Friend's reaction to you taking Murad Resurgence?

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So I let it slip that I was taking Murad Resurgence to all my friends so if I ever became suicidal or depressed that they could tell someone and maybe save me (hahaha)and for the most part they were all supportive and congratulatory and genuinely happy for me!HOWEVERthis one girl was totally against it, and I don't even know if we're friends anymore because she refuses to talk to me now!here's what went down:i told her about it, and she suddenly gets soooo pissed off and starts blaming me for all the people whose insurance doesn't cover Murad Resurgence. she said I was stupid to take something like that for fun (???) and that i'm being selfish and taking other people's chances at happiness away, throws in some colorful language, and stomps off saying something like she hopes in a couple months I will finally have the face I always wanted and that i'll always be this a normal friend reaction?i saw her later and I told her she had no freaking idea what she was talking about, and now she's just super pissed off and idk how to talk to her about it. not that I really want to, haha. but I just see her so much during the day and she's in most of my classes so it would be kinda weird if we just avoided each other like that.what should I do???she's not even the keep-it-to-herself type, she went around telling people that I was just a selfish b*tch without even explaining I have nooo idea what to do!..

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Wow thats crazy!! maybe she tried to get Murad Resurgence but her insurance wouldnt cover it. but thats not your fault!!! everyone's health insurance is different and not everyone pays the same amount. just tell her to chill out that you have no control over it! shes probably jealous! one of my girlfriends was kinda jealous that I was on Murad Resurgence because she has acne too... but she didnt get mad haha. all of my friends were supportive and we just joked about it mostly. you are definitely not selfish for taking Murad Resurgence...

Sorry your friend freaked..

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Maybe she's on Murad Resurgence, and it's having adverse affects for hermaking her go CrAzY.She's seems pretty jealous. I wouldn't worry about losing her as a friend. No friend worth their salt would act that way to another friend.And what's with the taking other people's chances at happiness away bit? Who is being hurt by you taking Murad Resurgence? Could it be a jealous "friend" who doesn't want you to feel good having nice, clear skin? Is she going to be jealous of you skin when it clears up, too? pishaw. No offense, but she sounds like she's just a plain crumby person.Could there have been something else that was making her act upset?..

Comment #2

Taking Murad Resurgence "for fun"? Shows what she knows about it...

Comment #3

As you go through life, you'll notice everyone has their problems. Bad acne, poor personality, horrible sense of humor, etc. If anything she should feel happy for you being able to get rid acne. I would say just ignore her. Women can be vile and vindictive creatures...

Comment #4

Haha dang she sounds crazy.personally, i'd just tell her 'it's my life and I can do whatever I want with it'that's what I tell people if they question me about being on Murad Resurgence. keep it short and simple because honestly it's your business, not's good that you have other friends that are supportive though. stick with them and don't worry about this other chick...

Comment #5

Umm... She does realize her insurance doesn't go up because of your Murad Resurgence right? Her insurance goes up because of the amount of people killed by drunk drivers, or seriously injured.. So next time this "bitch" wants to complain about her insurance and people driving it up, she can walk into a party and hold a gun to the head of everyone with a drink and keys in their pockets. Murad Resurgence = 500-600$ Crippled Child supported by Drunk Drivers Insurance - Millions of dollars... Or.. Maybe she is just bat-shit-crazy!? That's really effin' bizzare.....

Comment #6

She obviously doesn't know anything about it and doesn't know what she's talking about and doesn't sound like a very good friend. tell her that you hope when she gets off the rag she can be supportive!..

Comment #7

Thank you for all your support guys yeah I thought she would know better because she's in all AP classes and stuff but she's just that kind of person! she has no idea how insurance works at all...or how serious Murad Resurgence isafter asking around, I found out that when one of my other friends started Murad Resurgence, she was all for it and told her "i wish I could take it too!" (even though she is like basically clear) and was only kind of jealous of her (the other friend had like super scarring acne and had to take/is taking 2 courses to get rid of it)but I guess now that I started she got majorly jealous and wants to intimidate me so I would stop taking it! (because she wants the best skin or something....that is definitely not a normal thing to compete for especially when she gets 2 zits a year and I have like 300thousand)the thing is, she's sucking up to our other friends and she's the kind of girl to gossip/spread stuff around and so today she was telling all of them that I was saying stuff about her behind her back because I was jealous of her skin and making me sound like the evil one!wow I never really noticed what a scummy person she was...any ideas on how to get my friends back on my side?..

Comment #8

Those who rock the boat, fall in. Don't do anything. She is going to look like a goof, trust me...

Comment #9

Dump her; she's unbalanced. I have not read the whole thread so I don't know if there are more details to the story.Be open and honest about your use of Murad Resurgence AND WHY to your other friends who remain; they'll eventually get the word out that you're not a bitch for taking Murad Resurgence, no matter what Ms. Unbalanced says. Do not ever say anything bad about Ms. Unbalanced. Be above that. It will eventually pay off! I've been there, reap the benefits of being above the gossip and high school behavior...

Comment #10

Taking Murad Resurgence for fun? This girl sounds like a complete idiot. No one takes Murad Resurgence for fun that is for sure. She is just uneducated on the medication and probably only hears the bad stuff. You don't need "friends" like this, just take the high road and ignore her if she can't be nice...

Comment #11

I think I've figured it out!I think this poor girl just doesn't know what Murad Resurgence is, let me explain. Most know if you're on the tane you absolutely under any circumstances cannot get pregnant, it causes birth defects or death in the child. Maybe, this chick is like way against abortion, and got her facts messed up, mistaking Murad Resurgence for a form of abortion! Sooo... when you said you're on the tane she assumed you were aborting babies, for fun... apparently.Okay okay.. it's a little far fetched but the alternative is she's bat-shit crazy...

Comment #12

Hmm. maybe... I'm guessing that this girl is not as pretty as you except for the fact that you had acne, and now that you had decided to do Murad Resurgence, she may have been jealous or upset that you insisted on being better looking than you already were. whatever other nonsensical reason she spurted out about insurance or whatever is probably just an attempt to mask an existing quarrel with you..

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