Frustrated on week 7 of Medifast

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I have had such great success, week after week, but this week is about to bring me to my knees. I had one day, ONE DAY, where I went off plan and that was to have some wine with my hubby for our anniversary. I added up the cals and was at 1300, but I thought well, that's not too bad, I exercised today and will be ice skating tomorrow. I got on the scale Monday and I was up 2.5 lbs!!! I cried. So all week, I have been so diligent, calories are averaging 800 cals a day, I'm getting all my lean and green in, I've been drinking 100 oz. of water everyday.

What the HECK?!?!?..

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I can totally relate to your post. It seems like we diet and work at it SO hard and then if we go off plan just a littte - the pounds come back! I went off the plan twice this week - once, I was not feeling well and the other day - well, I was just depressed and felt like eating. I have been jogging an hour every day so I didn't think a couple screw-ups would cause problems but they do.

Hopefully, both of us will register with some weight losses next week...

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Thanks Nancy! I just went to my Medifast center and I lost 2 lbs...whew! I think I'm getting a little obsessive about this plan. I need to trust that this plan is designed to work and if I just stick to it, I'll be fine. My gal even made me feel better about going off plan for a day. She's says we all need a day like that at times and that the good thing was that I was still tracking what I ate. So thanks for your words, they got me through an anxious moment!..

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I'm glad that you lost your 2 pounds - congratulations! I am going to try to stick to the plan 100% (at least until Easter Sunday which is about a month away from now) but I am going back on the program 100% the next day!..

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Here is the way I try to think about it - thank goodness there is a consequence for going off plan. If it was too easy to cheat, I'd do it all the time. After having paid the price a couple of times, I'm no longer as tempted to cheat...

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Anne I think you hit the nail on the head. It seems like some get too obsessed with if they are up. You went off, your trying to do damage control and get back on, believing in the plan, that's the important thing. A number is a number and being back on track will take care of that...

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It is like a long vacation drive; Virginia to Florida, 950 miles. Mapquest says it will take 16 hours, but what if you have to stop to pee every hour? Or stop to stretch? It turns into an 18 hour trip, but you still get there. Losing weight is the same way. The important thing is to keep going forward and eventually you will reach your goal...

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