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I am so frustrated this morning. I weigh myself every friday for my weekly weight #. It's been 5 weeks since I recommitted to MF. Well it said 194.3. OK so I lost .1 in a week? I had to do a #2 (sorry to gross you out) and I have been feeling bloated since yesterday. I get back on the scale and it now says 195.7!! What?? I don't know if it's me or the scale.

I am considering getting an old fashioned scale. I have a the Weight Watchers digital scale (I got it when I was doing WW).

I feel like not getting on the scale at all. I might do it every 2 weeks instead of weekly...

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I hate my WW scale. Just haven't figured out what would be more accurate (meaning: at all) except for a doctor's scale with a balance, which I'm not getting...

Comment #1

I think it's the digital scale.

I also realized I haven't been drinking a lot of water. I might be drinking to much Diet Pepsi. Which I am addicted to!.

Ok today NO DIET SODA. I will only drink water...

Comment #2

Your floor may not be completely flat and it could cause readings to be wrong. try moving it along the floor a few inches and see if you get different readings...

Comment #3

Ok thanks for the tip. I will move it to another place. I will let you know what it says..........................................


Ok I'm moving it again.......196.4.....

Moving to another area......195.4.

I give up. I'm buying a regular scale........

Comment #4

You know I think the same thing about my floor and my scale. I don't ever get an accurate reading on that scale. I hate it. I bought it at bed bath and beyond and it's terrible. But I seriously think it is not the scale but the floor in this new apartment. I cann't find a smooth floor.

LOL !! Good Luck !!..

Comment #5

Your right about the floor.

I am not going to focus on the scale because the last thing I want to happen is to eat the box of Madaline cookies that are for my son..

I think it's a combo of feeling bloated/constipated/digital scale/floor/not drinking enough water.

I really don't want it to be that I actually GAINED WEIGHT..

I am leaving my ticker as is until I get a new scale...

Comment #6

Sometimes your body can be tricky.. weight loss can show in inches but the scale can remain stagnant or even go backwards, think that could be another factor?.

I would definitely recommend drinking more water and making sure your scale is on a flat surface, though...

Comment #7

If I get on my scale 3 times in a row I'd probably get three different readings. That's why I don't do that. What ever it says when I get on the first time is my official weight that week..

I know Medifast likes us to weigh ourselves weekly to stay motivated but sometimes I think it does just the opposite!..

Comment #8

I have a digital scale as well.. I move it to the same spot every week in the bathroom..(because the floor isn't completely flat). I make sure that all 3 times I weigh in.. come in with the same #...

Comment #9

You know, in past weight loss efforts I've leaned different directions on the scale trying to change the number, weighed multiple times in a day, weighed nude, weighed tiptoe...ANYTHING to fudge the numbers to something I'd like better..

So, this time, I'm weighing once a week at about the same time of day at a medical office. They're so used to me already they just wave me in - I run in and weigh, then scoot back out. Mind you, I work across the plaza at another clinic, but still. If you can figure out a convenient way to stop by a medical office that you could weigh at (or maybe a health club) that might be better. The company I work for has "nurse treatment rooms" available in most of our clinics where you can stop in for free weight, blood pressure, and other checks whenever you wish..

I weigh fully clothed, after eating breakfast and already having started on my water for the day. And I don't worry about it, because when I weigh at the doctor's office in future, I'll be weighing after eating and fully dressed, won't I? Since I have done that since the beginning I don't think it invalidates my 27 pound loss (as of last Wednesday at the clinic!).

Hope you find something helpful in my babble, and hope you feel better...

Comment #10

It probably has a lot to do withnot drinking enough water and overindulgence in diet soda..

However, that being said, digital scales don't really work for me either..

I got a tradtional scale from the Wal-Mart and it does just fine. Nothin' fancy just the weight!..

Comment #11

Hi Momboy,.

Have you taken measurements? Each time the scale didn't move, I would take measurements and there was always a change. I got so frustrated toward the end of reaching goal, I actually stopped weighing myself and only used my clothing as a way of determining when I had met goal..

Good luck!..

Comment #12

I haven't taken my measurements but I am going to do it. I didn't think of that. Do you measure yourself weekly?.

Thank you to everyone...

Comment #13

I have a smaller version of a Dr. scale, which I bought at J.C. Penny's for $119.00 a few yrs. ago. I love it. It has the balancing scales just like the Dr. Linda..

Comment #14

You know I will check out the scale at the local YMCA. I am a member. I didn't think of using that scale just like the doctor's office...

Comment #15

I have a scale I love. It registers weight, body fat, water, muscle, bone mass and several other factors. No matter how many times I get on it, I get the same weight. It is an Ironman Innerscan by Tonita. We ordered ours on line and I haven't seen this particular scale in stores. It was about $99 but well worth it..

Good luck....don't give up!..

Comment #16

You need a new battery I bet! Don't get discouraged. We have the same scale and have to get a new battery every other year or so, depending how much we stop on the evil thing. hehe..

Comment #17

Oh just wanted to add that the true sign of needing a new battery is if when you get on the scale you get a different number several times...

Comment #18

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