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Can someone pleeeeease help me?.

My first week went by with no problems at all. My second week was ok. Didn't lose as much but I thought that was to be expected..

Now here it is my third week and I'm gaining??? And I'm not cheating! (Even tho I want to).

Here are the only things that have changed since week one:.

~~Not eating out as much. During the first 4 days I had grilled chicken breast, salad and veggies from El Pollo Loco..

~~Using Old Bay seasoning for my grilled shrimp and/or fish..

~~Using Black pepper, seasoning salt, and garlic powder to season chicken breast. Only a little. Not nearly as much as before MF..

~~Bought a George Foreman grill and all "lean" cooking is done on there..

~~Bought a food scale and realized that I had actually been cheating myself..

~~Learned how to make the "Shake Cake" and had it Monday and Tuesday. The recipe says 2 TBS of ICBINB and 2TBS of Eggbeaters..

~~Drinkin MORE water but my scale says that I'm actually lowering my water weight percentage. Went from about 58oz a day to about 80+oz..

What am I doing wrong??.

Should I NOT season my "lean"?.

Should I NOT make cake shakes anymore?.

Should I NOT force down MORE water?.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated..

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Are you weighing yourself daily? If so, you need to realize that your weight will fluctuate. You will not see losses every day, and you will in fact see gains on some days due to many factors: too much sodium, causing water retention; exercise, causing micro-tears to the muscles, leading to fluid retention; hormonal shifts, causing, guess what? fluid retention! Do you see the pattern here? Your body will hold onto fluids for many reasons, but as long as you are burning more calories than you consume, you will lose weight in the long term..

My big suggestions would be to cut way down on the salt you are using and drink at least the recommended 64 ounces of water. Seasoning your food is fine. Food is meant to taste good, after all. But find more non-salt ways to do it. Old Bay is delicious. It also is loaded with sodium.

The shake cakes call for baking powder which is loaded with sodium.

Cut the sodium out of the condiments you are using, and see if that doesn't make a difference..

Edited to add: I just saw that you are increasing your water good job!..

Comment #1

Thanks Sflraven!.

Yes, I am weighing myself daily. It's almost like I'm addicted to the scale. I can't stop! LMBO.

At first I thought that I was retaining water but my scale says otherwise. My scale gives me my weight , fat percentage, and my water percentage. Actually my water percentage is going DOWN. So, I'm assuming that I'm not retaining water. Won't be TOM for 10-12 days. And I'm not exercising, YET! So that leaves 2 other options....

Either I need to stop seasoning my "lean" OR....


Comment #2

You are NOT destined to be fat, and if you've tried (like me) and failed (like me) in the past, week 3 was about the time that I started to doubt and wonder if it was really still going to work.

The reason why?.

Week 3 of my past diets was always when I'd lost a little weight and felt better about myself, and stopped being so "hard" on myself and slipped back into my old bad habits. I told myself life without pizza would be no life at all.

But enough of my drama!.

You can do this, and staying OFF the scale for a week at a time will be a good exercise in delayed gratification, along with leaving the stress of wondering if that .4 lbs is here to stay.

Stay on the program, stay focused, and keep the faith! It will work!..

Comment #3

You're not destined to be anything you don't want to get that out of your head right now! Week 3 is notorious for low losses (and yes, for some, gains). Your body is figuring itself out right now and wants to stop losing (darn it!). I recommend that my clients drink "half their weight in ounces" (at 280 when I started, I drank 140 oz/day). It has worked for me...I've lost 102 pounds in 8 months! Keep your L&G very simple in the beginning...nothing fancy to screw it up! There will be ups and downs on this journey...look at the long-term results instead of focusing on the weekly numbers. Try drinking more shakes for a weekthey seem to be "cleaner" than other meals..

Hope that helps!.




Comment #4

Sister free! What's your address so I can come whup you!!! YOu are to blessed and too determined to be DESTINED to be fat. I love you my medi-sister so here is the deal in my opinion too>> lay off the seasoning salt and replace with Ms DASH. continue with your water guzzling, TRY not to weigh yourself for at least 3 days(hard I know, I'm a scale addict now too) The plan works so work the plan. YOu are doing so GREAT!!! PM me if you need me. : )..

Comment #5

Just because your percentage of fluid goes down from what it was before doesn't mean that you are not currently retaining fluids. You've lost weight, and in the first 2 weeks, the majority of what you lose is indeed fluid. Because of that your percentages will change. Your body will still periodically hold onto fluids and cause what appears to be weight gain on any given day..

You are not destined to stay fat! Goodness, no!! And you don't need to stop seasoning your food. You simply need to discover the incredible flavor of non-salt herbs, spices and seasonings!.

The best part of this journey for me (besides the weight loss!) has been rediscovering my love of cooking. I LOVE experimenting with flavors, seasonings, herbs, etc. I no longer buy prepackaged seasoning mixes; I buy the spices and herbs individually and season my foods to my liking. I also have no salt in my kitchen at all. It simply is not necessary for most foods...

