How many Medifast crunch bars can I eat per day?

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I am restarting Medifast after almost 2 years. I have 1 to 2 months of Medifast meals I'm currently using. It sounds like they have changed the bars. I LOVE the old oatmeal raisin (and I am not a fan of raisins), lemon, and caramel nut, but you were only allowed 1 per day. I notice there are now crunch bars.Is there there no limit to how many per day? Are they as good as the old ones? Also, are you still allowed to have the choc. caramel nut (1x per day) or not until maintenance? Are the pretzels and puffs good? What is the difference in Momentum and regular? Does anything help cravings?.

As you can see I've been gone a while and won't need to order for a bit. Also, I've seen a Medifast store. Can I just walk in and get my products? Are they the same cost? Thanks for any answers!..

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The crunch bars (yellow wrappers) are a meal, so you could have up to 5 of them a day. I cannot, alas, as I am sensitive to the sweetener in them and get stomach cramps from them. I can only do maybe 1 a day. My favorite is still the old caramel nut ones (maintenance bars are green wrappers). I like the new lemon crunch ones, the new peanut butter/chocolate crunch ones and the new fruit and nut. I did not like the new caramel ones much.

I still eat a caramel nut one for breakfast most mornings, and it has not seemed to slow my loss. But, because they are higher calrorie/carb count, I account for them in MyPlan and eat lower calorie/carb leans and greens to compensate for it. The momentum products are supposed to help with hunger, but I have not really used them. I tried the momentum infusers, but was not a fan. I find that water fills me up just fine.

I am, personally, not a pretzel or puff fan. I have tried them, and they are okay, but I prefer my soups and my french vanilla shakes (mixed with a Starbucks VIA instant coffee packet) or my dutch chocolate shakes made into shake cakes. That is pretty much my standard fare (but I do "bust" myself to all RTD shakes when my weight loss slows down)..

Welcome back!..

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Toobig - you might want to check the expiration dates on your left over Medifast supply. I would hate to see you using food that is past it's prime.

Welcome back!..

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Welcome back! I agree with Jerseygirl - I believe it is the vitamins in the Medifast food that have an expiration date so do check for that..

You can still have 1 green bar per day. I ate one per day up until a few months ago; I quit as I got closer to goal to avoid further slowing of my losses. The green bars are creamy and more filling. You'll notice they discontinued most of the flavors. The yellow bars are crunch bars, not creamy like the green. But the good thing about the yellow is that you can have more than 1 per day and they come in lots of flavors.

The caramel has a really tough caramel coating I don't care for. But each of us has different tastes..

I don't care for the puffs but you may like them if you want a crunchy salty meal...

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Thanks so much, ladies. I originally came back to Medifast to use up my old food and planned to switch to Weight Watchers when it was gone because I gained it back so quick last time and my dr. suggested that to "change" my habits. I'm contemplating changing now. I like to see results quick and Medifast is quick. I just worry about gaining it back...

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I found the pretzels absolutely vomit worthy. I couldn't get thru more than half a bag. The new cappuccino momentum drink is my new favorite, it is wicked nummy to me. The food does have an expiry date, but you will not be harmed if you use past the date. If you don't change your bad eating habits you will gain it back no matter what diet plan you use. I wish you the best of luck on this journey..

The momentum has caffiene and a green tea derivitive. There are mixed comments on the effectiveness of speedier weight loss. Keep your water handy and constantly drink to help keep the full feeling. Also sugar free gum helps me with my cravings and my teeth have never been whiter...

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Hi and welcome back! The crunch bars you can have up to 5 a day and I LOVE the puffs and pretzels. I never tried the cinnamon pretzels because I don't like cinnamon. I love the Chocolate Crunch bars and the Chocolate Mint bars. I did try the Caramel Nut and the Smores but it has a coating on it that makes it sickeningly sweet. I wasn't a fan of the lemon merengue bar as well. I never tried the Momenum products. I love the Dutch Choc and the Orange Creme (blended with diet ginger ale and it's absolutely divine) As for the cravings, once you set your mind to lose the weight, you won't cave into cravings...the weight loss you will achieve from being on the program will definitely squash any cravings for the "bad" foods! Good luck and welcome back!..

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IMO, crunch bars are itty bitty and unsatisfying compared to the old green bars. But you can eat more than one a day. I just always want to eat more than one a meal.

I have "GI" issues with both bars (green and crunch) so no difference there...

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Quill, I think I have GI issues with the bars, too, but I still eat one a day. Oh well!..

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I bought the essential 1 for my GI issues - seems to work. I love the cappucino, and make it into a shake - 1TB cocoa (which is sugarfree), 1/2 c ice and 1/2 c good, I'm living on them! Don't know much about the pretzels and puffs. The bars are always good but I don't eat them as much as I thought I would. I have no cravings after 4 weeks. Good luck!..

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I love the puffs and I have pretzels coming in my next order. I love the chocolate mint bars and I really don't like the lemon bars (unless I cut them up and freeze). I will usually have one bar a day, but you can do more......

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