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I am very bummed out tonight. Have been on for one week, first three days was dropping weight beautifully, then came to a complete halt! Have been 100% OP the entire time.

Anyone have any great words of encouragement to keep me motivated???.


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Hi Melissa and welcome!.

What I can tell is is that there will be times when your losses amaze you and times when your LACK of losses will confound you. Early on, I had a pattern of losing 4-5 lbs every other week...with very little loss in the intervening weeks. I can't explain's just how my body reacted to the plan. In 11 months I lost 120 the long run, as long as you stay OP, your trend will be DOWN...and that's why we all love this plan. Try to see the whole journey without timelinesjust work for the losses and take them as they come. You can see from my journey below that some months SUCKED (4 lbs in January???) and that wasn't because I was off's just how my body responded..

Be patient, follow the plan and drink your water. If you want a pdf of tips for me and I'll send you off some stuff to help motivate you....

I'm wishing you well on your journey....

Peace & good health,.


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I just I have yet to weigh in. But I can understand your frustration. I just watched the Medifast DVD they send in the packet...maybe you can choose reduced carb veggies for your green (or rather, less carb I should say)...and increase exercise (either time or intensity)? May help? Good luck and hang in there!! You can do this!!..

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I COMPLETELY understand your frustration. I lost 9 lbs my first week.

Then 2nd week, 2 lbs then the 2 lbs poppped back..

I completely completely understand, STAY.

OP!!!!!!! May want to stick with soups and shakes, over bars. Keep bars for when you are out... for conveinience... Just STICK WITH IT!.

If you want to vent I am here!.


I did that and it dd h.

[quote=troutbaron]I am very bummed out tonight. Have been on for one week, first three days was dropping weight beautifully, then came to a complete halt! Have been 100% OP the entire time.

Anyone have any great words of encouragement to keep me motivated???.


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Hang in there....Are you logging all your foods? I would suggest staying off the scale for an additional week. If your OP it will happen for you, and you don't need to get upset over numbers..

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I had my first week where my weight stayed constant so I know what you mean about being frustrated. However, one thing I have learned from week to week is to avoid weighing in mid-week. Sometimes you see a greater loss a day or two before official weigh in. Sometimes you see no signifiant loss until the official day. Avoid the frustration and stick to one official weigh in day / time / outfit. Then it is what it is and you can move on to a new successful week.....

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OMG! I totally know your pain! I am on day 12 and lost the first week, but haven't moved an ounce! since. I was totally depressed today when I pre-weighed(I know, don't do that), but I suffered through a wedding and going to the movies without touching a nibble, not a drink and I wanted a little glimmer of how well I did.................and NOTHING! I am bummed with you! Now I am going to tell you what my coach told me, hang in there. Give it time, it will come off..

Lets hang in there together, we can do this. There is no way that it cant come off if we are OP..


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I can relate I am in a similar situation for I lost 9 pounds week one and 2 pounds week two...I was working hard to make it more but it wasn't so...I am trying to stay off the scale because I find I am obsessed with it and it makes me sad, so in order to stay on OP I need to stay scale free for a bit....I keep telling myself that it takes much longer to get it off than when I put it on.....

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Exactly where I am at too. I weighted in after drinking what seems like gallons of fluids and 100% op, and I MUST Be retaining water. 2 days ago I was 187.7 today Im 192. 5 lbs being OP - - ZERO cheating 100% Op to the TEE..... What the heck?.

Its like, am I the only one on eatch Medifast isnt working for but I KNOW it is because it worked before!!!.

I was down from 188 before to 165 and I DID IT!.

IM there with you!!! I wouldnt be able to do it without this site. NO WAY!!!!..

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Hi Melissa,.

I just finished my second week. Lost 8 lbs by the end of week one, and haven't moved since. However, the pms week started and I know that is probably why. I agree with the gals who say don't weigh every day. That's what I did and it really is better to only weigh once a week or at least every few days. I think as women, there are so many factors and variables that effect our bodies throughout the month, even on a day to day basis.

Keep OP, drink the water, get out and do things that you enjoy. Stress isn't good for us either and it produces things in our bodies that do not promote weight loss..

Be encouraged! You are not alone, and this forum will be a great tool for your success!.

Blessings to you!..

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Thanks everyone for all of your encouragement. I am , ironically, not finding it difficult to stay op or drink the water. I have been keeping a food log and all. I would just like to see myself starting to fit into some of my "fat" clothes!.

Hang in there guys, we can do this!..

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