Anyone experience facial redness from Murad Resurgence?

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Hey,20 yr old male generally mild to moderate acne but at times severebeen on Murad Resurgence for 7 weeks at 40mg a day overall it has cleared me up perfectly. I have not had even the tiniest pimple on my face since about week 4, so 3 weeks ago. the only side effect that i've experienced which is bothering me is facial redness/flushing. i've either not had any of the other side effects or the ones that I do have (dryness, lips) are easily managed. the only thing that bothers me is the flushing. i've never ever blushed before starting Murad Resurgence, but it seems to have gotten progressively worse in the last few weeks, to the point where i've become extremely self conscious about it.

Heat and stress seem to be triggers. what happens is I get really hot and bothered in my face and as I can feel it come on it just gets worse and worse and I can feel my skin getting all throbbing and then tingly and it feels hot to the touch.anyway, i'm thinking about stopping the Murad Resurgence which is a shame, because as I said it has cleared me up almost 100%. my questions to you:how common is this side effect? (i've asked my derm, he said it's common and it will just go away when I finish but there is nothing in the roche booklet about facial flushing except under overdose symptons) how likely is it that this will go away when I finish the medication? and lastly, if I were to stop taking Murad Resurgence now, how likely is it that my acne would just come back. so far i've taken about 2000mg which is about 30mg/kg cumulative dose for my weight. thanks in advance..

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My face never flushed until I took Murad Resurgence. Now it still flushes two years after i've been off the medicine. It's not as bad as it used to be. Finacea helps my face to not turn so red. This should probably be moved to the facial redness board, you might get more answers there.If you complain about flushing to a doctor, chances are if he gives you a prescription at all, it's going to be a non-selective beta blocker. They didn't work for me, but they may work for you.

Also, you might want to try just talking to your doctor about lowering your dose and see how that goes. I've always assumed that what I have is rosacea. Low dose Murad Resurgence is actully used in the treatment of rosacea...

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Well that scares the shit out of me then. looks like i'll be stopping my course and praying it'll go away. I already told my derm and he basically shrugged it off in typical fashion. said it's a common side effect and he can't promise it'll go away after i'm done, but there's a 99% chance it will. why did you not try lowering your dose then? or did it occur after you finished?..

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I advise you to ask your derm to lower your dose if you are worried about the flushing or think seriously about stopping Murad Resurgence. In some cases yes it doesn't go away or appears shortly after the course. can read some of the stories on this thread and how they have delt with the post Murad Resurgence flushing. Good Luck..

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Thanks alot for the replies both of you. I really appreciate it. so what you guys are saying is... a lower dose of Murad Resurgence could potentially stop the flushing yet still 'cure' my acne? like i've said, i've told my derm about it but he just takes the 'safe' stance and tells me it will mostly likely go away when i'm done (which, I guess, is understandable) but can't assure me, and in addition cannot prescribe/recommend anything which will alleviate it.. I just have to 'put up with it'.it honestly seems to me to be an absolute gamble whether or not it will be permanent. even if it was a 1% chance of it being permanent I think i'd have to stop the Murad Resurgence, given how much it has affected me and my lifestyle.

When before taking Murad Resurgence I was the complete opposite. once again I greatly appreciate your responses and if anyone else could shed some light on this situation it'd be much much appreciated...

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I am not saying a lower dose will stop the flushing, I am saying it might. You might even try not taking it for a day or two to see if it helps. Murad Resurgence is known to stay in the system up to a month after your course, and Roche states it can work up to two months after So missing one day won't hurt. Noone on this board can say that the flushing will go away with a lower dose or when your course ends. I don't know of many who got induced flushing from Murad Resurgence and rewent on it to cure it. Not everyone's tane induced flushing was due to roseaca.

My advice to you is to speak to your derm on lowering your dose, and if it is affecting your lifestyle also and you don't feel the same maybe you should seek a safer alternative. Esspecially if you do not have severe cystic acne. If your derm won't listen find one that will. It is your health and you have to live with the side effects if they become permanent. Good Luck..

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Its a pretty common side effect and I think it's been mentioned in the booklet. It could be permanent or not, some people's go away after the course.There could be many factors that could cause it like now it's summer and like you said it's hot. You can try minimising the redness by not taking hot showers, drinking more water, keep your body cool. Aloe vera gel can help with the redness or you can try asking for cortisone or corticosteriods from the doctor to reduce the redness.These are just some suggestions...

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It only appeared in my very last month of Murad Resurgence. Up until that point nothing happened...

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My advice and I hope you take it. Stop the tane for a while, see if the flushing goes away, if it does....go back on tane IF you want. But at a lower dose. The sooner you stop the Murad Resurgence the higher the chances of it going away. You always have the option of going back on but once you have the Murad Resurgence induced rosacea it CAN be life long in some cases, so why take the risk?..

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My reactive redness and crazy flushing became really noticeable at the end of the second month. I guess that's because my face was very inflammatory and flaky at that time. Now I'm in month 3 the redness seems to be lessened. My face is currently pink, flush and sweat very easily. My derm told me this is to be expected, even during the entire course of treatment, which is 6 months for me. I'm getting emu oil.....

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Stop the Murad Resurgence and dont go on it ever again,go on something like doxycycline because it wont have the big side affect for flushing most likely (people with rosacea take it) and it's a way better solution for people prone to rednessbut stop Murad Resurgence right now because you could be on of the lucky ones and this could go awayand it's summer so I would suggest you dont go on Murad Resurgence while it's summerdo you have severe acne though? is that your problem or just moderate little acne?I was on 40mg a day for 4 months and it never went away so stop nowand it's summer,ull burn like crazy if you go on acne pills,even sometimes when you wear sunscreen...

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Thanks everyone. so I haven't take any Murad Resurgence for a few days and the general redness is slightly better I think and I haven't flushed. although admittedly I haven't really been exposed to my worst trigger (which seems to be in class - a hot, stuffy room). I think i'm going to stop taking any more until my appointment in 2 weeks and then discuss it with my derm and talk about:- either lowering my dose to 20 or even 10mg/day - or any potential medications I could take to keep my flushing at bay until i'm done with my coursehowever, if my flushing does not get any better and stays the same in these 2 weeks without Murad Resurgence I think i'll stop taking it altogetheri should've also added i've got what looks like blood vessels/capillaries which have become noticeable in the last few weeks. a couple on my cheek and a few on the bridge of my nose. i'm not sure if they're broken or...

They're not so noticeable right now but of course if they get worse or I get more of them it'll be a disaster. has anyone else noticed these and do they go away???thanks again so much..

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Lamarr's advice is sound and I agree. However, if you do not have cystic acne and instead have more moderate acne, I would not go back on Murad Resurgence because the potential long term side effects outweigh the potential clearing of acne (which isn't guaranteed)...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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