Medifast recipe for Galeo's Dressing?

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Whoever mentioned the Galeo's Salad Dressing -( that the Biggest Loser's use )- - I went to the site & order some. I love it. I've only tried the Sesame & the new Wasabi so far- - Love both of them. Plus about 0 everything. I will be buying more of this!! This taste alot like what is on the salads at a favorite Japanese Rest. in in town.


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I am dying to try this. I think my local Ralph's carries it. Can't wait...

Comment #1

Can you tell me thewebsite to order the Galeo's - sounds yummy! Thank you...

Comment #2

Hey jewlels, can you post the link where you bought this? It sounds great!..

Comment #3

My favorite dressing! I used the sesame seed last night on my L&G that I took to a carry-in dinner. Everyone wanted it! And right now, they have a great sale going at (sale ends on the 10th). Buy 6 bottles and get 1 free; buy 12 and get 2 free; etc. I ordered a case (12), got 2 free, and now I'm set for a long time and don't have to pay the postage again. I'm pretty sure that they have a flat fee for postage, at least that is what I remember. Yum!!!..

Comment #4

Thank you Cathy. I am going to try my local Ralph's and Whole Foods for this today. If I don't find them I will order. Can't wait to try. XOXOXO..

Comment #5

I just ran out to the store and found the Galeos dressing. Only one flavor...the original sesame one. It is really good. Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #6

By the way, just a little tip for peeps. I love this dressing but for me at least it is a little mild and sweet. I have spicy taste budsSo I threw in a little bit of soy sauce and it was amazing...

Comment #7

Yum! The sesame is my favorite one. Glad that's the one you got to try first...

Comment #8

I just called my local Whole Foods and they carry two other flavors the Dijonaise and the Caesar. I think if I want the ginger wasabe I have to order. That will probably be my favorite...

Comment #9

Bett- I like the Wasiba - but I think I like the Sesame better. If you order 6 you get one free - - I would for sure get more than one Sesame. I feel sure you will like it. I do like the Wasabi, It is a little powerful, if you know what I mean...

Comment #10

Bett - - also - - I got a Caesar & Djon - - have not opened them yet. One bottle was broke in shipment.... Oh, reminds me - I need to contact them... Now what did I do w/ the paperwork?..

Comment #11

Jewelspet. I am going to order today I think. Really want to try the ginger. XOXOXOB..

Comment #12

Okay I think it was Cathy who first posted about this dressing. MAJOR THANK YOU...MAJOR MEDIHUGS...MEDISMOOTCHES...I just bought the Caesar and Dijonaise at Whole Foods. Okay, how hard IS it to fine honey dijon dressing that tastes decent with little carbs? Well, the Galeos rocks. It's my favorite. XOXOX B..

Comment #13

Well, I couldn't take it anymore!!!! I just ordered ALL of them today. I normally can't stand bottled low fat dressings and prefer my plain old oil & balsamic, but y'all have raved so much and they do sound good. I'm pretty sure I'll like the wasabi cause I like hot stuff..

Here goes.....

Comment #14

So, where do you get these dressings? Do you order them online? I've been on this 3 days and really struggling. And now, I'm excited about a salad dressing!.

<a href=""><img border="0"></a>..

Comment #15

I was trying to find them at Ralph's or Albertsons (we don't have a Whole Foods near us) but I couldn't. The shipping is expensive so I ordered all four kinds to check them out...

Comment #16

"And now, I'm excited about a salad dressing!".

LOL I know the feeling!!! Hang in there, it gets easier......

Comment #17

I'm going to Whole Foods right now to get some... I assume we can use them for cooking too (cuz I don't eat a lot of salad, but the wasabi one sounds fantastic)..

Comment #18

Yes, they are also billed as a marinade and dip!.

Let us know how it tastes, okay?..

Comment #19

Galeos should give Medifast customers a special discount as much as we're buying...

Comment #20

Whole Foods has failed me. They didn't have any, nor was there a space for them. I wonder if they only carry them on the west coast (I noticed the other grocery stores they listed were west coast stores)... Guess I'll be placing an order. Shipping is kind of expensive though! $14???..

Comment #21

BUmmer.... I'm on the West Coast (but not LA) and I couldn't find it either. I ended up paying around $10 for shipping oh, but maybe that's because I live in Cali. That's for 4 bottles, I figure they should last awhile...

Comment #22

I ordered 4 bottles - the Caesaris fantastic, with a tangy garlic/ lemon bite; and have tried the Dijonaise - so good. These dressings are such a nice change from 3 months of vinegar! Thank you Medifast webstie...

Comment #23

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