Comment #6

LOL, sassychele02 I think I have a Medifast crush on you now. That was a great reply!..

Comment #7

Hope off the scale! Medifast is a 5K or 10K run, not a sprint. If you're like me the weight gain was a marathon and it only makes sense weight loss just takes time. If you could ditch the scale and weigh weekly - or even less! - you'd be much happier...

Comment #8

LOL. Thanks! Drastic times cause for drastic measures. LOL...

Comment #9

If it were me, I would yes, stop seasoning my lean, yes, stop making shake cakes, and no do not stop drinking more water..

Re: TOM - I just realized my bloating/TOM gain actually starts right before I ovulate (I just started tracking TOM really closely). I'm not scheduled to start for another two weeks almost and have gained a pound and been stalled the last 4 days. So it's possible the same thing is happening to you..

IMO, you're not actually gaining weight - it's just fluctuations based on water retention for whatever reason. But I always lose better the more I cut out the "optional" stuff - snacks and condiments. I cycle them up and down depending on how much I want them on a given day..

Good luck! Don't worry, the weight is coming off, the scale just slow to catch up!..

Comment #10

Drink more water to help reduce bloat (I know sounds counter intuitive) and lay off the salt, the Medifast foods give you your daily requirement. You've gotten some good advice here from your fellow MFers. I hope you read and take it to heart...

Comment #11

Week 3 is notorious for slow/no loss or even a gain. Your body is trying to figure out what is going on. Hang in there. You should see a nice loss very soon! Blessings!..

Comment #12

I am so happy I read this post! I seem to be stuck at week four. Lost wt first 2 weeks. No wt loss 3rd week and now partly into fourth week with no change in scale yet. I am going to stick to some shakes and lay off the crunch bars and pretzels and see if that helps. I think my body is really fighting what I am trying to do plus I know I cheated in my salad dressings... have got to change that asap! Don't give up! I loved whomever said, "the plan works, so work the plan"!!..

Comment #13

If you have the biggest loser scale that tracks your water, muscle, and fat or any other scale like this you can not rely on it as they are not tottaly accurate. Body fat scales use BIA to estimate your body composition (ratio of fat to muscle). When you step on the scale, it sends a 500 microampere current up your leg. Don't worry, humans can't even sense any current less than 1000 microamperes, much less be harmed by one..

The current travels through your body, navigating through your muscle and fat tissue. Muscle provides an easier path for the current, because it's made up of 73% water, which, of course, is a great conductor. Fat, on the other hand, offers more resistance and slows the current down. So, obviously, the less fat and more muscle you have, the faster the current will travel..

Once the current completes it's path, the scale calculates the time it took to do so. It uses this information, along with your height and weight, to give you a rough estimate of your body fat percentage.

So remember, no matter what it says on the box or in the ad, no body fat scale is going to give you exact results every time. A number of factors ranging from what time of day you measure to what and when you last ate to the current room temperature can all affect the results. So, remember to use the body fat scale as a general guide to which direction your moving in, and not an absolute calculation of your exact body fat percentage. I have tested this by stepping on the scale then moving the scale to a different room and stepping on it again and got different percentages. There are so many variable you can not get all wrapped around the scale telling you it's not water. Measurements are the best way to track...

Comment #14

Ancle, thank you for that information. I don't have one of those scales, but I was wondering how a scale could measure body fat and fluids. Now I know. Thanks again...

Comment #15

I call my Tanita scale that measures body fat the "wonder" scale because the fat and water numbers fluctuate so much, I definitely 'wonder' what the real measure is....

It seems pretty accurate for weight but I wouldn't trust the rest of it at all...

Comment #16

Stay away from the scale!!! Same thing is happening to me and I know from past experience that the scale can overtake my mind and trick me into believing that I am wasting my time and should just quit dieting. How wrong but yet easy to give up on the account of a scale. I started on Saturday at 264.5/on Sunday I was 259.5/on Monday I was 258.4 and today??? yeah back to 259.5.

I spent all morning telling myself what I am telling you now. Weight yourself only 1x a week , same time until the compulsion to hop on the scale ( at least in my case) is gone. This evening, I will take my scale to my mother and retrieve it from her only on saturday. That way I can focus on losing the weight peacefully. You may want to do the same as well. Good luck!..

Comment #17

I'm glad I read this. After a 2 wk loss of 12 lbs. Week 3 has been hard. Gaining a lb now down .6 oz from where I weighed in on Monday. I need to get away from the scale. It's almost like I need to lock it up somewhere.

Thanks for everyone's great advice...

Comment #18

Sassychele02 you rock! So motivational! I think we all need a whuppin' sometimes. I'm so glad I read this thread..

Thanks all!.


Comment #19

The salt is likely doing it to you. cut out the old bay - that's FULL of salt. try some "mrs dash" mixes - they seem corny, but the blends are really good and help a lot with adding flavor to foods. salt is the enemy - cut your salt. also - I agree with a poster who said don't weigh every day. as women, our bodies fluctuate weight-wise a lot more than men.

Just my two cents - good luck! R..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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