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Today is the start of week 6 for me and this morning was my weigh in for week 5! It said that I actually gained 1 and 1/2 pounds!!!!!How can this be? I have NOT cheated. I did start adding exercise in last week but only 3 or 4 days a week. I just read over a post about why the scale lies...that helped a little, but, I still feel a little bummed too. You feel,like after everything you put into this diet all week (weighing and measuring everything) you deserve to see a drop on that scale! Does this happen a lot? I would love to hear something encouraging! Thanks for listening.....


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It happens, yep. It does. Don't let your mind play games with you on this, just focus, and dedicate. It works, if you don't let your body's need to lose weight in it's own way - a healthy way - convince yourself that somehow it's not fair, and you DESERVE to lose weight in the manner/timeline you've set for yourself..

I'd suggest that (if you haven't all ready) you read the Beck Diet Solution, and embrace the phrase: Oh, Well...

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Thanks Starbunny! are deffinately someone who knows this plan (wow! You have lost a lot of weight this past year)...Good for you! And, no I have not read the book...maybe I will just have to get myself a copy!.


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I didn't lose any weight around my TOM (IE period) even went up a few days, and then bam! lost a bunch after it was over. It could be your body holding on to water. but no matter what, stick on the plan and the scale will move...

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Jenny don't let the scale fool you! Medifast is working and sometimes your body does these little quirky things. Did you have a little more sodium the day before. Either way if you stick to the plan you will lose. Remember we are in this for the long haul!!!.


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Lots of things influence the scale. Instead of trying to control the fluctuations I decided to have faith in my wise choices and focused on working the plan, fine-tuning it as I went. Making sure to exercise, reducing salt/carbs and limiting condiments(to none) has worked for me, but each person is different. The numbers on the scale are no longer how I judge my success. Even without focusing on the scale, it has continued to go down 125 pounds. On Green Team (Ready, Set, Go Challenge Board) I posted a Beck strategy today, and also post another each Thursday if you want to check them out.


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Well I did a really stupid thing..........

When I started Medifast two weeks ago today, I was afraid to get on the scale. I didn't want to know what I actually weighed ! So I began, very OP,( doing a mile on the treadmill every day that I could get to the gym before work).

For 10 days I continued with my 5 shakes (most days only 4) and a lean and green meal. I must admit, I didn't weigh anything, but, it was a piece of beef or chicken, a vegetable and a nice big salad. This, I might add, was WAY fewer daily calories than I would normally take in !.

On Day 11 I finally weighed myself. The scale read 200 lbs. and that told me nothing except that I was really overweight ! So now, 4 days later, I hop on the scale again and I am still at 200 lbs..

If I had only weighed myself before I started, I probably would have seen some success in the first week and wouldn't be so discouraged today! For all I know, I could have started at 210!!! So, just a lesson for anyone starting.........WEIGH YOURSELF before you begin no matter how scared you are to get on the scale!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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