestive problem. He said it could also be that I am not "shocking" my system with 2 or 3 bigger meals, or not eating until dinner, etc.

So, anyway - I'm excited to find out what it is once I'm in maintenance. Thank you MF! HAHA!! Thought I'd share that just in case there are others that have the same issue. Good luck everyone! I know I feel one hundred times better!..

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Yes I had the surgery and I feel great. I had several stones and a blockage. Surgery was required..

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Glad you are feeling better. Were they able to do the laproscopy?..

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Hubby had his gallbladder out while on medifatst about 2 years ago (about 3 weeks before our wedding and honeymoon in cancun) arrgggg.. turned out ok thought (fyi the picture under my name off to the side there. is from our honeymoon. you can see the dark circles under his eyes are all that is left of the surgery he healed very fast and was even able to go swimming in the sea with me).

Anyways he didn't have gall stones he had gravel... millions of tiny stones. anyways dr said medifast probably contributed (this was before the added fat) but was not the cause of the issue.. he had been off and on many different plans over the years... and started medifast very heavy... and since the leading cause of gall bladder disease is obesity and the second leading cause is rapid weight loss..

He is ok now.. he is not using medifast but lossing weight anyway because he can't eat a lot of fat without getting a tummy ache.. so he does the lean and greens with me in the evening and just eats carefully the rest of the time usually..

Anyways the attacks are causes by lots of fat at one sitting.. the body releases a lot of Gall to digest the fat.. and a stone gets caught in a duct.

So medifast is usually really good at staving off attacks..

My dad has gall stones but since he is in his 80's they don't want to remove his gall bladder.. but once he had a large stone get caught between his gall bladder and his pancrease.. this causes digestive juices to back up into his pancease and try to digest it.. this is where your insulin comes from... he had to be on insulin injections until his pancrease healed.. thank god it did..

A lot less invasive on someone his age than surgery...

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The gall bladder is the storage place for the gall.. it doesn't make the gall it just stores it.. I forgot which organ makes it...

When you have a gall bladder..

Your gall bladder releases the rigth amount of gall to digest the fat that you intake.. if you intake a lot your gall bladder releases a lot of gall.. this is why eating lots of fat triggers an attack sometimes if you have stones.

When you don't have a gall bladder.. you have a slow release of gall into your digestive track at all times.. if you eat a lot of fat you still only have that small amount of gall to handle it. this can lead to diarhea. since fat is an erritant to the intestines....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.